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    That’s their fans opinion of their idols. You don’t have to go to this extent to write such a long post expressing your dissatisfaction and displeasure about them. Their fans may have went over the top praising their idols but after all they are their FANS. Each of them have their own unique special ability, maybe not in the area of music but in other areas. In fact,they were originally not a musician band so how could you expect each of them to all be able to contribute to their music.Moreover, they have never said that all of them had talent which attributed to their success. Before you go on ranting about how they have no talent , you need to get your facts right. Even if you dislike or cannot agree with the fans’ views , there is no need of you to write a long post about them as if the post would be of any significance to their career. If you are not a fan of them , leave them be.

  • inspirare68

    As much as I agree with most of this article, I have to say I really don’t think this was written as professionally as it could have been… a bit biased towards certain members perhaps? Personally, Yesung is one of the first to cross my mind when I think of “strongest voices in kpop” and his position as “best vocalist in SM” may not adhere to everyone’s liking, but it is reasonable. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I would like to question the point of this article…? They have as many faults as they do quirks and more importantly, they managed to create a niche for themselves in the kpop world. Heck, they originally weren’t even supposed to last for more than a year so I wager being musically talented probably wasn’t the first thing on SM’s mind when they let SJ debut…

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    wash ur mouth because your mouth too stink
    u will get retribution

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cho-Kyuhyun/100004915384610 Cho Kyuhyun

    u hate them that mean you jealous because them better than u use r brain and think
    you are just a ordinary people
    you don’t have qualication to judge people
    because you never better than other people

  • stars

    I found this article entertaining, but some of the comments more so.

    “wash ur mouth because your mouth too stinku will get retribution”

    I’m sure that’s not the best one, but there :)

    Anyways, even though I do agree with your opinion that Super Junior’s members are all heavily flawed and make mistakes, your criticism was so… immature. Your argument shows clear bias, and I guess that’s true in everyone, but, just wow. It seems like you researched each of the members, but only enough to say you’re opinion/attempt at facts is correct. I’m not going to write a huge comment about how your opinion is completely messed up, because I do agree with it somewhat, but by writing this article, you proved yourself just as crazed, annoying, ridiculously ignorant, take your pick, as those fan girls. You are incredibly blind, sweetheart.

  • SSSS

    kkk you’re a Kyuhyun biased aren’t you? Well this is your opinion and
    not a fact~ so I don’t have to agree with most of what you said in

  • http://twitter.com/sjfishynumber3 이엠리 ⇇ Łëɛ 3mяÿ♥

    if they’re not so great, why do they have fans? some might be crazy but most are genuine. I don’t see you singing and dancing in front of thousands of people, getting praised for it do i? Yes, they may not be the SUPER DUPER UBER BEST, but please they succeed together because they all have seperate talents that come together and make a good combination. But you know a lot about them and seem to research a lot about them.

    We are all entitled to our opinions, and FYI I’m a Super Junior fan, an ELF. Siwon said before ” By reading all these critiques about us, we see how we can make ourselves better.” so keep it coming.
    But, hey at least you’re not a SUPER crazy anti saying “OMG THEY BE SO UGLY…blah…blah..blah.” and what not… :)

  • http://twitter.com/eejidaaughter KENJI PaDeRaNgA :)

    Seriously?? U just hate them and god helped them to be together such an ANTI :)) this fvcking article made me LOVE THEM EVEN MORE , U R JEALOUS!!!!

  • nard

    This site is even shittier than Allkpop, proffessionalism my ass. Lol you suck Subi

  • kai

    Your utter ignorance about the group is so astounding it borders on amusing. Aside from your ridiculous argument that they aren’t juniors— I mean, are you serious? They debuted in 2005, for heaven’s sake!—, your critique is laughably shallow. I’m not even going into the cringe-worthy grammar and spelling mistakes in this piece.

  • asddfhj

    I just can’t believe it. Okay, just try to love them. Everyone has flaws and even if you’re friend hates them and that, it doesn’t mean you have to. This has no point then. It’s just an article of non powerful, hating group started by your friend who got annoyed by SUJU and hated it. I don’t like SHINee that much because of the annoyance of my so called “friend” but still. You’re not a pro or anything. Just give them a chance like I did. But oh well, everyone has opinions. :

  • reignwaker

    Everyone has their opinion with who has more talent,appeal,and looks. I respect that. You have your own feelings towards the members and that’s perfectly fine. But what I found a bit annoying is the fact that you imply every single one of the members have to be exceptionally talented or above average along with looks and personality. How high of expectations do you have? They are still human. I feel like a lot of people forget that idols no matter who or where they come from are human. No one’s the glossy,extremely good looking and charismatic god and/or goddess you imagine in your dreams. You know what? These guys have been through a whole lot. I’ve seen many times when they cried because of similar criticisms like this pointed at them so offensively. Everyone has their flaws. Sure, some members might be more talented than others depending on the one looking at them,but shoving it up their faces is just pathetic. These guys try really hard. True, sometimes only the results matter (singing and dancing on stage,etc.). But you saying some of them aren’t good enough just because of what you see on screen? Sorry,but I find that judgmental and picky. Being an idol is hard enough. You have to practice for weeks on your dance routine, practice your vocals (not to mention training before debut), attend variety shows in order to make a name for yourself, possibly sacrifice your love life for the next 10 to 20 years to avoid public uproar,and force yourself to look better by gaining/losing weight or getting plastic surgery in order to please the orders from your manager. It’s not easy. I’d like to see you try being under so much pressure, with so many expectations. They are flawed,I agree. Like any other human being is. They aren’t the greatest group in the whole fucking world but at least they make an effort,and hey,most of the results turned out great to me. And not everyone can be super multi-talented like what you expect. WOW WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED. I respect your bias,because even Super Junior fans have that. But the way you’re projecting your opinions is offensive and disrespectful..to me at least. Meet every one of these members, get to know them up close,treat them like you would treat a good friend and come back to rewrite this. You’ll still have bias,but you’d probably have a different outlook whether better or worse. At least you did your research. I’d rather have someone talk bad about people with enough knowledge than someone who is completely ignorant and is just spewing nonsense.

  • gufru

    NO they are REALLY GOOD STOP

  • pace fortuna

    It’s a waste of time and money to listen to eunhyuk and donghae’s songs like i wanna dance or oppa oppa, seriously!to be clear i don’t think fan girls should gone crazy for the singers like that, it’s ok to have an idol but you can’t just put all of your time and energy in it,specially those teenagers.

  • pace fortuna

    And i know it would have a lots girls disagree with my comment (when they are SJ’s fan) but i still think it’s a waste of time to argue with this.

  • pace fortuna

    One more thing to finish, You know guys just as childish as my little sis with her 18 ages argued about who sings better and who are more handsome. I think this article is bullshit and trashy!

  • KitsuneSeishin

    I know I am obviously too late into this discussion but frankly I don’t really care.

    I myself am an ELF, I love Super Junior, I believe they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Though I do to a degree agree with what you are saying though on the other end of the scale I strongly disagree.

    You stated Yesung’s voice isn’t all the made out to be, I do slightly agree, Yesung is my bias I love him with all my heart, But with saying that I do agree his voice isn’t the best in Super Junior (I prefer Kyuhyun’s voice the best).

    With stating that I do agree with your opinion I also have to state that you say that most of them aren’t good at certain things and only good in certain fields. Yes I agree with that BUT the only reason I agree with that is because I can see it for myself though it’s not that big of a problem that you are making out.

    They’re supposed to be bad and good at somethings, It evens the group out and gives them character.

    Take Leeteuk for example he is excellent at dancing but if all of them where great at dancing they wouldn’t be able to focus on key points.. It would be boring.

    Yesung gets certain lines in the song because he can sing them great, Leeteuk gets to dance because he is a great dancer, Heechul and Donghae get shown more on camera because they have charisma.

    If it wasn’t for their flaws they wouldn’t be the band that us ELFs love and worship.

    In my opinion I believe Super Junior is the best group (Even out of Kpop) because of their flaws and their capasity to be able to give the fans what we want.

    If they were all the same (Great at dancing, great singer, best looking ect) we probably wouldn’t be able to choose our favourite. Having flaws and attributes is what makes us like them even more

  • Right Words

    Well, “Guest”, I don’t know that they’re super or junior or not, they’re the folks who actually got me into KPop. I hated and frankly, defied KPop but after listening and knowing these guys my mind changed. Their songs are simple and mind-absorbing, not stupefied with complicated nexus of beats that are way mainstream. I think they deserve to be considered as among best music groups of Far East, or at least ones whom everybody could listen, not like stupid rocky and jammy teen pop. If you find the name dodgy, that’s SM Entertainment’s fault. Critics are appreciated, as long as they reach the height of antagonism that they reflect “hatred” more than “wits”.

    W S