• wow..

    wowow that was a long rant that I just didn’t bother to read…I guess you forgot, but THATS WHAT FANS DO. INCLUDING ANTI FANS..

    • kpopboi

      I agree, it was a long rant.
      I dont particularly fancy Super Junior and the author does have some valid points. But, delivery is the difference between hate and critique. Still, I sip on haterade everyday on Kpop motherfucking groups. ciao.

  • eboy07

    Compared to Alicia Keys,Beyonce,Chris Brown,Jenifer Hudson and Celine Dion kpop groups and idols are vocally avarage or below that. Lets be real here do you realy excpect that kpop would be popular whit teenie weenies worldwide if the kpop girls and boys where actuly pretty decent looking. Most comments about kpop on a kpop site like Allkpop are the same comments over again like: wow he or she looks so cute or pretty or love his or her hair. And each week there is something like childhood photos and ideal types and the comments are still the same. And most kpop fans are bashing US artist and producers. And if they suddenly work whit one of their beloved idol/group they suddenly love them (William) BEP.

    • c

      REAL TALK:
      Alicia Keys is a talented writer/musician, but she’s hardly a high standard for singers. Beyonce is vocally average to be honest and it took her some time to reach that point. But she is an energetic performer. Chris Brown is a talented singer/artists despite his character flaws, but he has one of those voices that people either appreciate or don’t. Jenifer Hudson: lovely voice and is a talented singer. Celine Dion has great technique and is a strong singer this can’t be denied, but again a voice that people either love or leave.

      – There are tons of singers around the world, yes even in Korea, who if given the same training or less…could blow some of the popular western stars out of the water vocally. An advantage that the people you named have over kpop idols in general is independence/artistic freedom.

      • eboy07

        Yes i agree whit you.

  • Kelly

    LOL i read all of that, and i agree with it all. they’re still a very entertaining group, and even though i don’t follow them closely anymore (hmm, might have to do with certain members’ immature twitter/media comments), i know most of them can make me laugh and that about all i expect from them now.

    i think most of them can sing, and when i use the word ‘sing’, i use it loosely, meaning i think most of them can hold the melody and stay on key but by no means actual singing.

  • dude

    i totally agree with you! you said everything on my mind!! thank goodness for that <333

    honestly, if i have to cut down on some members…..my group would consist of

    yesung, eunhyuk, donghae, siwon and kyuhyun

    yesung as lead vocal
    eunhae as rappers, dancers, sub vocals

    siwon as the face (every group needs a face sadly, but he can pass off as acceptable in singing)

    and kyuhyun as main vocals

  • EmJaye

    Wow. Tres harsh.
    I’m a SuJu fan, but mainly because I like their catchy songs and because I think SiWon is one of the best things since sliced bread. (Because of his face? No. I like him because he is an outspoken Christian who lives out his testimony, unlike a lot of kpoppers who say ‘Oh, yeah, I’m a Christian.’ but don’t do a thing to show it. And to me, being an outspoken Christian is hot.)

    Btw, you might want to clean up your pronoun-reference shifts, especially toward the end, before the hardcore ELFs start swarming.

    • Butterbacon

      That’s nice of you! Lol

    • lily

      Yeah, he’s Christian alright, so much that he denies the existence of Homosexuals. Doesn’t matter what religion you are. You don’t have to be Christian to be a good person.

  • nhoki

    Completely agree. I enjoy their songs and love to see them on variety shows but can’t consider them as real singers with real talents

  • unachicaloca

    couldn’t agree more.
    but were they really formed to be the most talented group?
    no, i don’t think so.
    if i recall correctly, that project group was first started with the goal of having a group of diverse individuals that can be put to acting, MC-ing, radio hosting, modeling, singing, and dancing.
    so in that sense, i think they achieved it one way or the other, right?

    • W.

      U are right. The author probably did not do some proper research before embarking on this lengthy rant.

  • Smile

    This is kinda a rant:
    As kpop IDOLS, they are a strong group. I say IDOLS. Idol groups aren’t mainly known for their strong singing/dancing. They’re mainly known for being good looking and having charisma/appeal/personality. Yes, there are idols who are great at singing and dancing, but then again there are some of the most popular idols who can’t do either of these things. Being an idol, strong singing & dancing won’t get you success. You gotta get out there and use your face and personality. I mean, yes you gotta be at least mediocre at singing and dancing, but being likable will take you off the charts. That’s why I say there strong idols. Super Junior has everything: the cute, the personalities, & the power singers/dancer.

    On a personal note: I think Eunhyuk has got to be one of the best dancers in kpop. Just watching him dance(not in suju performances, but in solos)you can see he has great technique, and he never tires out, there’s always power in his moves.

  • Smile

    This is kinda a rant:
    As kpop IDOLS, they are a strong group. I say IDOLS. Idol groups aren’t mainly known for their strong singing/dancing. They’re mainly known for being good looking and having charisma/appeal/personality. Yes, there are idols who are great at singing and dancing, but then again there are some of the most popular idols who can’t do either of these things. Being an idol, strong singing & dancing won’t get you success. You gotta get out there and use your face and personality. I mean, yes you gotta be at least mediocre at singing and dancing, but being likable will take you off the charts. That’s why I say there strong idols. Super Junior has a lil bit everything: the cute, the personalities, & the power singers/dancer.

    On a personal note: I think Eunhyuk has got to be one of the best dancers in kpop. Just watching him dance(not in suju performances, but in solos)you can see he has great technique, and he never tires out, there’s always power in his moves.

    • Steph

      Perfectly put. Also I’d say the same for Yesung as a singer.

    • maldita

      Agree. Super Junior may not be as collectively well-rounded talent-wise as fellow SM groups like DBSK and SHINee, but they fit the idol mold better than everyone. The fact that they’re still together is already amazing ’cause nobody took them seriously when they debuted.

    • jas

      agree completely

  • mike


    i love the honesty of it and you know what? i agreed with almost everything with it.

    it’s nice to hear from someone who’s not deluded and biased for once

    DO MORE. but i hope you don’t do a group you’re biased with.

    • J-may

      the writer is obviously bias towards Kyuhyun…

  • lindsey

    I never enjoyed suju’s music, but I am a fan of some of the members personalities, mostly heechul. I do enjoy watching them on variety shows and what not, suju Full house was my favorite. But like I said, I never liked their music. As for them not being talented? We’ll I’m not quite sure, since there is so many members its hard to see their indivdual talents, plus the material they are given, sm is only looking for hit songs, and they don’t want members to really be trying to write there own music, considering the time schedule and risks etc.
    but meh, I don’t care for talking about them either, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt saying, I’m sure they are not *horrible* singers and dancers.

  • kk

    bunch of hate up in this article.

    • aznboy

      How is it hate when it is the truth. Did you even read the entire article? At least elaborate on why you disagree.

      Super Junior isn’t as talented as ELF claim they are. As a group they have 3 exceptional singers, 1 exception dancer, and 3 members decent enough at both.The group is honestly more about entertaining than creating music.

      • J-may

        perhaps u donno the real SUJU concept is… SME made them to excel in various entertainment fields… each of them play a certain role in each field.. SUJU r not made to be singers… they r Idols… Idols are not just singers, ya know!

        • Emeldy

          “Idol’s are not just singers, ya know!”

          That’s the sad reality. Agree that they are not singers, when they are supposed be good at that. For heaven sake Idols are apart of a singing boy or girl band. Is it so wrong to expect more as a listener or a live audience….. The irony is they are not just singers, that’s the core of idol business. And that’s a sad reality.

      • kk

        it’s fine if the author thinks they’re not talented or well put together or are all acceptable singers, but they’re not just singers, they’re idols and overall entertainers, and to hold them to only a singing standard would be, i think, unfair. and if they author can’t realize or accept this then they should honestly get out of kpop. different groups are meant to be and do different things and therefore it necessarily goes beyond just singing.

        everyone should think of kpop like food. are you gonna shit over every single person who likes a particular food that they think is delicious but you think is gross? maybe if you’re 10 years old. people have different tastes, not one of which is necessarily better than another, but we all like what we eat.

        • jas

          so true

  • icacutee

    totally agree.
    I think they’re entertaining, esp. Heechul, but that’s about it. And Kyuhyun can sing, while Eunhyuk can dance.

  • ro37

    doing nothing but spreading the hate, i see.

  • asianromance

    I thought you were fair to all the members – though you pointed out each member’s flaws, you also gave credit where credit was due. I bet some people didn’t even read past the first few paragraphs.

  • Literati

    Wow you’re just asking for it now eh?

  • newt

    someones on their period.

    • JJ


  • Steph

    Well I agree with a lot about Leeteuk’s vocals, and Heechul,Kibum and such, however, I do believe Yesung is the best SuJu singer; Ryeowook very close behind and Kyuhyun as well. I believe Shindong is a BRILLIANT dancer. If you’re gonna deal with talents, highlight the talents…ALL of them. Including the musicianship of a lot of the guys (Sungmin is a beautiful guitarist, Heechul and Siwon are great drummers and RYEOWOOK is BRILLIANT pianist…just for starters)

    • Aya

      sorry, i play guitar and drum also, and what they do…well…it’s not that great. They can play it, yes. but good at it?……not really.

    • unachicaloca

      I beg to disagree, Yesung is NOT the best SuJu singer. Sure Yesung has that range in his voice, but man he sucks at most live performances, especially when he hits his high notes. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, on the other hand, are more stable and consistent. But I gotta give it to Kyuhyun for having the best voice quality and for being the best singer technically in the group.

      • Cloud fan

        oh man.. why must you diss someone to promote your bias?  In Yesung’s defense, I bet he didn’t ask for those high notes. SM gave him that.  And how many live performances have you heard his voice cracked?  His members already acknowledged the fact that Yesung is their best singer when singing live.  Google it.  No effort at all. 

        Oh hey, just to give you something to ponder about… I wonder, what would be the state of Kyu’s voice if the roles were reversed.  Let him hit the high notes all the time.  You HAVE heard that Kyu’s voice cracked when singing live, right? It’s on Youtube, google it. 

    • someonewhoknowsbetter

      ,,sorry but I disagree to LeeTeuk’s and HeeChul’s part,,they have pretty voices as well, well not as good as the other’s voice like KRY’s but haven’t you heard them sing a song with low notes?,,try to look for some of their videos on Youtube and you’ll see..
      ~saying this because I also thought the same before but I was wrong, they have soothing voices as well.

  • Aya

    hahaha, i dont think it’s hate, it’s just rant..sorry hate is a strong word. And she/he give the good and the bad side. So yes i agree it’s fair enough.

    I dont really enjoy SuJu music, but i do admire ryewook’s voice. not many men can pull that off.

  • cheekybodacious

    I enjoyed reading this. glad you are being honest and injecting some reality into kpop.
    please do other groups in the future too! (maybe snsd and 2pm)

  • Steph

    Also, I forgot about the theatre aspect….Yesung and Sungmin earned major respect from their Thespian sunbaes because of their talent in that area…just saying.

  • Christina

    Honestly, while it could seem as harsh, I really enjoyed this article. It gave a very plain insight into Super Junior without what one may call fangirling. I would love to know what you think about Hangeng, Henry, and Zhou Mi. Also, this could easily become a segment of sort with your opinion on different groups and their makeup period. Modern groups already with a significant following, old groups (the sunbaes), and the new ones who are trying to make it-I’d definitely look forward to reading this!

  • JUN

    I agree to certain extent, but I think the standard you put them on, you are comparing them to the current gen idols, which isn’t even fair, because the newer dols are always gonna up the older ones. They debuted around the same time as SS501, and compare to them, I think they are more than adequate in the talent department. Ultimately, I do agree, talent is definitely not their biggest appeal.

    • Hmmmm

      I knew someone was gonna bring SS501 into this. So sad. Quit trying to drag others down.

      • JUN

        If you knew it, then obviously you agree with it.

  • JUN

    Btw, why not throw in Hangeng, Henry and Zhoumi while you are at it, they are part of Super Junior in some sense.

    • gail

      ditto on that.

  • Pancho

    So much truth… I like the guys and their songs, but it’s not like they’re the most talented K-pop boyband out there, and the blind and delusional fangirlism infuriates me.

    Thank you so much for trying to open the eyes of some people.

  • AYE.

    This reminds me of those page long rants people call secrets on the kpopsecrets tumblr. It’s just a long ass rant that someone labeled as an editorial piece to make it sound more legitimate. What the hell was the point of this article? Just come out with it already: Super Junior is not talented. I don’t know why the author went on a whole spiel about every single member and how they have not an ounce of talent, but they’re good in some other department.

    And you ended it with ‘Yeah I said all this crap, but it doesn’t matter anyway. You guys will still be famous and make tons of money. I just wanted people to know I think you’re talent-less.’

    Again… what was the point of this article?

    Seoulbeats is … I don’t even know anymore.

    • rohto

      whats even sillier is that this doesn’t seem to actually have anything to do with the group or be related to the group in any way, since apparently what prompted this whole diatribe were some text messages between friends of friends. the whole thing just ends up coming off as terribly ignorant, immature, and mean spirited because ultimately its only purpose is to deride and put down other people that merely annoy her. hardly something that should warrant a ‘news’ tag.

  • onlyhope

    This was a pretty interesting read. While I may not agree with some, the rest do ring true. It took a long time for me to become a SuJu fan, but once you join the crowd, its hard to leave. I’m sure it wasn’t because of talent… DBSK/JYJ and several other singers have me on that… but the captivating personalities of each and every member were what drew me in.

    I’m glad you wrote this even with the knowledge that swarms of ELFs will come and attack before you can even blink. It’s nice to hear two sides, not that you are really taking any sides, and I’m glad that seoulbeats is open to all kinds of opinions and doesn’t censor everything according to what their readers want to hear. Fighting!

  • ana

    interesting post, i read through it all and i have to say that you are right, however i do not agree with the point that you are making, super junior has said in numerous interviews that they are a group of entertainers not simply a dancing/singing group. so in that sense your post just seems useless.

  • gail

    why not add snsd while you’re at it, because honestly Suju at the moment are no different from snsd in terms of mediocrity and a few personalities and overhype. Heck most kpop groups out there are mediocre. Most of it’s just packaging and variety personality.

  • FistBump

    LOLOLOL….this is very true. Now, I NEED you to do this kind of article on all kpop gropus….please!!!

  • capecrusader

    harsh much?

  • hmm…

    Hmmm, as a group I love all of them and I’m like one of their biggest fans! Super Junior is a ONE brand, with not a single member defining the group. Individually, I agree most of them are mediocre (like most idol group, to be fair). The only talented one (in singing department at least) is Kyuhyun. His voice is like pure honey, sweet and soothing. And I’m not even his biggest fan!

    Having said that, I love Super Junior and I want them to exist for a long long time. But I could do without ShinDong (can’t stand him!) or Kangin (disappear into oblivion). Please bring Hangeng back! :)

  • sad but true…when i got into kpop i used to hate suju…i didn’t really like their songs but the members personalities got me into liking them…imo you can only appreciate suju if you get to know the members personalities…suju is not one of those groups you only love because of their songs you have to “know” them to love them…

  • J-may

    I think this post should be in Kpopsecret than a Kpop site… or perhaps should i call Seoulbeat as Anti-SUJU site! -.-“

  • Hannah_s

    Funny because the same thing can be said with SNSD. SNSD is the most popular female group in Korea right now. But they are no way near as the most talented female group. Sex does really sells. (i don’t mean that in a sexual way. I mean you can get by with just looking good)

    • jyyjc

      The same thing can be said about a lot of other groups too,if not, all.

    • dhg

      A few years ago, write an article like this about super junior like ellie use to and have a storm of angry elfs, guess it’s died down a bit. waiting for an article like this to be written about snsd in a few years time when people realize their singers and dancers are all just mediocre and bland. they’re gonna end up like super junior, not longer “girls”. Although most kpop groups are like that, snsd is the mediocre group that’s most overrated, another example to quantity over quality.

  • kinella

    i miss the old seoulbeats when a long ‘editorial’ like this one had a sort of sociological analysis of a SKorea and it’s pop culture.

    also, who are these people telling those 13 guys who have been in the entertainment business for more than 5 year as a band/project and even longer as you look as solo debuts, that they don’t have any talent? do you know how fast the show biz work and that it’s very easy to disappear if you have no talent or appeal?

    if you want real singers go check real singers like, dunno, gummy, park hyo shin, lee sora, or wheesung and the list can go on an on.

    the writer doesnt like SuJu, fair enough



    You are such an ATTENTION SEEKER. Congrats, now your site will be the most visited site, especially by ELF.

    Your article is very biased and it is very subjective. Sadly some people have the same thought as you. Or… is it you YOURSELF who filled out your own comment box with supportive comments (towards this article)??


    WOW!! 진짜 웃겨!!

    My advice: Get a life. Seriously~ Or you better get a BF/GF to make you busy ^^

  • lol

    harsh. but true.
    i’d like to hear your opinion on other groups if you don’t mind :D

  • pinky

    I see why some people (including me) see this article as harsh. Why single out SuJu? Why not include other groups, too? Even pointing out each and every members’ flaws which I don’t think have much point other than to make your argument blaringly obvious. And why diss their group name when other K-Pop groups have similar questionable names like “SHINee” or “Gods Rising from the East” or “Piggy Dolls?” I understand what prompted you to write this, but to me it seems that it’s just an opinionated rant more appropriately posted on a personal blog.

    • Butterbacon

      But. Rising gods of the east WAS appropriate and prophetic.

      • pinky

        Yes, it is. But even though I am huge fan of DBSK, I don’t deny that I balked and told myself “Wow, ambitious much?” the first time I read the meaning.

      • maldita

        THIS. Who knew giving a group such a corny name would actually be that successful?! It’s a good thing DBSK actually lived up to their group name. :)

  • Jasmine

    Okay let me just start off by saying that this was really rude I mean u don’t see ELF bashing your favorite idol like this. Just because u don’t see what makes them super doesn’t mean u get to say that the members don’t have talent because they do I mean have u heard KRY sing?! And don’t even get me started on the juniors part! There are other groups whose names are worse when referring to age. Have you forgotten Wonder Girls they haven’t been girls in a very long time And Girls Generation members are also no longer the age to be called girls. So if you’re going to bring up their age perhaps you should of brought those two groups up too. And you should of brought up the fact that Wonder Gorls isn’t even all that wonderful I mean how many songs do u actually know the lyrics too? The only reason why they are so famous along with Girls Generation is because guys think they’re cute and cause they have maybe one or two songs that girls can relate to too

  • Anon.

    Okay? I usually never comment but I’m just warning you guys to not go allkpop pre non trolling era. Last time it’s the agyeo article now this? Articles like these are how you lose viewers. It’s pure ranting and can be viewed as very biased. I’m a very sensible fangirl, I like Seoulbeats for the REASONABLE and clever input. Keep it clean with a comment here or there, but seriously don’t write articles like youre a 12 year old. Dont lose the respect of your readers by writing articles like this. As a person with writing experience before I know that a basic rule to have an opinion but not to go too far with it. Notice how I’m not defending super junior? Because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I come here because I feel the opinions are reasonable and not biased. Those people agreeing with you? I wonder how old they are and how much they actually know about Kpop. Please, coming from a loyal reader, don’t become one of THOSE websites. Even if it’s an article like this here and there it still brings down the quality of this site.

  • Chippy

    I like SuJu, not enough to follow them, but well enough. I really like Yesung’s voice, Donghae’s face, Eunhyuk’s dancing…, and Henry of SuJu-M is pretty cool.

    There are things about the other members that I find either appealing or a turn off.

    But Kyuhyun is the first and last word for me. That young man impresses me recorded and live.

  • J

    You know at some point, some of your sentiments, I do understand. But the way you wrote your whole piece about SuJu sounds funny and freaky at the same time, because more than anything, you’re taking their fans’ claims waaaaaaaay too seriously when you shouldn’t.

    I wanted to call it harsh, but the whole editorial just comes off as a try-hard critique piece to me, and I am by no means an ELF to begin with. True, when people overpimp the word “talent” with SuJu (or with 90% of idols, my biases included), it just makes a weird statement because it’s either debatable, or not true at ALL. But come on, I am assuming that most of us here have been into this kpop/idol shit for some time now, long enough to get past fandoms’ overzealous claims about their biases.

    In short, I don’t see why you had to write it this way just because hella lot ELFS are apparently saying this to you (even though only two or so of your friends recently spazzed about it in your face lol). Second, it sounds hypocritical because seeing as you spend time writing for a KPOP site, it’s almost impossible that you didn’t glorify one measly kpop idol/artist out there the way those 2 ppl did at some point in your life.

    I’ll take a good critique, but this does not come close to what those old SB critiques had, really. It’s like you’re totally and literally taking the fun out of kpop. Fandoms and their craziness are part of the package, good news is you can always ignore them and prove them wrong by actually listening to the groups you find worthy, instead of ranting like this which in turn only makes big groups like Suju become more popular.

    SB has always been bitching about these big groups anyway and how it’s getting all downhill because of them and shit. Maybe if you’d write more about say, BEG…or the Grace or Gummy or Epik High more or whoever you think has talent, you can actually contribute something, instead of rehashing old and overly discussed arguments like this.

  • W.

    From the writing of this article, it seems like the underlying reason why the author even wrote it is simply sparked off by a mere fan’s comment that “… Super Junior is SUPER talented.”. This itself makes the author very laughable. Fancy writing a lengthy article on the basis of one fangirl’s comment.

    Whilst the author tries to make his/her writing looks impressive, this is just derisory, very not what I expect of a seoulbeat author.

    The only part in the article that I wholeheartedly agree is the last sentence “But I’m sure a good dose of haterade will prove me wrong”. Yes, dear author, you can be assured ELFs (not just ELFs, but objective bystanders too) will prove that some of your assumptions are wrong.

  • flora

    the only way i can tell if you’re being bias or not is if you did a couple of other overrated groups and see whether you sugar coat them or nitpick at their flaws. Let’s see if you’re consistent.

  • 3

    Subi, whenever you write something, it’s either bleh or average. This falls in between, but is leaning towards the former. The honesty is great, and I agree with many of your opinions, but the way it’s written as it sounding more like a rant rather than an attempt at being subjective. The way you started off pretty much taints the rest of it: A petty series of texts between friends? A letter-format? Really? Why does this have a “News” tag? And those grammatical errors–though few in number–just make you sound like a ranty anti-fan who’s just swept up in her own passion. These opinions could’ve been expressed in a far better way than this.

    While I agreed with a lot, I left with a bad aftertaste in my mouth. In short, you’re taking the opinions of fans way too seriously; most people are above that level. I think you need to calm down before writing something like this; it could’ve been great with all of the opinions, but it was poorly executed.

    Plus, I think the stupid of the group name is not worth dissecting; I think it’s pretty obvious, and to newcomers and old followers of K-pop alike, it’s not something new. HAM, F.cuz–yeah, the genre’s full of it.

  • duh

    PEOPLE. Do keep in mind that this is Seoulbeats and not Allkpop or whatever kpop site. So all the articles here are either bias or unbias towards your favourite idol groups. If you don’t like to read about your ‘favourite’ getting bashed here, just get lost huh?

    • eh

      That made a lot of sense. You should write for SB, you seem to be on their wavelength.

      • JUN

        hahaha good stuff, but i do want to add something irrelevant, if the article’s intent is to simply generate more view and more comment, then I commend the author for doing the right thing and should keep going with this stuff, if not, then this is pretty garbage.

  • Steven

    Subi, i hope we(ELF) can meet you somewhere… WE feel like want to end ur life…. dont dig your own grave,Subi… there are hundreds of thousands of ELFs out there….


  • JUN

    hahaha good stuff, but i do want to add something irrelevant, if the article’s intent is to simply generate more view and more comment, then I commend the author for doing the right thing and should keep going with this stuff, if not, then this is pretty garbage.

  • leigh

    SUJU? of course they are talented but not enough to be considered SUPER TALENTED….just enough talent to entertain people (like me). Their songs are not that great…just popular and catchy but still – i enjoyed it. It actually can lift up someone’s mood. Individually – i like leetuk, he’s a good mc/host, dj and let’s admit he can be entertaining and funny in variety shows. I like heechul the most — i just like him, PERIOD. But when it comes to singing…i love kyuhyun.

  • weezyfcrazy

    i am not a fan of super junior in any shape or form but i was smh @ yesung’s vocal assessment. his vocal capabilities are above many of his kpop peers and much of idoldom today. if you don’t like his tone or his voice is not your cup of tea cool, but call a spade a spade. he is NOT high school choir level. my aunt was pretty much my mother growing up and took me in, so i grew up watching her mentor others as an opera coach and advisor. people seem to have this whitney houston/mj/fat gospel lady vision of what a voice should be. it’s not. to quote frenchie davis, it’s more than just about attacking a song, it’s also about pitch, tone, musicality and giving face [emoting].

    • weezyfcrazy

      btw y’all are really running out of shit to talk about huh? one of the best opportunities to discuss the dark underbelly of kpop is coming through in the rania scandal, but we get this *kanye shrugs* alright…
      btw i was laughing along in the teddy overstatement of the year article, but at least that one was pretty facetious and not tl;dr essay.

  • v

    im suprised i read this anyway, i find it interesting. i think you should do more assessments on the top kpop groups. even though im not in full agreement with some statements its your opinion.

  • JUN

    what do you mean by the dark underbelly of kpop? enlighten me on the scandal, the only thing I heard is the black guy ditching the group.

    • weezyfcrazy

      -there’s a huge debate now with the mod of the international forum leaking a skype conversation with ruk (one of teddy’s producers) and his intimate relationship with their lead vocalist jooyi. personal contact info posted and all. ruk stated that their management caught them sleeping together and now they and the other rania members are upset/jealous of jooyi. allkpop had banned said mod (se7en89 her alias on allkpop) of the rania forum for the drama associated with this. she went on omonatheydidnt to state her case but rania fans are pissed because they believe the mod to have destroyed any chance of jooyi salvaging a future career.
      – that “black guy” teddy riley “ditched” the group due to strained relations with rania’s management. if you watch some of rania’s videos where they are interacting with some of their team they seem light hearted, carefree and natural. as soon as their manager walks in BOOM, they stop talking, avoid eye contact and act suspiciously sullen. if you follow rania or go to their forum the members were quick to notice this. teddy riley even confirmed on his twitter that he had no problem with the girls but their management and mistreatment.

      for your enlightenment:

  • Mary

    totally agree BUT where is hangeng? I know I know, he’s a former member of super junior, but I would like your opinion of he, because in my opinion he was the most talented, but the SM was commissioned to scare away a good element

    • JUN

      No he wasn’t the most talented, Kyuhyun takes the title hands down no room for argument. Geng was though the most marketable due to his race, he single handedly outsold Suju with his debut album. In terms of everything, he’s probably one of the more well rounded member, top 5 in dancing, top 5 in looks, but a mediocre voice.

  • someonewhoknowsbetter

    The author DID NOT PROPERLY RESEARCH on the subject, she didn’t even consider why Super Junior is stuck with the name “Super Junior” for heaven’s sake..I mean Super Junior’s concept at first is to change the members to fit the “JUNIOR” word, but because fans pleaded to SME not to change nor add members to to group they all became permanent..I hope the author can see my point in here.

    ~also, SuJu may not be as talented as the other groups in your eyes but they wouldn’t reach this far for nothing. Each one of them have their own areas of excellence that’s why they are put together as one so they can cover each other’s weaknesses as you may call it. That’s why they are called a “GROUP” a “TEAM”, because they work together to cover all areas in the entertainment industry, that’s why they are also called “complete package”

    ~honestly do you even know them and other Kpop artists?
    ~I’m not saying these things because I’m an ELF because I also don’t like them before because of their huge number, but I got to like them now because of many reasons I can hardly explain, and one more thing EACH MEMBER IS IMPORTANT IN A TEAM, TRY NOT TO DISREGARD ANY, THEY ALL CONTRIBUTED TO THE GROUP’s IDENTITY AND REPUTATION.

    • OMG

      Hahaha, you must be one of those girls from that class. Subi’s article is not about “their own areas of excellence” but strictly about their performance as SINGERS. That’s their primary job. She was evaluating them as singers.

      OMG, there are so many people here who read these articles and don’t even know how to interpret the simplest of sentences. They go on ranting about how ‘bias’, ‘lazy’, ‘misinformed’, ‘ignorant’, etc etc, these writers are when it is the readers who are all the above and therefore refuses to objectively anything remotely critical, (and some just informational) about their artist. Nia, you need to re-post your butt hurt video!

      • evelyn

        “OMG, there are so many people here who read these articles and don’t even know how to interpret the simplest of sentences.” YES,AND YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. No, the author wasn’t just talking about their performances as Singers. If that were the case then she would have only judged them for their vocals. But she also judged dancing. That already debunks your whole argument. SINGERS means someone who sings. The author didn’t just judge singing but character, talents, dancing, etc. So before YOU go criticizing someone else, how about you learn to interpret reading. AND READ EVERYTHING.

  • andy

    thats why they are called idols and not strictly singers, balladers and all other things.. superjunior lets face it totally lack in the vocal dept. half of them are the image and the works but the one slaving the most in the vocals is K.R.Y. specially Kyuhyun.. hangeng was even forgotten.. i think the author is just ranting..remember this is SME were talking here home of idols and blah blah blah..

  • Johnny

    I never understood why Suju had quite a following. Maybe its all the little girls looking for someone to fawn over.

    • Evelyn

      why don’t you ask taiwan why that is. oh and no. the majority of SJ’s fans are around 17 and up. so it’s not all the “little girls”, if they don’t please your preferences so be it. You’re implications are unfounded, conduct some profound research first before you decide that Super Junior has no reason for their explosive popularity.

  • Usha

    I actually have to say despite loving kyuhyun more, ryeowook imo is the better singer atleast when it comes to being consistent. I also read that when there were troubles with mics, he was the only one everyoen could really here. I love both their voices though.

  • DD

    Poor Ryeowook… an evil garden gnome. Ahahahaha it was really funny though o-o. But Sungmin can actually sing, but I don’t think Siwon sings very well.

    • Ryu

      THIS so much. I laughed so hard about the garden gnome comment. And yes, Sungmin sings very very well. I put him in a category with Donghae and Kangin above Siwon and HeeChul for singing.

      I’m curious what she would say about Henry, Geng, and ZhouMi though.

  • GFM


    “when you think of strongest voices in KPOP, do you think Yesung?”

    – YES!

    “When you think of strongest voices in Super Junior, do you think Yesung? I don’t.”

    – Again, YES, definitely! (If you really know Super Junior, you would have known how much and how great Yesung contributed in the vocal aspects of their songs.)

    If you had asked, “the strongest VOICE in Kpop, the strongest VOICE in Super Junior,” I would have said NO.

  • Shii

    I just wanted to mention that Kibum did act in 2009 and 2010– he filmed a movie at the end of ’09 that preparing for took months (he actually was inside 99% of the time to get rid of his tan and be as pale as possible for the role) and in the beginning of 2010 he was in a play that ran for three months.

    A lot of people don’t realise his contract actually expired at the very end of ’09 with SM and that he isn’t a member of Super Junior anymore and he is no longer affiliated with the company. So that’s why he’s not around.

    But other than that, not a bad article!

  • Albitroth

    Agree with most of it- except for Yesung, Siwon and Sungmin.
    When I think strongest vocals in KPOP- I think Xiah Junsu. When I think strongest vocals in Super Junior however, I definitely think Yesung. He has the abiiity, the power and the vocal belting. Not to mention he pretty much did all the backing vocal for It’s You.
    Sungmin, well I thought it was because you had high standards when you called his dancing and singing mediocre. Until Donghae/Siwon were claimed to have acceptable vocals. Honestly Sungmin is a tad above them, he’s mostly credited for having the strongest vocals after KRY and he does have 2 musicals under his belt. I don’t think he’s mediocre. As for dancing- he does dance well, very well. He can pull of choreo well and do freestyle to a some extent to. I think he’d be in the same category as Donghae.
    Siwon is gorgeous. That is forever established. His face is gorgeous, and he has chivalry. I’m not sure if chivalry is a talent though- is it? But if anyone’s dancing/singing is mediocre, it is him.

  • Aki

    “Just think twice before saying that your success can be attributed to your talent…”
    Where and when did they exactly say this? All I read when they say something in reference to their success is they try their best and work hard.
    Second of all, your own bias colors your own judgment about their abilities making this article which I hoped to be quite objective not objective at all. The beginning anecdote is proof enough that you started this because of some ELFs who were bragging about them and thus, proceeded to evaluate and address SuJu, not their fans. Very logical, how nice.
    Let’s start with the group name which as someone had already pointed out was meant for a project group with rotating members, older ones graduating and younger ones joining thereby sticking true to “Super Junior.”
    Next is your assessment, Sungmin is mediocre while Hyuk is well-rounded…how? He can dance and…rap?! Sungmin can dance and sing and he can do them more than decently. Good lord, I didn’t think Korea or any country for that matter would hire people in musicals if they can’t sing well because hello, it’s a musical!
    And since you don’t seem to actually listen to Chul and Teuk singing and just write them off as just being great at hosting, I don’t think it’s worth it to point out that they write and compose songs which I’m pretty sure tone-deaf people can’t do and you actually have to have some sort of musical ability to be able to do it. Oh wait, I did just point it out.
    All in all, I acknowledge that as a whole, SuJu is not the most talented Kpop group but they are pretty much above average and the lead singers and lead dancers are up there among the best of their peers in the industry. Not even half of the members are dead weight, actually I don’t think any of them are because none of them are total crap at either singing or dancing, and that’s saying a lot considering that it’s a big group.

  • franzz

    Nice! Finally I saw an assessment of Super Junior that I can say very honest and unbiased opinion. Well, Im not an ELF nor a die hard fan but I like them. I like them because of their personality and also looks but not for singing. Which was pinpointed in this articles that some SJ members are not exceptional and talented when it comes to some aspects of being an idol.

    And one more thing, I’m slightly disagree about Yesung vocal capabilty. :( I love Yesung’s voice and can certainly sing high. I’m very very much pleasured for your comment on Siwon. Haha! That was awesomely true and flattering for a Siwon’s biased girl like me. :P His dancing and singing is okay, so is his acting. But oh man, HE GOT A FACE THAT CAN MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD WEEP! :)

    • HeyDay

      Sorry but no. “Very honest and unbiased opinion.” Unbiased? In what other dimension is this article unbiased? This author has had many instances when she obviously an anti of Super Junior. That automatically makes it biased. Half the things in this article show that the author is uninformed and ignorant. 

      What is worse than a blind delusional fan is a blind delusional anti. The author falls into the latter. 

  • http://Seolbeats Rezuri

    this to me seems like your own opinion on how they sing, dance, etc they might not be super to you but they are to other people just because you may like other singers, dancers, actors etc doesnt mean their great/ super to others (this is my opinion on how you view things and you should probably state that what you say is an opinion because all of this is not a fact unless you have proof REALLY good proof) hope i didnt pffended you and if i did im sorry

  • tobeunnamed

    i’m a fan but i liked this article( not necessarily agreed), i found it interesting to hear about them from the point of view of a person who isn’t a fan. of course there are things that i do disagree with( namely yesung’s ability to sing), to be honest, when i first saw ryewook, he freaked me out a little, but i got over that. anyway, i would like to see your opinion on other, ‘big’kpop bands/singers, like i said, it’s interesting

  • Lee Soul

    You’re seriously being FUCKING rude to them AND ALL SUJU FANS!! Yesung? Sungmin? Kyuhyun? KANGIN? You’re being stupid and I once for all DO NOT respect your opinion

  • Kim

    i think the author likes eunhyuk-ssi donghae-ssi siwon-ssi kyuhyun-ssi and ryeowook-ssi… Because she said that they are the most talented members in super junior as idols…

    I’m saying like this is not because I ONLY like heechul-ssi, but because you are not objective in saying how talented each of the members are… What you say is not THE FACT.. What you say is what you feel toward each of the members.. I bet you hate kim hee chul-ssi leeteuk-ssi and others except donghae-ssi siwon-ssi enhyuk-ssi kyuhyun-ssi and ryeowook-ssi…

    I know that you are so proud of being an antifans.. But if you hate one person, a hundred more are hating you.. DEvil will never win…

  • Loura Mae Cruz

    yeah yeah whatever. truth is they are rich, famous and good-looking. and truth is, not so many people are like that :P they are a rare commodity. also, they are not claiming to be the “best” or the cream of the crop. in fact they always say super junior shines the most when they are 13. they were formed to be 13. don’t get started with the whole “talent” stuff. other kpop idols have questionable talents too. but why are they so successful? maybe because people want more of the lighter stuff, not heavy ones that make you weep and contemplate on life and its meaning :p maybe people just want to ENJOY. yeah i think that’s the term. ENJOY. we just want to enjoy and have fun and watch good-looking idols such as super junior strut their stuff.

  • jolyn_nhy

    Ok I know super junior are neither super nor junior, but they are not that bad.
    They have their flaws, and im sure that elfs know that too. I mean, do we have to expect them to be perfect?
    I agree that some dont have the best voices out there, the best dance out there, whatever, BUT they are not unique or popular for NOTHING. I think its them TOGETHER that makes them popular.

    oh and i would like to seriously contradict the author’s view on Yesung as not one of the best voices in Super Junior or Kpop. I dont know if the author only heard Bonamana, Sorry sorry or It’s You (the super junior hit tracks), because if the author heard ballads like (let’s not) or other super junior songs, she will take back her comment. Yes, yesung may not be the BEST in Kpop, but definitely good. I mean, have the author ever heard his belting, his singing techniques, his solo songs? They are awesome. and the reason why so many people are lashing out here (like me) is because they like Super Junior for the way they are.

    They dont have to be Crazy Singers or Crazy Dancers to be perfect. If all of them are crazy good singers and dancers, i probably wont like them because i will feel that they are like robots and perfect singing machines. Its because of their little flaws and their reality to fans that made them well loved.

  • Anonymous

    Your bias is showing.  Just saying.

  • Joycie

    Poor Sungmin :( his taleants and hardships/contributions are often overlooked…i’m not sure if the writer have had the opportunity of watching their shows with games/sports and the likes with it coz one would definitely notice Sungmin standing out not just within the group but with all of the casts in the show…here are some of his random talents:
    1. martials arts – demonstrated quite a lot of times
    2. playing guitar, piano, keyboard, saxophone
    3. magic tricks
    4. pizza tossing, cup stacking
    and he’s been casted for major roles in 3 musicals….
    My heart goes for Yesung too…when you think of strongest voices in KPOP, do you think Yesung? When
    you think of strongest voices in Super Junior, do you think Yesung?— I DO and I am not being bias here. Good thing there’s Immortal Song, Yesung showed he has one of the best voices in Kpop.

  • http://twitter.com/kimlovesuju13 kim

    oh u rly creepy
    u dont know shit yet u surely have so much time
    because of useless ppl like u , the boys shed so much tears ,thats such a waste
    last sentence for u : go to hell

  • SUJU!

    i think you’re crazy , they’re not talented ? are you saying you can sing , dance and rap as well as them , no . go listen to their mr removed , and i’m sure they did better than others . and yesung have a great voice , you need get your ear a checkup . our angel , leeteuk , i’m sorry to say but he sings well to . and heechul , he don’t dance as good as eunhyuk , donghae is because he hurt his leg ._. sungmin , is cute and that’s his nature . ryeowook has improved his dancing ALOT ._. seriously if you wanna write anything bout them please do some research . and i’m sorry to say , yesung have the best voice . 

  • Fleur_delist

    LOL!!! This is just too much, NO.. I mean you’re being too much when you write this article. Its like you hold a grudge to Super Junior and by uncover their weakness one by one, you consider yourself successfully done a revenge.
    Yesung IS SURE one of the best vocal in SJ, and along with Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, they all are the leader vocalist in SJ. And compared to other kpop boyband’s vocal ability, they sure one of the top list. Is not their fault if they had such a strong charisma and good looking, and not every good looking singer could only sell their face rather than their singing capacity. You just being bias, as far as I can see.
    And you can not separate these boys in to; who gain the much more function in the group and who is the least. Because they stand as one, so even if you can’t see it in the surface, every member in SJ has work their butt in the same amount. The fact that they already at their 5th album, proves what they got and how serious they all in kpop world.

  • http://twitter.com/ELFBanaKissme Amy Jung/Kim/Lee/Cho

    i can see your bias.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001238133318 Mia Pejinović

    Ok, I seriously hate your guts now. You don’t even know who they are.
    Well, let’s start from Leeteuk.

    Teukie’s not the best singer in Super Junior, I’ll give you that. BUT, he’s in the top 6 dancers! You can’t say he doesn’t know how to dance when he’s clearly been dancing practickly all the solo dance parts since the Twins era. I pity the fool that doesn’t see this man’s talents. And he’s proven himself as THE BEST LEADER of a boy band group in the kpop industry, thank you very much.
    Teukie Teukie Leeteukie, we love you! :)

    Then, my second bias, Heechul. This is where you need to draw the line. I mean, insulting this man’s performing skills even though you haven’t heard him sing or play or seen him dance. You should really search on the YouTube his singing videos. Oh wait, I’ll save you the trouble.
    I hope that’s enough.
    And, we all do know that he’s not SO talented in the dancing area. But, please remember about his car accident and 8 metal rods being inserted in his leg. And he was accepted on his audition for his voice and looks, definitely not for his moves. -.-

    I’m sure you haven’t even heard Yesung sing his solos if you think he’s not better than Kyuhyun or Ryeowook vocally, and I think that’s quite sad. This guy isn’t much of a looker, he’s not as good as Eunhyuk at dancing, he only has his voice and charming personality. And you dare to take that away? Really… Reading your seriously unrelated comment about this man made me so angry. Who are you that you think you can judge someone’s vocal abilities? I’m sorry, but he IS THE BEST VOCAL IN SUPER JUNIOR, maybe even in the whole SM.

    Kangin? You actually dare to say bad things about Kangin knowing that ELFs would probably kill you for doing that? -.- WE ALL MISS KANGIN SO MUCH!!! We as fans, and Super Junior members as his friends!!! He has a big role in the group! He’s the one that got Super Junior known while participating on different variety shows in 2005. and 2006. He’s the reason why they’re so popular now! HE IS REALLY IMPORTANT! And I’m sure that all ELFs can’t wait for his comeback.

    You can’t say bad things about Shindong. He’s been through a lot!! He was always being judges because of his weight. If you knew a thing about him, you would know this. Also, he’s the 3rd best dancer in Super Junior! And his rapping is amazing! I highly suggest you watch this video because of your obvious ignorance considering their dancing skills.

    Sungminnie is the aegyo king. His role in the band is aegyo! He’s always been so cute and innocent. And, frankly, I like his image. Suits him well. And he’s the 4th best dancer in Super Junior btw. Watch the video above to prove it.

    Aaaand here we are. My absolute bias. Eunhyuk, who I’d defend with my own life.
    You. Can’t. Say. Anything. Bad. About. Eunhyuk. If. There’s. A. Chance. I’ll. Read. It.
    You WOULD say he’s the best rapper and dancer in Super Junior?! YOU WOULD SAY THAT?!?! He IS the best rapper and dancer! He’s the best popping dancer on the whole kpop scene and the 2nd best overall dancer!!! And I’d say he’s 6th-7th best rapper!! I really pity anyone that doesn’t recognize this. -.-
    I won’t say anything more because it’s useless to try to prove that to a fool like you.

    Then we have our Donghae. The 2nd best dancer. I wouldn’t agree with you about his vocal abilities. They’re not as good as you think they are. And I mean… Dude, come on… Mentioning his acting while he’s famous for his dancing? -.- That’s just sad.
    Nothing more to say…

    Siwon, on the other hand, isn’t that good vocally. He’s, I’d say, in the bottom 4 singers. He only has his acting and face, because, let’s face it, he’s not that good of a dancer either. So yeah… He’s obviously your bias.

    I somewhat agree with you about Ryeowookie. He’s the second best vocal in Super Junior and next to Sungminnie, he’s the aegyo king. You didn’t really say a lot of bad things about him, so I’ll keep it short.

    Again, we, as fans, miss Kibum A LOT! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyMSDFJ5-DU Watch this, watch a bit of his dramas and movies to see his acting skills. Then rewrite your comment about him. Thank you.

    The Maknae. Kyuhyun. First of all, Super Junior has 13 members, not 12. Or as I would say, they have 13+2 members. We, at Forever13+2, still think of Hangeng as a member. Then, about Kyuhyun… He is popular with girls. He has good vocal skills. He is a good dancer. BUT, he’s not the most handsome member, he’s not the most popular, he doesn’t have the best voice and he’s not the best dancer! I want to emphasize the “not the best singer” part. That role is Yesung’s. 

    And it’s so obvious your biases are Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Siwon and Ryeowook. -.-

    So, they ARE talented after all, who would’ve known… ^^
    And, I’m 17. And I really don’t think of them as old perverts and stuff like that. They’re not old at all. They are older than U-kiss and Block B, but they are the 2nd generation idols. I’m sorry, but they’re really not old. -.-

    So, you can just take this whole post and go f*** yourself somewhere else. Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/Marya0 Marija Forgach

    All I can say is, as a SUJU fan, if you think you can do what they do every day for as long as they did, you go for it girl/boy, don’t use internet to spread your anger towards people you don’t even know, and don’t kid yourself by thinking you are fit to judge someones singing or dancing abilities, leave that to the professionals, and if you’re that confident in what you’re saying, at least sign with your real name…cause, this way, it looks like you just want the attention, which you got….happy now?

  • http://twitter.com/Shiningreen Suzanne Fernandes 슈~

    Well, in the beginning I thought your opinion was quite interesting but well with some of them you were quite biased, losing it’s credibility.
    Like when you said Siwon sing and dancing skills is acceptable and Sungmin’s are mediocre, but actually Siwon is in the ending of the list in these two skills, his voice is totally not good either the dance. And Leeteuk’s dance ~are~ quite good. And for Kangin, you actually didn’t say a thing about him, besides judging him as a person, it doesn’t really effects Super Junior’s talent, does it?
    I don’t really care if you criticize them, but you’re quite biased. =1 Sad.

  • Maygan Hxy1994

    Seriously, leave SUJU alone, what the F did they ever do to you!? the boys have gone thru so much, stop judging them, u’re in NO position to judge them as well, who they hell u think u r? leave it to SM to decide. don’t you dare condemn Teukie oppa! he’s the best ldr ever, imagine having to handle 12 boys! shindong is thr to make suju more special, this shows that suju is not all abt looks! and Si Won oppa, he cant sing, cant dance but he can act! u leave si won alone. Dong Hae oppa, this is my biased, one more insult from you, i repeat, just one more time and all the ELFS will kill u for that! do u think u’re better than them? can you dance better than dong hae oppa? rap better than hyuk jae oppa? pose better than si won oppa? lead better than teukie oppa? act better than ki bum oppa? i doubt u’re anywhere near them. so just shut up. i bet u got no idea what ELFS( SUJU’s EVER LASTING FRIENDS) can do to you for insulting suju. so keep ur comments to yourself. its not by luck that they can sing, dance, rap, act or have good looks, its God’s Gift to them. you’re just jealous!

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  • Tori

    Wow, you really managed to piss off alot of people, nice work.
     This whole post disturbes me, but especially what you wrote about Yesung. He might not be as handsome as Siwon, or as good a dancer as Eunhyuk, but no one can compare in terms of singing. Kyuhyun is good, but his voice is a little plain. Could anyone else have sung Yesung’s belting parts in
    It’s You? Fuck no. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun have nice voices, but are nowhere near having the power and variety that Yesung has, just check his solo songs. Oh, everyone might like to say how Yesung is ugly and a bad dancer, but he in fact he is handsome and a good dancer, just not in ways that people are used to.
     We all miss Kangin and Kibum, many of us would give anything for Kibum to come back, and are counting the days for Kangin to end his military service. Don’t go making assumptions.

    • Anonymous

      I love every member the same! I agree that yesung has an amazing voice, but I love wookie’s voice and also kyu’s! Yesung is very good looking to me! I as an ELF don’t just love them because of their looks, but also for their talents & personalities. I am waiting for April 16th, the day kangin comes back!!!

    • Adnin Dyn

      yeah..my bias is Leeteuk but in terms of singing Yesung is my favourite (sometimes Kyuhyun came n stole this place :3) !! he has the ability to make us feel the song..the heartbreaking stories in the songs only can be feel whole-heartedly with his voice!!!

    • jeanny jones


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shen-Jenny/100000949740142 Shen Jenny

    Oh Wow, I see alot of mad fans here… Actually I agree with you for the most part Subi, possibly other from Kangin, whom i find has a pleasing personality. I have recently become sorta a half ELF, namely loving Kyuhyun, Ryewook & Eunhyuk for their amazing talent. Siwon & Donghae are pretty great too in their respective fields, I give them that, just not my cuppa tea. What do make me sad & confused is that the three most talented pple (in my point of view only, Yesung may have a good voice but as a non musical student I’m failing to spot it) is not the most popular? Especially Kyuhyun who has the voice (starts about 80% of SJ’s songs), the face, the moves & the personality? at loss here pple…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DEQ3F3ZEPFSXJR5THSKYVBXFPM AlezaR

    I’d consider myself an ELF. Not a fanatically devoted one, but one that sees their faults and accepts them for who they are/what they are trying to be. 

    I do believe SUJU themselves have said they are not strictly musicians-but more entertainers. People who make people happy, through a great variety of acts, be it singing great songs, dancing, mcing, acting, etc. With this as their objective, SUJU has been damn successful at what it set out to do. Every good business needs to know what it is going for, and set a clear goal. There is absolutely no point in trying to be everything to everybody, because that makes people fail. 

    Ok, we can throw in DBSK here as a group that was quite less debatable GODLY, but even they had their problems, which is to say-they broke up as of 2009.

    In an entertainment world where everyone is seeking musical genius, absolutely spot on and extremely complex dances(Shinee and Lucifer-I’m looking at you for this one), PLUS good looks PLUS about 360 other things, SUJU dares to be different. Dares to go the other direction. Dares to not take itself seriously, compromise some male egos, make stupid but silly jokes. And its quite appealing to see. This is the quality of SUJU that drew me to them.

    I will not go the way of completely defending their talents and amazing prowess, because face it-this is not 13(the original Korean group-I dont hate on the Chinese members, as a Chinese American girl I love all 3 of them) musical geniuses together. None of them absolutely suck. If any sucked, they would not have passed the auditions and debuted. But some of them are nothing special:

    read example: Shindong on rapping. When I first heard of Shindong being known for this, I was so confused. From listening to the songs, I always thought Eunhyuk was main rapper. Shindong has a husky voice and a not so strong pitch which doesn’t do it for me. And not enough rapper’s charisma.

    read example 2: Leetuk, Siwon, and Donghae on singing. They are decent. They have to be. Perhaps even above average. But they are not SPECIAL, in the way musical prodigies like Max of DBSK are. 

    3: Kibum. I am a new ELF. I have absolutely no clue who Kibum is having only seen him in old Dont Don practice room videos on youtube. I’m going to have to concede this one-this boy better start contributing something to the group he professes to belong to! I’m not going to judge, because his brothers must miss him, and thus I’ll wish he comes back asap too.

    4. Sungmin: I like his personality and would make friends with him. I especially want him to teach me wushu. His musical talents? Not outstanding. Average enough that he seems to act as the filler for any sick or missing member. Remember him singing Kyuhyun’s lines when he was out.

    Specific problems with your evaluation:
    1. Yesung. Personal opinion says he’s above decent, perhaps extraordinary, but doesnt’ get any opportunities to really shine in the mainstream light. I was really surprised and impressed with his vocalization part in A-Cha. 

    2. Leetuk: having said that Teukie sings average, there’s a certain unique tilt to his voice, and it especially comes out in the few raps he’s had. If given more raps, or rather if more were written in, he’d probably shine more. 

    3. Kangin: Again, he’s not useless, as many have said. But its like Sungmin. The boy is useful more for his personality and group dynamics contributions. Teukie’s too gentle hearted like a mother to lay down the law. Kangin was the dad, IMO. Thus his kids are missing him xD

    In conclusion: This group is far too large. The exceptionally talented ones like Kyu and Ryeowook don’t get their spotlight, some of the lesser so get more than they deserve, but on the whole they do not suck, and are just trying to be a different kind of k-pop group. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with every comment here that hates your guts!!! Seriously stop judging super junior! You’re probably, and never will be as good as them!!! I will write a comment here in like 20 years when I finish typing what I have to say!!! Im writing it so long it might take you the rest of your f*cking life to finish it!! You deserve to be yelled at by us ELFs!! Keep your f*cking comments to yourself!
    I love this comment, and definitely agree with it!:

    Maygan Hxy1994
    1 month ago
    Seriously, leave SUJU alone, what the F did they ever do to you!? the boys have gone thru so much, stop judging them, u’re in NO position to judge them as well, who they hell u think u r? leave it to SM to decide. don’t you dare condemn Teukie oppa! he’s the best ldr ever, imagine having to handle 12 boys! shindong is thr to make suju more special, this shows that suju is not all abt looks! and Si Won oppa, he cant sing, cant dance but he can act! u leave si won alone. Dong Hae oppa, this is my biased, one more insult from you, i repeat, just one more time and all the ELFS will kill u for that! do u think u’re better than them? can you dance better than dong hae oppa? rap better than hyuk jae oppa? pose better than si won oppa? lead better than teukie oppa? act better than ki bum oppa? i doubt u’re anywhere near them. so just shut up. i bet u got no idea what ELFS( SUJU’s EVER LASTING FRIENDS) can do to you for insulting suju. so keep ur comments to yourself. its not by luck that they can sing, dance, rap, act or have good looks, its God’s Gift to them. you’re just jealous!

    And this!:

    Marija Forgach
    1 month ago
    All I can say is, as a SUJU fan, if you think you can do what they do every day for as long as they did, you go for it girl/boy, don’t use internet to spread your anger towards people you don’t even know, and don’t kid yourself by thinking you are fit to judge someones singing or dancing abilities, leave that to the professionals, and if you’re that confident in what you’re saying, at least sign with your real name…cause, this way, it looks like you just want the attention, which you got….happy now?

  • http://twitter.com/dahlers dAhler$

    ok. i just wanted to say that i read your article alongside 6 of the most hardcore elfs around.  and while they raged and uttered unmentionable names at you, i on the other hand LOL’d my butt off.  because im able to be objective and appreciate a different point of view from the often fanatical fandome the expounds for suju.  my girlfriends beat me silly with throw pillows before laughing at how silly we were all acting over your article.  so props to you for standing up for voicing your opinion, for which you have every right and freedom to do so.  btw, some of these responses are really scary! eeeep!!

    • Midnight

      I get where your coming from about being objective. But the author of the article WAS NOT objective. I’m a hardcore YG stan and I appreciate criticism but this was not criticism. The author was blatantly hating on Super Junior and backing their hate up with weak reasons and evidence. It was pretty bad. If they had said HALF the things they said here about Big Bang then shit would’ve hit the fan.

      While some fans are blind, hardcore, delusional followers and are completely pathetic and irritating, what’s excessively more pathetic and delusional is having blind haters and antis. The author obviously falls into the latter group.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507982764 Rachel Wong

    I lol’d super hard throughout this whole article. Then I went to google image Kibum just to see how many images turned up, and surprisingly quite a few of them turned up (I won’t lie, I was kind of hoping for like, ten pics max then a shitton of group pics with him in it). I agree with a majority of what you said, and I only say that because I honestly can’t remember most of their names (I previously knew them as the pretty boy, Kyuhyun, Ryewook, Leetuk, the-guy-who-is-sometimes-rude [Heecul I think?], the larger-than-the-rest-of-them person and the rest of the group).

    I love how you’re unafraid to speak your mind though =]

  • Yeah…

    That was a pretty INCREDIBLY SUBJECTIVE article. It did not sound like just criticism but more on the bashing end of the spectrum. A lot of things you said were pretty uncalled for. Yesung does not have a good voice? Is not the best in SJ? Are you kidding me? MEDIOCRE? Are you shitting me woman? I started reading into your article thinking “wow. Ok. So the author is going to pick apart SJ”. I don’t have a problem with that usually. Only when the article itself is good and has valid opinions and reasons. Things that your article did not. If you wanted to rant about how shit not ‘Super’ Super Junior is in your oh so professional eyes, blog about on your tumblr or something.

    Oh and BTW, just in case you wanted to know ‘aesthetically’ means that it has something to do with visuals. Not with tone or sound. But hey, you seem like you know what you’re talking about.

    Lots of disappointment and frustration,

    From a fan of Super ‘little-talent’ Junior.

  • asdfghjkl

    Author, I think you lack information about Super Junior and their fans. It’s a just a bit disappointing because you wrote like you knew everything about them and thus had the rights to judge them.
    Yesung surely has amazing voice. And I get it if you don’t think the way I think, but the things you wrote about him are just unnecessary. Gosh… No, you didn’t write, you bashed.
    Jeez you are no better than those girls who said that everyone in Super Junior is super talented.

  • Purliiesperanza

    i think you just dislike super junior for no apparent reason clearly i can see your probably jealous of them because i bet u yourself cant compare to them lets see you do what they can do i bet u cant no wait scratch that i know u cant. you talk like if you thought u were a total expert but in reality u know nothing so that you can judge them.no but seriouly who the F are u to judge them,  a bit of advice leave SUJU alone they dont need ur retarded opinion so u hate them and what keep it 2 your F’N self no one cares u dont see other antis doing this its totally pathetic of your part to do so everyone can see that ur being pretty bias with them its absurd.and yeah as u guessed it i am an ELF and pretty darn proud of it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000874344517 Zharyn Evangelista

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  • pinkfishy14

    learn to type and then people might take your opinion seriously. so many spelling errors just made you look dumb.

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  • Ksixsjin

    I know it’s all your opinions , but if Yesung was that bad at singing , would SM even take him in in the first place ? Would SM people rate him as the most capable at singing ? Are you doubting their opinions ? And his dancing isn’t that bad mind you . I agree that he isn’t the best looking in SJ , but at least he’s handsome and all those above are enough to make hundreds or maybe thousands of girls fall for him -,-

  • Hi

    All these people commenting on here are pissing me off. Gosh everyone, this is their OPINION. Opinions shouldn’t bother you, why? Because it’s just how someone else thinks! I’m a pretty objective person so stuff like this normally don’t bother me, but for everyone else why did you freaking read this if you obviously knew that this person was going to say unfavorable stuff about Super Junior?
    This person is just stating what they believe is to be true! And personally, I believe that Super Junior isn’t as talented as everyone makes them to be. Like Eunhyuk may be a good dancer, but his singing voice is just so generic I can never identify him. Sungmin may be considered a leader dancer but he isn’t the best.
    I think a fault that Super Junior does is that they don’t let the people with beautiful singing voices shine. I mean sure they make Super Junior KRY because those three had the best voices but in songs I never hear Yesung sing more than a couple of lines and it’s a serious disappointment because he’s my number 1. I know they’re catering to fan service by putting the more popular people out more but it’s like really?
    Anyways to get back onto topic, people if this bothers you so much just don’t read it! Seriously, it’s not like they told you to read it or anything. You just need to remember that everyone has totally different opinions on everything. Just because you think this person is totally wrong doesn’t mean that you’re totally right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Umie-Kalsom/100000208523033 Umie Kalsom

      yeah, you obviously didn’t listen to Super Junior then, if u said that Yesung didn’t sing. in group as a whole, yeah, none of the members have the chance to sing more then 3 lines (?) but in KRY, his voice surely shines. Yesung had quite a numbers of singles and OST under his belt.

      and yeah, why u so bitter yourself? u said people have opinion, you have your own too, so, why so bitter?

    • Black_rose45000

      else why did you freaking read this if you obviously knew that this person was going to say unfavorable stuff about Super Junior? ”
      because negative criticism is good too, if done well, which wasn’t the case here. I’d expect a more well-sustained by facts opinion than just a “i don’t like his voice so he has no place in the group” kind of conclusion. Lol, I for one, wouldn’t mind someone say member X had no place in the band, given they know what they’re talking about when it comes to talent. I’d be quite interested, actually.
      Second, I admit I’m not in touch with fandom, this might be the first time I’m getting vocal online, tbh, but do masses of ELFs truly believe Eunhyuk is a good singer? Because last time I checked, singing was not the thing he was known for. And Sungmin, I agree he’s far from being the best dancer, but who claimed that? O.o I read, in a thread, most ppl’s opinions saying he’s a better singer than dancer, which again, I thought it went w/o saying. But maybe I’ve read the wrong things.

      And I have to disagree about KRY too (:D). Though in some songs Yesung was clearly unfairly given less lines than he should’ve received, recently, since at least Bonamana till now, there’s been an influx of KRYD that my equality-loving heart cannot take it. Except it’s Yesung and I could take his singing any.time., especially since he didn’t get the attention he deserved since the beginning.

  • Luna

    I know I should just respect your opinion and move on with my life but that is seriously not the case here. It’s pretty obvious that you’re just trying to bring down almost every single member of Super Junior and from what I can tell, for no apparent reason. Yes, I do agree with you that all of them have some sort of weakness in certain areas, but to say that Heechul can’t sing very well; you obviously need to step up on your research (and he’s not even my bias). And don’t even get me started on Yesung. If you weren’t so blatantly deaf, you would realize that he has an exceptional vocal range, despite the fact that his voice isn’t melodious to some people’s ears. If you really were that desperate to bash them, then you might as well have a valid opinion before you start. Sure, Super Junior’s members are not the most talented people in the world, but their imperfections are what makes them more likeable.

    One more thing, who the hell gives a shit about what they’re called? They could call themselves whatever they like and I wouldn’t give a fuck either way. You should really try to make an improvement in writing an article because what you’ve offered so far is trash.

  • lim

    wow you are an angry anti xD

    but its ok, you have your opinion, i have mine :)

    and i still love SuJu all the way more because of your article<3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Umie-Kalsom/100000208523033 Umie Kalsom

    you have your opinion, i understand that, and i have mine as well.
    but, yeah, it’s kinda refreshing to hear from the other side/or -so-called-natural side once in the while. it makes us (fans) realize, for not too be too obsessed with our idols.
    it’s refreshing but not very pleasant to hear.
    but really, i don’t like the way u mentioned physical appearance in this. some people born ugly, some are good looking, it’s not up to them. it’s genetic and almighty God’s will, so please, if u say u’re such a objective person, please stop thrashing others because of their look. Supur Junior aren’t the most talented artist, we understand that, but yeah, just drop the ‘look’ factor aside ne? 
    we don’t hate people just because they are FAT or NOT CUTE or NOT HANDSOME rite?

  • Anon

    Instead of writing a wall of text on calling you out from having the audacity to render them as trash and blah blah blah DONT TALK ABOUT MY OPPARS LIKE THAT blah, I’m just gonna tell you point blank of what we’re all thinking or trying to explain to you.

    You’re a vile cunt.

    I’m not even an ELF yet I can understand why the other bitches are whining. ㅋㅋㅋ
    You’re just insulting away with barely any evidence and using ‘IT’S MY OPINION, SO STFU’ as an excuse while complimenting few of them so you can say you’re not completely bashing them.
    I hope the many angry elves here get the chance to harvest your soul.

    안녕~ ^ㅅ^

  • Anon

    wow. that was really harsh. please put up a video of you dancing, singing, with your face in it, and we will OBJECTIVELY judge you. you act like you know what talent it. SME has released shinhwa, HOT, GOD, DBSK, BoA, and SNSD, all of whom have gained mega-stardom. you think by now they would know what talent is. for you to say the whole group is mediocre is like telling millions of elves around the world that they are stupid and do not know anything and telling sme, a successful agency, that they dont know what talent is. you are officially the writer i hate the most on seoul beats. congratulations. bitch. 

    • Fei

      Now you aren’t any better than her. To say “you aren’t any better than…” makes it even worse. It’s childish.
      BTW I hate this article, too but I wont bash her bc it would show my childish side of me (which i don’t like).

  • Anon

    People that judge others usually don’t have a mirror at home? Because they definately don’t know that they have no freaking rights to not acknowledge others. If you cannot do better than them, just shut the hell up. Even if you can, IF, so what? You don’t have to give negative comments like this, no one’s appreciating it, thanks.

  • ForeverWillBeAnELF

    Girl, SHUT THE HELL UP . Dont ever talk about them like that ! Giving negative comments like this is just effin pathetic !

  • bluebloodedfangirl

    ELFs I think it would be better if you just ignore this article.. I mean. just go on with supporting Super Junior. and maybe.. uhm.. I know there’s still this unbiased part in you, no matter how small it is, and you might want to consider this article. the writer does have some points, you know. you just have to open your mind. that’s it. If you’re open minded enough then things like this won’t even bother you.. it won’t and SHOULDN’T affect how you view and support Super Junior. 

    I’m not a hater or something, because I love Super Junior, too. Yeah I’m an ELF too. 
    But I’ve been reading articles here at sb and I can say that err.. they’re not really pro-Super Junior. They have been logical and rational about their criticisms though. I believe they weren’t saying these things plainly because they hate Super Junior. They have their basis too. Yeah sometimes I get annoyed, too but sometimes I agree with them. But they don’t affect my love for SJ. I still love them. nothing has changed. My love for Super Junior is still undying :)

    • KyuwookELF

      I agree ^^

  • http://twitter.com/BestSteamedBun Cindyy

    Some things that you wrote were true, but I would disagree with you on most. And also, if you knew that there would be ELFs reading this, why bother write this and have people curse you online? Is that how desperate you’re looking for attention?

  • http://twitter.com/Eunice_wookie 유니스

    You messed with the wrong fandom .

  • http://twitter.com/Khatz_Beevi Khatijah Beevi

    Firstly Super Junior was and is meant to be a group to excel in many other areas of the entertainment industry including singing. They might have their shortcomings but what you don’t understand is that each and every member in Super Junior complement each other so as to bring out the best as a group. If you can’t understand then i am sorry to say that you don’t know Super Junior well.

    The best dancers make up for those who can’t dance as well as them, the best singers make up for those who can’t sing as well as them, and the best entertainers make up for those who can’t express as well as them, so i can’t understand what you are trying to prove in your ‘article’ here. No offense but in your opinion if a name is what that defines a group, then more than half of the group that boy or girl bands will have ridiculous identities because of their group name. A piece of advice, instead of looking at them as an individual please look out for them as a group maybe then you might be able to see a different light of Super Junior, that is why they are a group and not a solo artist in the industry.

    I wasn’t a fan of Super Junior and i did not support them until i saw how each and every member could shine despite they being in a group consisting of many members. That is when i realized that they being in this big group and being able to shine is what makes them Super, and what matters is that they are always young at heart,that makes them Junior and not because of their age. This is what what makes them Super Junior. I hope you understand. Thank you :)

  • Roxannevaldez1

    i usually read the comments but im going to skip them this time. elf are batshit crazy. you bring up some good points and you back them up. i cant say i agree with a couple of them but hey everyone has their own opinion, right? and your entire shindong paragraph… a+

    • Anonymous

      A++ on Shindong….a shame too, he used to be quite funny.

  • Black_rose45000

    The only conclusions I can draw from this article is that 1. The way we view talent is very, very subjective – for example I don’t agree with some of your opinions, as I’m sure there will also be people who’ll have to disagree with you on Shindong’s dancing or IDK what else.
    2. You’re clearly not a fan. Which shouldn’t be a bad thing, I love harsher, more objective opinions, but I guess this wasn’t the case here. Because like I said at no. 1, the whole article just showed how subjective we can be. When you claim some SJ members are talentless or useless, and when that opinion clashes with mine, it really makes me question who’s right and wrong, and I’d love to hear a professional’s opinion on the matter. Someone like you who’s not a fan, or even like me, because I don’t consider myself ELF tbh, but who would be able to present well supported, neutral opinions. 
    And coincidentally, my situation with Sungmin being my bias is pretty much like how you described your case with Ryeouk. And I’m not the type to get defensive over him, as long as one doesn’t claim he’s a mediocre singer or worse (he can be bashed for being creepily cute, bad dancer, bad actor, try-hard, whatever, I get that and even respect that opinion). Because I would really like to have a bunch of professional vocal trainers say that to my face before I change my mind about it. Regardless of the million of things his voice offers me, regardless of the passion and feeling I see him putting in his singing, I think he shouldn’t be overlooked as a singer. Unless ofc someone proves me wrong. Same goes for a lot of other SJ members’ abilities and skills you mentioned there. 

    But then again, all our opinions are subjective in the end and the point of your article was just to let out your feelings and ideas. :3

  • 04232010

    This is a fair opinion from a person who’s not a fan of Super Junior. The only thing that I agree is the ‘Junior’ part. There are no Juniors in Super Junior. It’s not that when a member disappears for quite some time and the others still function well, they are able to survive. If you compare a 13 member performance from a 12 or 10 or 9 member performance, you’ll see how different it is. 

    I really don’t know your purpose for writing this article that’s basically saying that Super Junior has no talent. But one thing I learned from being a fan of Kpop is that never clash with ELFs. It’ll be the greatest mistake you’ll ever make. They surround us, you know.

    • GaemGirl

      You’re a bit right about the “never clash with ELFs thing”. We are actually nice and kind to other fandoms, really. But once someone insulted our oppas, we become an erupting volcano.

      But this post however… we’ll have to pass it. This is an opinion. We have to respect it. I don’t take this as an ‘insult’. I personally take it as a compliment. 

      ~From a Super Junior Super Fan. 

  • GaemGirl

    ELFs are respectful right? ELFs are friendly, right? Let’s live up to our given name. PLEASE.


    THANK YOU. ~SuperJunior Super ELF.

  • Anonymous

    LOL wow…the Elf’s are getting seriously crunk about this article. Can’t we all agree to disagree? ;-P

  • http://twitter.com/Khatz_Beevi Khatijah Beevi

    Aren’t ELFs doing what any other fangroup would do for their beloved group?? i don’t understand why some people comment as though ELFs are the only one writing enraging comments…You very well know that if someone writes a negative article about a group, the fans will definitely get enraged!! Not getting any angry reaction is just plain weird… =/

  • http://twitter.com/ChiakiMatsuki 안나 루르드 멘도사

    Oh meeeen! I feel sorry for you. tssssssk. such an angry anti. -.-

  • Alex

    I don’t understand. Are you me?? We have to be long-lost twins or something lol.

    You have just encapsulated all of MY thoughts and opinions on the suju members in one neat post. 
    The only exception is that I think leeteuk’s dancing is nowhere near shindong (who is a poorer dancer than eunhyuk), and that choi siwon’s face does absolutely nothing for me (which thus renders him an utterly useless member all-round in my opinion).

    Other than that, we have EXACTLY the same opinion on every single member!

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry but Choi Siwon’s face may do absolute nothing for YOU, but it does for others. That’s YOUR opinion, sir. Not others.

  • MrsKyu

    Who the fuck do you think you are. I would like to see you do ANY of the things SuJu can do. I’d like to see you dance, rap, sing or MC or anything. Anything to prove you can fucking be better than Super Junior. But I really doubt that. You’re a fucking anti who doesn’t have anything else to do besides write an angry article about why SuJu is so popular? WOOOOWWWW!! Dude, you’re amazing! Really! Because you really get your point across to…um… no one! Because anyone can tell all this is rubbish and you have to over exaggerate everything. Everyone makes mistakes, no one’s perfect, and just because they’re idols does not mean they have to be perfect. You sir, are sad and are an imbecile. I hope you rot in hell. Fucking idiot. Eat food.

  • duubuu

    I can only say as a anti, you seem to know A HELL LOT about every member to write a composition on every single one of them. Hahahaha! I can’t even write a single thing about every single member of a group I dislike!  

  • Lovershinee

    This person doesn’t seem like an ANTI. They just kind of seem neutral. They admit that there is some talented individuals in the group, and some that are not. But that’s their opinion, and they took time to write this post. I’m an ELF but I really don’t see a need to freak out over this post, it’s not even that bad.

  • guest

    such an ignorant, pessimistic and depressed cunt.. I wonder what kind of talent do you have? I just read this post and.. I wasn’t impressed. So besides being a totally useless fuck and breathing the expensive oxygen you should better kill yourself and make a favor for your parents and the rest of the world. Love, Agnes.

  • http://twitter.com/ErikinaDaisy Erika Ward

    I was reading stuff on this website before because I though you guys would write nice objective articles but I can CLEARLY see here that that is not the case at all and hence forth I will stop reading from this website – You CLEARLY have this weird disdain for Super Junior – Are mad because they are the BEST in kpop right now? And you are so biased as well! I mean Siwon is like 6th best looking on my list. And personally, I don’t like Kyuhyun. Yes I LOVE his voice, but I don’t find him that cute and I don’t think he dances any better than Heechul. Well, here I will give my opinion as well.

    Super Junior has said this MANY times, but they are a very diverse group and where some members lack, other members make up for it. Now I Won’t go into long details like you did, but to me EVERY member of SJ can sing and dance well. I know people say Heechul can’t dance but I’ve seen him when he’s actually trying and it’s not bad. I think it’s cute. 

    Now here is why I, an ELF, love SuJu and why they made me switch from Big Bang to them. Yes, I used to be a VIP, but I gave BB up when I saw Super Junior. Here is why:

    I, like a lot of people, hate uniformed things. I don’t like seeing groups where EVERYONE looks great, EVERYONE dances great and EVERY sings great. Like SHINee, Beast and whatnot – I hate it because they are all the same~ With Super Junior the fact that Eunhyuk is THE best dancer makes him so much more special~! Imagine if all the members could dance — it would turn Eunhyuk’s special power down. The reason SuJu is SUPER is because they are truly a TEAM that plays off each other and needs each other~! They each have something special to offer which is why we love them. Plus, considering that they were the rejects of DBSK than turned out more popular than them is saying something! SUPER JUNIOR IS AWESOME~ And they are the only reason I still stay around Kpop. The minute they leave I’m outa there!

  • http://twitter.com/ErikinaDaisy Erika Ward

    LEETEUK – Thank you for recognizing his MCing skills. I agree. They are the best and he is also the best leader. Here’s my rebuttle. Leeteuk can sing. Very well actually. He has one of the best DEEP voices I’ve heard. Also, in EVERY group in Kpop there are members who sing well and there are members who don’t. SHINee’s Key can barely sing, but he can still sing better than most of us here wasting time on the internet! Same with Leeteuk. Also, he is a fabulous dancer~ He is in the top 5 of SJ and always shows his enthusiasm while dancing. If you could look past the weird hate you have for SJ and try to see them in positive light, you would become a fan… 

  • http://twitter.com/ErikinaDaisy Erika Ward

    Heechul – Ok. I HAVE to comment about Kim Heechul because ever since finding out about him I have sworn my life to him and I live and breathe him everyday. So here it is. To me Kim Heechul is THE best thing to ever come out of KPOP – I even place him high than G-Dragon. Why? Well, because he is so beautifully flawed. I love that he can’t dance because it makes performances that much more entertaining. His singing? I’ve heard him when he really tries and he has a BEAUTIFUL voice. I love his rough voice. And singing rock songs, he — well — he rocks at them. Plus he can act. AND he is the funniest person ever~ And he raps. And he is beautiful and handsome. Now I used to thnk G-Dragon was the best in kpop, but Kim Heechul beats him by miles and miles. I’m sorry if you or anyone else has something against him. But his charm is undeniable. I love how confident and arrogant he is, only to be vulnerable deep down. SARANGHAEYO KIM HEECHUL~ FIGHTING~

  • Bookthiefj

    Lol that was well-worded .

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  • Aimais_23

    What is that ? Anti ????? What 

  • Aimais_23

    I’m sorry. I was just burning. Your article is very good but forsomeone not me. Just, yes they are not perfect, but they can makeme and other fans happy. that’s what we need. Leeteuk can sing.Very good. It’s a sure thing if he can not stand on stage so long as the leader of a popular group in Asia. He’s a good singer, a goodhost, an angel without wings best for me.Heechul, really, he is an extremely important person to me. of course not that I died for him or something like that, but he gaveme a lot of fun, smile, happiness, tears, … I had to cry every daywhen I thought he was trying how to overcome the pain, theinsecurity, the anxiety, the criticism of those who hate him, … Withthe nails are attached to fixed leg, he had to dance on stage, jointhe fun variety show contribution, that is not good thing? Why keep on criticism that he’s not singing or dancing is not good? And you. who wrote this article made ​​me feel happy when you saidthat Heechul is personality. Yes. Heechul is unique. That makeshim stand out, I do not want to see a normal Heechul as other falseidols. Heechul I want is a frank, fearless, he loves himself, easilyannoyed, … It is our Heechul. I love that man. A lot. And now he isperform the obligation of a Korean citizen, I can only wish himpeace and happiness. Expect fresh on his return. Kim Heechulwhite as milk, We love you Kim Heechul.

  • Aimais_23

    Yesung, he has an expressive voice. Only that much is enough. Hetried his best to make his voice mixed with Super Junior. In SuperJunior, there is no competition between the members together, soYesung is not necessarily the most powerful voice. He is justhimself, is a play all day Yesung with his turtle, a voice deep withscholarship Yesung, Yesung fear a lonely … So enough with us

  • Aimais_23

    KangIn is an indispensable factor for Super Junior. you can not saythat he did not do anything for Super Junior. He was like a father who protects you, it is the members of Super Junior. If he did notpreviously tried to protect his group, Super Junior now where?KangIn is just a mistake and the error can not be repaired.Agreed. But people do not probably can not tolerate people trying to modify a copy? KangIn, anyway, he did make mistakes, but nobody has the right to prohibit his return to Super Junior. No one.But I think he has to leave Super Junior is not because Heechul,Leeteuk, ….. They will catch him back. It was expected that day.

  • Aimais_23

    Shindong, Shindong is the meaning of genius. It’s cute. He did notserve as a member of Super Junior fat. He joined the dancechoreography Eunhuyk for Super Junior. It is not easy so do notunderestimate it. He tried on the variety show, to promote theSuper. A funny man. Great.

  • Aimais_23

    Sungmin very cute. Right? And also very masculine. He married,have endurance, good singing, good dancing, replacing the seatsof the members when they are busy (though not by those membersby which it is their place), to know about wine , known as magic, ..He was really trying to improve himself.

  • Aimais_23

    about Eunhuyk, nothing to say. Good good.

  • Aimais_23

    even Donghae too. Donghae cute, evereven Donghae too. Donghae cute, everything in sight. Good goodgood

  • Aimais_23

    About Siwon, right there, but you do not overkill? Why did he have to sell cow dung although its price will fold many times the realprice? Why?

  • Aimais_23

    You are commended Ryeowook is not it? Why do I find it strange?

  • Aimais_23

    In fact, about Kibum, I did not have very much information. I justknow he loves acting. That’s it.

  • Aimais_23

    I love Kyuhyun’s voice. It was great. Like the voice of Ryeowook,Kyuhyun’s voice can not be confused with anyone. Just rang out asit will immediately recognize. He can do almost anything. No good thing?

  • Aimais_23

    Looks like I talk too much. Make me to stop talking.
    P / s: They have the talent and the talents that complement each other. That’s why they are together in a band. Super is somethingto show their strength when side by side. Not everyone is Super.Thankfully you for hard to find out about them.
    Heechul likes Sohee is normal. And I love Heechul also normal.

  • Aimais_23

    oh my . I have read the previous comment. Wow. I’ve been very kind to you. I do not use words like Fuck or something like that. But more and more I read the previous comment that instant. You really havean aversion to Super. I do not want to be civilized attitude but youdo not dance, or sing, or scream, or do something if you can do.OMG. I’m an angel.
    P / S: Heechul is number one. The remaining members are also a number. But Heechul little bit higher. Do not be angry at me orthrow stones bricks …..

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  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with one thing. I really love super junior, but if someone asked me why, I’d say I like ‘them’ and not because they create awesome music.

    But I really do think they have talent, at least in vocals. It’s just that they need to get more lines in order to improve. Presently, there are many dead weights, but that’s only because they’re not given the chance to shined.

    Now I don’t know if they still train members even after gaining so much attention, but I really do think many of theses guys need more trai ing. Mebbe if they’d get more lines, they’d be driven to improve their skills, I dunno….

  • Jeanna Gons

    This is just so brilliant X’D I don’t agree with everything, but I do agree with ALMOST everything =’D

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  • Laly

    haha! this is really hilarious! i agree with some things that you wrote…but not totally! when i red the kibum’s part LMAO! in fact..i really love suju! it’s my favorite band, but i agree with the fact that they are not all exceptional! however..it’s a sympatic group and their songs are cool and sounds well , their group choregraphy are awesome too. BUT like you ( i think) i’m fed up with all those girls staring at them and thinking they’re like god, or perfection ..something like that. i only disagree with what you say about yesung. i really love his voice as i love kyuhyun’s or ryewook’s , his voice is pecular it’s true but it’s really charmnig.i think we have different taste :) by the way good job! even if i’m a suju’s fan i enjoyed reading it!

  • Guest

    Subi, I have to strongly disagree with your assessment of Yesung. Maybe you have not had much exposure to his singing, but I encourage you to look a little harder.

    What makes Yesung such a great singer is his ability to convey the emotion of a song. I’m guessing that it is this quality that the SM staff (who are likely older, less influenced by popularity, looks, etc) responded to when they ranked him the “best singer” in SJ. Besides Xiah Junsu, there’s not many other kpop idols who can emote like him. When Yesung performs, he completely gives a song his all and lays out his soul on stage. He is especially talented at conveying the fragility and agony of heartbreak in ballads.

    Multiple fan accounts and general media concert reviews point to his live Cinderella Sister OST solo in the Super Shows as a big highlight for this very reason. This song was not the most popular OST in Korea the year it was released just from the buying power of ELFs alone. Chung Jung Myung, NOT a ELF, stated that he loved the song so much he listened to it nonstop while filming Cinderella Sister.

    For power vocals, also see: “Love hurts a lot” Tazza OST, and more recently, “The more that I love you” Boohwal performance on Immortal Song. What does Boohwal’s leader, Kim Tae Won, say in his critique of Yesung’s performance? Oh yeah, that not since the original singer has he seen such a great presentation of the song. Hyroin, an amazing singer in her own right, points to Yesung’s Boohwal stage as the most memorable of her entire time on Immortal Song.

    Yesung’s low, husky voice also sets his singing apart from his idol peers who may sing pretty but don’t have that extra dimension to their voice.
    While his tone may not be as smooth as Kyuhyun’s or as pure as Ryeowook’s, it is beautiful in its
    own right. Watch the SJ performances of “Falling Star” on Music Lalala
    and “Butterfly Graveyard” on Sukira and see how much his tone and
    singing ability differs from even other SJ members.

    If you were to pick out an imperfection, it can be said that of KRY, he has the least stable voice. However, he also has the task of belting out many of the high power notes in SJ songs  (See: “It’s you”, “Sorry, Sorry R&B version”, “A-Cha” ). Interestingly, Yesung’s voice cracked in his Boohwal cover on Immortal Song and he STILL won, and this was from a 200-strong person audience made up of Boohwal fans.

    Please watch Yesung’s performances and tell me if you still think he has a voice that is only “above and beyond mediocre,” that it would only stand out if he was competing with those from a high school choir and not of idol kpop itself.

    • sportygal909

       the reason his voice isnt as stable is because he’s always doing the high notes, and that gets tiring since he has to do it for so many songs (and some many times in a song alone!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1071962332 Damia Bakhtiar

    well, i was quite hurt with all your comments about the boys since i’m an E.L.F but i gotta say, i do agree on some stuff that you posted especially Kibum, since i hate him and annoyed with his “acting” excuses and how “much” he contributed to the group. 

  • Anonymous

    You go on and on bout how they don’t have talents… But they are a group. They have to promote and live as a group. One member’s super talents won’t mean anything when they are in a group. You know what’s its like being in a group?
    And you speak as if each member in each group have to have great singing. Great dancing. Perfect. Everything. But I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way. If every one is that perfect so why are they in a group?
    The MC. leeteuk. Shindong. And eunhyuk. Kangin & Heechul.
    The vocals. Yesung. Ryeowook. Kyuhyun. Sungmin.
    The dancers. Eunhyuk. Donghae.shindong.hankyung.
    The visuals. Heechul. Siwon. Hankyung.
    The rappers. Kibum. Eunhyuk. Shindong.

    It because of each of their separate talents that make them the group they are today.
    And I can assure you this. Most ELFs fell in love with SJ is their humor, before loving their talents.
    Are you sure a multi-talented guy who is handsome but boring gonna beat suju in popularity? Nah!
    You keep going on about their talents. Do I have to list you another 100 bands with absolutely no talents to you? Then? You can post another 100 of these pessimist posts.
    They are a group. If every one in suju is perfect with all skills, then they should go solo and not a group.
    It’s because of their individual talents like for eunhyuk, dancing, kyuhyun, singing, that makes suju what they are today.
    Of course they are super. Do I need to list you all the awards they’ve gotten which are comparable to DBSK and SNSD? If someone were to ask which kpop groups is the kings or queens, I can assure you that super junior will definitely come into their minds. Bands like SJ DBSK are already considered legends. Not super? You must be a Joke!
    Of course they are not juniors. They are seniors in the kpop world now. In some news they are not considered as idols. But duh? Idols are for some teenagers singers. They are world wide stars. Problem?
    Oh just wanna tell you some of their little achievements.
    No 1 in Taiwan chart for more than 2 years. First overseas artistes to attain 3 golden album award in Philips. Highest awards in Golden disk awards.
    This is just 1/101192929.Sure. You might say they have no talents. But how come they can have their status of one of the kings of kpop now? 
    My dear kid. Its not too late to realize that in the Celebrity world, they don’t work like that.
    Oh dear. After I typed this comment they’ve gotten another award! 
    Problem? :)

    • http://twitter.com/michikokasiumi Mickey

      u know!! when i read that article above, i love super junior even more XD

      super junior is a group that the more u know them, the more we love them :)
      i love them not bcoz of their perfectness… bcoz they’re not perfect, that what makes them HUMAN… n the more i read on antis article,,, omoooo,,, i just realize how much i love them… thank kyu antis :)

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  • http://twitter.com/cInDysujuDh CindErellA E.L.F :3

    dear Subi

    • vviplovesbb

      lol u making elfs look bad.  
      why would you write things in caps.  i rather use logic and reason to argue with the author

      • http://twitter.com/cInDysujuDh CindErellA E.L.F :3

        i tried…then i saw every article about suju in this damn site and that pissed me of even more..she or he is just a hater..and..u know haters don’t understand when u try to explain them that they are wrong…and i usually don’t even bother in reply to them…but this was just too much… 

    • mebz

      learn to accept criticism,no need for name calling

      • http://twitter.com/cInDysujuDh CindErellA E.L.F :3

        this is not criticism this is pure hate…just go and see evry article about suju in this damn site….this bitch keep bashing them keeps insulting them….. 

  • Anonymous

    This is waaay overboard. You keep on saying stuffs about them when in fact you don’t know how much pain and hardships they had to face before achieving everything and getting on to their spot right now. I don’t even think you have special talent, either. I can see how much you have researched just to write one heck of a pessimistic composition here. you should have made your own blog to write your damn feelings into. I used to ignore Suju but i found their quality. You should research about it, too. Instead of writing things like this, why not write about yourself instead? May God bless you. Go into confession sometime. it might help with your personality disorder. >:P

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1220842250 Chrisse Joy

    This article made me rethink about my love for SuJu.
    Meh. It’ cool.

    • KyuwookELF

      Yeah, rethink it and consider yourself an anti fan because of a so called article.

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  • vviplovesbb

    wow.  lol this is a pretty harsh article.

    Okay, there are some comments that I will have to agree with (and I strongly agree with your comment about Kibum.. wtf he still doing there).. but I think I tend to disagree more than agree. 

    I haven’t been paying attention to super junior for a long time (maybe 4 months so far), but I’m really impressed at their dedication and hardwork.  I think most of the boys have charm and they are talented.  

    I think you have totally gotten Sungmin wrong – he has a really good voice, it’s not powerful like kyuhyun’s, but it has a soft and gentle charm to it.  I think it’s super soothing to listen to him (he’s solo performances are part of my #1 bedtime listens).  But I do agree that he over does the ageyo thing.. he has a really fierce side to him in the MVs.. and I wish he would show more of that.  But soft and gentle is his personality…. 

  • vviplovesbb

    Oh here’s one thing I don’t agree with [this will probably upset a lot of ELFS] …. i never found donghae to be “well rounded”.  He sings.. okay. dances… okay.  I really don’t see the hype with him.  I don’t find him super attractive (well at least not what fans make him sound).  Before I knew about super junior, I’ve heard ppl say “oh donghae is sooo hot” and i had anticipation.. but when i saw the picture.. i was seriously thinkging.. “oh… that’s it? lol he’s only okay” 

    I really do think sungmin is better looking than donghae, but that’s just my opinion.

    • black_rose45000

      I agree with every. single. word. It was about time someone said it all. The only “better” thing I can find in Donghae is the fact that he’s among the very few (about 4?) SJ members who actually compose/write music.

    • KyuwookELF

      I agree with you, but well, we all have our opinions, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684517410 Daniela Sánchez

    Wow! Your article is definitely well-written but the fact that you are clearly an “anti” makes it less valuable… SJ members are not the most talented people at anything of the world but your opinions are obviously influenced by the aversion you have… After finishing reading the whole thing I was kind of dissapointed… this is NOT an article! 

  • http://twitter.com/littlemsteukie Janine Pagdonsolan

    their passion to their work is what i really idolize to them..they may not be the best in terms of vocals and dancing,but they have the passion that make them stay for more than 5 years..its not how talented you are,its how you give back the love you received from the people around you..Super Junior will always be the best for us ELF :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamwhatsername 侑子 イィヤン

    We don’t need Super Junior’s Talent. We need them as they are. We don’t also need your opinion. We need you, yourself exactly before you comment on anything.Please try to criticize yourself first before even trying to criticize others. Thanks for letting ELFs know what is wrong so we can tell our idols what to improve.

  • http://twitter.com/Yolaaaab 요 실험실

    If you can’t accept the fact that they are famous with/without talents, then deal with it. If you’re an “Anti”, keep it to yourself or just put it in your diary. You’re criticizing Super Junior. Well in fact, you don’t have any rights.

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  • http://twitter.com/ELFJewel_Airen 박 미연


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  • http://www.facebook.com/arelyzarate Arely Zarate-Chavez

    Definitely  an Eunhae and Kyuwon shipper…. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003089451007 Jessica Wong

    So why did you write this again, Subi?

    According to some comments I have read while wandering around on
    Seoulbeats, you say that you have known Super Junior since debut.
    Really? Are you absolutely sure? I’m certain that then you would
    understand why they’re called Super Junior. This is coming from an
    E.L.F. who didn’t know Super Junior properly until last Christmas.

    Plus it’s been around seven years since they debuted. Of course they’re not going to be junior any more…

    Anyway, I’ll move on.

    “When you think of strongest voices in Super Junior, do you think
    Yesung?” Yes. I do. And I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one. SME does.
    Yesung’s voice is the raw power in K.R.Y. I love Ryeowook and Kyu, I
    really do. But I personally doubt that they would be able to sing all of
    the lines that Yesung does (for example his belting in A-CHa and It’s
    You) and still be the same after.

    “Eunhyuk, you are probably one of the more well-rounded members of Super
    Junior.” I’m sorry, but why, why, WHY in all of heaven and hell would
    you consider EUNHYUK more well-rounded than Sungmin? Sungmin can sing,
    dance, act, speak Japanese, play piano and guitar (going to more
    ridiculous things), do martial arts, toss pizza dough, stack cups, etc.
    Eunhyuk can dance, and he can… rap. He is popular. That’s it.
    Though according to you, SJ is not known for their rapping so I
    can’t really give credit for that~

    Also, there is absolutely NO reason at all why you would consider Siwon a
    better singer than Yesung, Sungmin, Leeteuk, and heck even Kangin.
    Kangin can sing, more than you think he can. Actually, I don’t think you
    said anything at all about Kangin except to nitpick at mistakes he

    Why do you think that ‘cuteness’ is a favorable point for a member? It’s
    only your opinion. Have you considered that other people might not find
    Donghae or Siwon cute? Who are you to judge someone based on their

    I found this article incredibly biased and unfair. Also, since you have
    given nothing to show what made you think like that, I don’t consider
    your opinion justified in any way.

    • TKWKT

      (This is a long post.)

      I like this comment – I haven’t bothered going through many, but most of them are silly fangirl replies trashing the writer. This actually addresses concerns.
      I agree that the bashing of the name ‘Super Junior’ is just stupid. I doubt that the members actually have much to do with the number, and it was originally meant as a sort of step-up from trainee – just a way to debut an excess of trainees at the time (as I understand).

      I think that so many people have reacted badly to this article because they’re just being immature.

      I respectfully disagree with the author’s (Subi’s) opinion. Not wholly, but I think that several comments are ridiculous and this does seem somewhat of a vent. That’s ok. I think that’s fairly obvious, and it’s not really presented as fact. But I do get a tiny bit annoyed at questions like “When you think of strongest voices in Super Junior, do you think Yesung?” because, like the poster above, I do. Stating an opinion is different from saying that your opinion is right. Initially I did not think Yesung was as strong as Kyuhyun, but seeing more of him and Kyuhyun has caused me to re-think this. Both of their appearances on Immortal Song really changed my views. Both of them are very talented – live, they sound incredible, and when I first became a fan, I was amazed by how much they sounded like their recordings (and I’m not talking about performances where they lip-synched, because that would be stupid – and yes, Super Junior do sometimes lip-synch. If ELF bash me for this, it’s just dumb). Yesung is someone who can disguise sickness and breathlessness, and holds his long notes well. But I do see that he probably does not have as big of a range as Kyuhyun. While Kyuhyun is actually my bias, I think he’s not nearly as good of a performer. He’s certainly learning, but Yesung trumps him emotionally in almost every performance. In (now ‘old’) recordings of Super Show 3 when KRY sings In My Dream (with Donghae and Sungmin) this is painfully obvious. However, I do acknowledge that Kyuhyun’s voice is probably more universally appealing. As for other points, agree with the above, specifically ‘I personally doubt that [Ryeowook and Kyu] would be able to sing all of the lines that Yesung does (for example his belting in A-CHa and It’s You) and still be the same after.’ 

      This is the line which I feel is meant to sum up the point of the article – ‘HOWEVER, are you likable because each and every single one of you is especially talented? Are you likable because you are a polished, well put together group? Are you likable because you live up to [your] name?’
      Why is this addressed this to Super Junior anyway? Isn’t this because some fangirls were saying they were super talented? I seem to remember a radio interview in which Kyuhyun specifically said that Kpop is a trend, and that Super Junior is probably more popular because of their members’ looks. And saying they’re likable then not saying why, then pointing out lots of things that you personally don’t like makes it seem like you are only writing the article to draw criticism from fans.

      ‘But you guys are successful so none of what I say is truly that important. Just think twice before saying that your success can be attributed to your talent because there isn’t a whole lot of that going on in the genetic make up of this group. But I’m sure a good dose of haterade will prove me wrong.’
      This is just juvenile and provocative.

      Like I said before, their name isn’t exactly a point I consider worth arguing. I doubt many people would care if they were named differently.
      The way the group originated kind of explains the make up of it, but what’s strange is that they have everything that most Kpop groups seem to consider staples even though they were essentially a group of random trainees. So ‘well put together’? Maybe not, because I doubt there was a whole lot of thought behind it. But funnily enough, they work.

      They’re around because they’re super popular from variety shows, IMO. And while Subi might not consider this a talent (though I’m fairly sure she acknowledges the role these shows have in promoting and keeping Kpop around) it is undeniable that Super Junior as a unit is very entertaining to the majority of people who watch these sorts of shows.
      And this is where Super Junior IS especially talented. At least in Korean culture, their personalities are INSANELY appealing. The group dynamic works really well on shows, whether it’s manufactured or not, and that might be luck, but it might also be considered talent (just like having ‘charisma’ might be considered luck or talent).
      The show Explorers of the Human Body is probably the best example of Super Junior in their element.

      On other points:
      I’m not entirely sure what the standard is when calling people mediocre, but I’m assuming that Subi is using other groups as reference points. Leeteuk not being a ‘great’ (just ‘good’) singer or dancer is negated to me because of being in a group. If he was a solo artist, I probably wouldn’t be impressed, but being in a group means it’s about how well you are able to work with the other members. His voice mixes in well, he’s more than capable of doing all of the moves required of him. In comparison to other Kpop groups, he’s probably average. And yes, he is an integral part of their success on variety shows. And on this, you say he is talented.
      Essentially the same with Heechul.
      Anyway, I did give a rant on Yesung, but there’s even more. So the author’s point is that while Yesung does have a good voice, others can do it better in the same group – who? Just Kyuhyun and Ryeowook? – and he’s not worth anything else. He’s actually rather entertaining on variety shows IMO, and I wouldn’t call him bad looking, despite people labelling him as ‘not handsome’. Strongest voices in Kpop (which people think of as ‘mediocre’ itself? What is this double standard? So Kpop can have crappy voices, but seeing as a twelve member group has two great singers – I’m assuming Subi thinks Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are the best here – they shouldn’t have another one? Five member groups tend to have at least two main singers. So a thirteen member group should be the same? It just doesn’t seem like a solid argument. Anyway, calling him untalented? Subi admits he can sing.
      Saying Super Junior can do fine without Kangin is beside the point. At least, I thought the point was – at least, the point Subi’s trying to make – is that Super Junior isn’t talented. So maybe Kangin isn’t essential to the group, but many people do think he has talent. He’s a good singer, again, he can dance at least up at par with other popular Kpop groups, and rivalled Leeteuk with MC-ing. I’m not particularly fond of him because I don’t believe that I would like his real personality, but being able to appeal to so many people IS a talent, believe it or not.
      Not commenting on Shindong’s rapping is just stupid when you later decide Eunhyuk’s is worth of comment, as pointed out above. Appealing charisma. Again, is this not supposed to be a talent? Or is a talent just negated because of personality. Saying that Usher can’t sing or Eminem can’t rap just because you hate their personality does not make it true. I’m not saying I’m fond of sexist guys (I believe he is, very much so), but stating they are not talented as a result is too great a leap of logic.
      Again, personal opinion – saying Sungmin’s ‘aegyo’ is not a talent is something which is probably fundamentally wrong in Korea (from what I understand). It seems to be a massive hit with the fanbase, and Sungmin is definitely one of the more popular members. Many people do not agree with the mediocre comment, nor the dancing. While I personally think Super Junior would be fine if Sungmin went to the army at present, again, that doesn’t make him untalented. Perhaps the reason Super Junior would be fine is that mostly they’re EQUALLY talented.
      Eunhyuk is highly regarded by other idols as a dancer, and he does contribute a lot to Super Junior. His talents are fairly obvious.
      Donghae is also a very good dancer. Talent-wise, I consider him to have a similar set to Sungmin – he is popular, showcases a quirky personality on shows and sings quite well. He also does the (generally mediocre throughout the industry) Kpop rap.
      Saying Siwon is marketable is slightly silly. Super Junior as a whole is unbelievably marketable. Almost every member is. Anyway, I believe instead of saying his face is his talent, a more accurate way to describe it would be his appeal to a broad audience. Not only are his looks considered very handsome, he is seen as approachable and a good personality. In all fairness, Siwon is probably the least talented of the group; he does not dance very well in comparison to any other group, but his voice is up to average standards. However, people easily accept him as an integral part of the group.
      Ryeowook – obviously vocal talent.
      Again, attacking Kibum for contributions – this article is all over the place. Is it really about talent or the author’s personal favourites within the group. It certainly seems the latter. Kibum was a rapper, a dancer and a very well-liked personality who got along with Heechul like a house on fire. While I don’t personally like him very much, I don’t think I have enough information to fully judge him, and don’t believe for a second that the fact that he is absent is enough to prove he has no talent.
      Kyuhyun is my bias. I think it’s fairly obvious why I like him – he does possess a lovely voice. But funnily enough, he’s not considered a good dancer. Almost universally. It’s changed recently, but he is still in the lower half – but certainly in the upper half popularity-wise, which I think is the actual reason he’s been featured so much in recent MVs. (Looking at the A-CHA dance versions he messes up a couple of steps, but it’s Kyuhyun, and I don’t care.) It certainly can’t be said he isn’t persistent, and he’s constantly improving.
      In fact, the one thing that is really required is the time and effort and persistence (as well as other resources like education) to develop talent. Not everyone is born with one, and I think some people in Kpop are living proof of these resources culminating in developing it.

      This article is a personal opinion, and should not be regarded as anything else. Unfortunately, it is also filled with grammatical errors and a lack of logical argument, which provokes angry fans. I don’t think it’s tasteful to have it posted, but I understand that any hits are good hits for some websites, and that writing is often written just for the sake of stirring things up.
      I wish this was more objective and thoughtful.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002866376658 Danyta Gladue

         to long to read but hopefuly you stood up for super junior if not i dont even know how you live ?

      • blue ocean

        i dont want to be rude but you only know much about 3 members of suju what about the reast siwon is agreat actor he is good – model- and has agood voice belive it or not and he has lots of cf  
        donghae he is agreat actor – model- compoiser – song writter and he is agood dancer on of the best in suju when it comes to his voics he is just uniqe
          eunhyuk gread dancer , singer , rapper ., mc ,dj , and  alot more
        the same for sungmin
         shindong is one of the three main dancer maby alot of elf will hate me for this but i think shindong is at the top when in it comes to suju dancers no 1

        henry is just talented he is great and  that is for all the suju members 

      • KyuwookELF

        Wow… Thanks, I can’t even get it as long as this as I tend to make grammatical errors. You stood up for pretty much the whole of the family of super junior. ^^

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R4FK77EGE7DLCKAXKHB5I6DO5Q Felicia Y

        ^now this is an actual article

  • korina mae castro

     So What is the purpose of this Article again? Or Is it An ARTICLE.. Can you call this an article if its only content is to BASH someone..

    You know. I love super junior. as much as possible, i want to go there and tell them that i really love them. Why don’t you just write in the beginning of your ARTICLE that you are an ANTI. ow. BTW even if you dont write ANTI in your ARTICLE… we, E.L.F knows that you are like that.

    why do you need to stab someone at their back if you can tell this kind of JUNK in front of them. Right… I really don’t know how can people like you is still here on earth…

    oh BTW.. Can you sing, CAn you Dance, Can you hit high notes by yourself? Can you rap?, Can sing a trot song? as i was thinking, you are not as good as them. or maybe, bashing someone is the your ONE and ONLY talent…

    E.L.F. VS. YOU…

    you already lose.. stop stabbing someone at their back.. if you want to say something. go to them and say your JUNK……

    by the way.. I COMPLETELY disagree with your Stupid Comments About them..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002866376658 Danyta Gladue

       i agree you probably siad it better than me so im proud of you :)i want to be there with you saying this but unfourtunatly i cant sothank you for saying this

  • ilovesujugrawr

    When I got onto this article, I was prepared to be pissed off. But, I agree with many of the things that were said. I am an ELF, don’t get me wrong. But, Super Junior really isn’t that talented. Their success comes from their charisma, appeal, and hilarity. They’re likable and produce songs that make you want to dance, have fun, and feel better. In pure talent, I always choose Big Bang. But, the group that I just LIKE overall the most, will always be Super Junior. They’re SUPER because they have SUPER appeal.

  • ilovesujugrawr

    And another thing, no one can disagree with her comment about Kibum. Absolutely no one. Kibum is a bum. PUN INTENDED. He’s so frustrating. If you’re not going to be apart of Super Junior, just announce that you quit so that ELF can stop waiting for you mindlessly. I do support him in all his endevaours, whether he quits or not (same for Hangeng) but come on, you’re giving ELF false hope and its not fair.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KPRKQKVJHUENK4RH2MP2CWMWV4 Bestfriends

      i dont think you should hate on kibum for that. Maybe he thought that he is better at acting than rapping or dancing. He’s got to think about himself too, you know. What is someday, he gets bored of acting in too many dramas and wants to sing again? What the hell is he supposed to do then? I don’t think he’d do very well rapping and dancing by himself……..

    • KyuwookELF

      There was also an article saying that the manager kind of hated kibum for getting drunk and involving in a car accident (similar to kangin’s), fans have their rights to wait if they want, they’re not even wasting your time, it’s their own life, let them spend it however they like.
      Come on, grow up…

  • Jessica Yang

    In the respect of YOUR TALENT, I really have to say, you have really good sense of writting.
    BUT, use it somewhere else, everyone has there own opinion… why are you being judgemental? Keep it to yourself please. For people that have the different thought than you do, please just let go of them, SJs and ELFs can do just fine without seeing this article.

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  • Sophie Glassman

    Biased article from biased fangirl. Not a surprise. 
    You basically stated your opinion about every member (which has nothing to do with looking at talent. IDGAF if you used to hate Ryeowook), and then didn’t back up anything. Really? How can you assess talent if you don’t actually analyze or provide reasoning for anything? It seems to me that you just wrote favorably about people you liked, and unfavorably about people you disliked.
    Additionally, your paragraph about Yesung was kind of ridiculous. Instead of assessing talent, you just wrote about how you don’t think he’s the best vocalist in Super Junior. Then you provided virtually no support for that statement except for “this isn’t my school choir” (WTF?). 

    Furthermore, you state that Kyuhyun and Ryeowook have the best voices in K-POP. How can you say that Super Junior “has little talent” when two of its members are so talented as to have what you think are the best voices in K-POP? That’s completely contradictory. K-POP is huge, and contains many talented vocalists. For you to say that one single group contains two of the best vocalists in K-POP indicates that those vocalists are extremely talented. Therefore, you cannot generalize a whole group as having “little talent” if these two members are so tremendously talented.
    Also, I, for one, don’t know why the hell you wrote this in second person- as if Super Junior had actually claimed that they were “super” and “junior”. It’s not as if Super Junior decided their own name. Also, I’d say the majority of K-Pop groups’ names don’t really match the group.

    Take SHINee, for example. Are they really “shiny”? No. I don’t see them literally reflecting light all over the place. Or 2NE1. They’re not all 21 years old, nor are they “to anyone” (not everyone would be interested in their music, since different people have different tastes). The members of Sistar are not literally sisters, nor are the members my sisters. And so on.

    And really, if you think you’re innocent of “haterade”, you’re definitely delusional.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002866376658 Danyta Gladue

    why would you put this?!some of the members are going through a hard timefor example donghae with his father!and lots of people look up to super junior like me.and every one has crushes so what if heechul keeps hitting on sohee he obviosly likes her!these probably hurt these peoples feelings in super junior if they have read this.this is probably letting down there career some of these people did this for there family.how would you like it if someone put the rudest things on the internet for the whole world to see!

    this is probably one of the most hurtfull things ive seen letting down everyone in the band they have a life that they respect and you dont seem to care!>:( what is with that!probably you havent seen videos of them crying cuase of how happy that they are to be in that band and how greatful they are this is’nt even an article its a place where people get there feelings hurt on how much they rely on tis band some of us have world wide crushes on this people i have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more to say but im not going to cuase your probably crying right about now from seeing hpw much people like this band and how they relie on them so now you know when you should think before you put things on  here ths has even brought tears to my eyes and probably to theres to see how much you hate there singing and dancing nd being judemental to them

    you have let down on them of there whole entiere life probbly to see that you are being picky on the people you like you say i dont like them but i love them i have wasted my whole time listening to this hurtful collum on how much you think you should be mean to them but i dont want to say anymore which i have allot of but im wasting my time typing this too you so that you can see how hurtful,judgemental mean and uncouragous to the now if i could meeet you now i would spend my whole life telling you how mean this was now im gonna go cry in my room cuase of you from how you let own my whole life down and  my love of them and ya i read the collum about heechul none of that is true he is handsome,cute,sweet,kind and my favourite out of the band i pend my nights in my room nowing that i never get to meet them unless my dream comes true and knowing that im not goood enought to meet them and that goes for all you sp haters

    now you should now yourlesson probably thousans are crying now :,(sheeesh think before you say and im not saying any more illl be posting way more every night so beware

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NHX6FFHTYL2C3VUXSQ2J3QQG4M Sam T.

    OK, so I understand everyone has their own opinions for everything. However, even though there are other things you have said about the members I would probably say something about, there is ONE thing I want to touch upon: Kangin.

    I admit, I am Kangin-biased, and that’s probably why I’m gonna talk about this. He is my favorite member of Super Junior and all of K-POP, and I discovered Super Junior when he was still in the army. But this part, right here…

    “But then I remember that DUI, Hit-and-run incident. One incident should
    not define a man’s life but seriously? There were three passengers in
    that taxi. Three fathers, mothers, daughters,
    sons, sisters, brothers,
    and friends. I hope you’re taking your time away from doing absolutely
    nothing for Super Junior to reflect on your life choices.”

    Oh my goodness, really? He turned himself in 5 hours later. That proves that he knew he did something wrong and wanted to make it right. He decided on joining the army soon instead of waiting until he got older so he could have time to think. He wanted to reflect on the choices he has made and try to change things for the better.

    Also, the “doing absolutely nothing for the group” part. I feel like every single member, no matter what group we are talking about, has made an impact in the group’s popularity, charisma, etc. Without them, the group isn’t exactly the same as it is before.

    So that’s my two cents on it. And P.S., if you’re going to talk about how a group’s individual members haven’t made an impact in the group or say something negative or critical to them, you might as well include ALL the members. (Don’t leave Hannie out of this!!!)


    “They aren’t super neither are they juniors.” You could say something about the super part, but seriously? I agree, they’re getting older, but why? When they first started out, they were juniors. However, they have survived 7/8 years in the K-POP industry and are known to be the Kings of the Hallyu Wave. That’s why they aren’t juniors anymore.

    And I don’t know if you know this or not, but the reason the group is called Super Junior is because they were going to have a graduation system, like After School. Each year, a couple members would be taken out of the group to be replaced with newer, younger people. However, they decided to drop the idea and just add Kyuhyun.

    Well, NOW that’s what I’ve got to say. I want to say more, but I’m not wasting anymore of my time on this. I guess it’d be OK if it was just on one member, but if it’s on the majority, then maybe you shouldn’t even talk about it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002350755198 Lissette Galvez

      Thank you so much for defending Kangin. I love him too and what Subi said got to me.
      Camomiles FIghting!

  • http://twitter.com/nancylingxi 낸시

    I think i just wasted a few mins of my life reading this no-substance article. please get your facts right before even trying to write. 

  • 04025

    Though I disagree w/ some parts (esp Yesung’s), what really bothers me is the way u write this article as a second person. As if SJ is the one stating that every single member is talented, as if SJ member themselves who chose the name “Super Junior” (and it’s very ridiculous to attack the group’s name ’cause duh, r u gonna say group like e.g. Wonder Girls should change its name to Wonder Women when the members are too old to be called as ‘girls’ anymore?). Talent is subjective matter so I respect ur opinion as well as others’ here. But u’ve got the wrong address. Address this article to the fans, not to SJ ’cause the latter NEVER seriously state that every single member of SJ is especially talented.

    From the way I see it, u dislike SJ even before u heard those so-called fans spazzing, but u do like some members that in ur opinion hv real talent. U can’t stand ppl saying all SJ members is talented because for u some are simply mediocre. But it’s impossible for u to write ur opinion abt every member out of the blue. Thus, u used the story of ‘these two girls’ and, may I say, forced it to become an excuse for u to write this article. At the end, u’re only writing abt ur opinion of each member. U praised the one u like, and u politely belittled those u don’t. Again, this is just how I see it.

    I hv no problem w/ anyone stating their opinions but please do it properly. Not like this one, writing as if SJ is the one to blame for the words of their fans. If only u simply wrote ur opinion abt SJ and the members (as a third person), maybe I will pay more respect to u.

  • KihaeForEver

    ….Good thing you didn’t say anything that bad about Donghae or Kyuhyun. If you did, I’ve would’ve went all ape shit on your hating ass. Your opinion is your opinion. But at the same time, Suju are making millions and you’re hating them for it. Who wins here? :) 

    • http://twitter.com/helloeunhae26 Fernanda ッッッ

      well said :)

  • http://twitter.com/heecheols ʜɪɢʜʟɪɢʜᴛᴇᴜ

    nobody’s calling SJ the best here.. her student was a fan, of course that kid would go batshit crazy over SJ. it’s like I tell everyone my mom’s the best in the world even if she gambles and drinks a lot and swears a lot etc I would still fucking patronize her coz she’s my mom. and I like her. that’s just how simple it is. BIGBANG fans will call them super. even the crappiest band have fans that call them super, I dont get where the hate is coming from :/ not the most talented. but talented nonetheless. bank on it.

  • DoubleCombo

    Sausage fest + a fat guy. Game over 

  • AsaGrev

    Though your opinion is your opinion, I sense a bit of bias in this article. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KPRKQKVJHUENK4RH2MP2CWMWV4 Bestfriends

    i think you really hate super junior for some reason other than what they do. no regular hater would have wasted a hell lot of their time typing shit about some band they just hate. yesung, for one, has an amazing voice, and when i talk about the best voices I’ve heard, Yesung, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Sungmin do cross my mind. Leeteuk is a very well rounded person as well as an amazing leader. Who else could maintain and bring a group of 15 people with very different personalities to the top? i could sit here and go on for hours and hours on end defending this group i love and respect, but honestly, you’re not worth it…… Next time you decide to say anything bad about any group, please think a little.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1130376964 Maemae Cho

    do you even know what ‘exceptional’ means?! This so called ‘opinion’ sounds you’re really superficial immature

  • fanettetan

    I hope the author had enjoyed writing it. Because this post doesn’t make any difference. They will continue to receive supports from all over the world. I do agree to the points stated in this post, but like me, i guess their fans would have probably already learnt everything that was mentioned. In fact, they know more about them. That is why we supported them, isn’t it?

  • http://twitter.com/MRD_Smuffy Mahalia R-D

    “I’ve seen you’re acting and I am not impressed.”

    You are a writer, but I’ve seen your grammar and I am not impressed. (To be honest though, I don’t think Kibum’s acting is particularly great, either.) The articled itself is okay. I agree on some points but not others, as to be expected with such opinions.

  • Rachel Yang

    man that’s a bit harsh…….
    granted, as a group they aren’t really the best out there…but the fact that they’ve won best male artist 3 years in a row has got to say something….
    all members get put into a group for a reason okay?? everyone in super junior is good at SOMETHING and contributes together to create “appealing” results :)

  • Janice Leung

    I actually liked this article. It’s refreshing to see a new perspective on things, considering that the internet is chock full of crazed fangirls that would go absolutely ballistic if I so much as breathed criticism. Of course, I don’t agree 100% with you, but hey, everyone has an opinion, right?

    So, guys, just lay off the hate for Subi, everyone’s entitled to having their own thoughts.

  • Thatkindoflove

    That’s their fans opinion of their idols. You don’t have to go to this extent to write such a long post expressing your dissatisfaction and displeasure about them. Their fans may have went over the top praising their idols but after all they are their FANS. Each of them have their own unique special ability, maybe not in the area of music but in other areas. In fact,they were originally not a musician band so how could you expect each of them to all be able to contribute to their music.Moreover, they have never said that all of them had talent which attributed to their success. Before you go on ranting about how they have no talent , you need to get your facts right. Even if you dislike or cannot agree with the fans’ views , there is no need of you to write a long post about them as if the post would be of any significance to their career. If you are not a fan of them , leave them be.

  • inspirare68

    As much as I agree with most of this article, I have to say I really don’t think this was written as professionally as it could have been… a bit biased towards certain members perhaps? Personally, Yesung is one of the first to cross my mind when I think of “strongest voices in kpop” and his position as “best vocalist in SM” may not adhere to everyone’s liking, but it is reasonable. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I would like to question the point of this article…? They have as many faults as they do quirks and more importantly, they managed to create a niche for themselves in the kpop world. Heck, they originally weren’t even supposed to last for more than a year so I wager being musically talented probably wasn’t the first thing on SM’s mind when they let SJ debut…

  • Syafiqa Borhan


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cho-Kyuhyun/100004915384610 Cho Kyuhyun

    wash ur mouth because your mouth too stink
    u will get retribution

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cho-Kyuhyun/100004915384610 Cho Kyuhyun

    u hate them that mean you jealous because them better than u use r brain and think
    you are just a ordinary people
    you don’t have qualication to judge people
    because you never better than other people

  • stars

    I found this article entertaining, but some of the comments more so.

    “wash ur mouth because your mouth too stinku will get retribution”

    I’m sure that’s not the best one, but there :)

    Anyways, even though I do agree with your opinion that Super Junior’s members are all heavily flawed and make mistakes, your criticism was so… immature. Your argument shows clear bias, and I guess that’s true in everyone, but, just wow. It seems like you researched each of the members, but only enough to say you’re opinion/attempt at facts is correct. I’m not going to write a huge comment about how your opinion is completely messed up, because I do agree with it somewhat, but by writing this article, you proved yourself just as crazed, annoying, ridiculously ignorant, take your pick, as those fan girls. You are incredibly blind, sweetheart.

  • SSSS

    kkk you’re a Kyuhyun biased aren’t you? Well this is your opinion and
    not a fact~ so I don’t have to agree with most of what you said in

  • http://twitter.com/sjfishynumber3 이엠리 ⇇ Łëɛ 3mяÿ♥

    if they’re not so great, why do they have fans? some might be crazy but most are genuine. I don’t see you singing and dancing in front of thousands of people, getting praised for it do i? Yes, they may not be the SUPER DUPER UBER BEST, but please they succeed together because they all have seperate talents that come together and make a good combination. But you know a lot about them and seem to research a lot about them.

    We are all entitled to our opinions, and FYI I’m a Super Junior fan, an ELF. Siwon said before ” By reading all these critiques about us, we see how we can make ourselves better.” so keep it coming.
    But, hey at least you’re not a SUPER crazy anti saying “OMG THEY BE SO UGLY…blah…blah..blah.” and what not… :)

  • http://twitter.com/eejidaaughter KENJI PaDeRaNgA :)

    Seriously?? U just hate them and god helped them to be together such an ANTI :)) this fvcking article made me LOVE THEM EVEN MORE , U R JEALOUS!!!!

  • nard

    This site is even shittier than Allkpop, proffessionalism my ass. Lol you suck Subi

  • kai

    Your utter ignorance about the group is so astounding it borders on amusing. Aside from your ridiculous argument that they aren’t juniors— I mean, are you serious? They debuted in 2005, for heaven’s sake!—, your critique is laughably shallow. I’m not even going into the cringe-worthy grammar and spelling mistakes in this piece.

  • asddfhj

    I just can’t believe it. Okay, just try to love them. Everyone has flaws and even if you’re friend hates them and that, it doesn’t mean you have to. This has no point then. It’s just an article of non powerful, hating group started by your friend who got annoyed by SUJU and hated it. I don’t like SHINee that much because of the annoyance of my so called “friend” but still. You’re not a pro or anything. Just give them a chance like I did. But oh well, everyone has opinions. :

  • reignwaker

    Everyone has their opinion with who has more talent,appeal,and looks. I respect that. You have your own feelings towards the members and that’s perfectly fine. But what I found a bit annoying is the fact that you imply every single one of the members have to be exceptionally talented or above average along with looks and personality. How high of expectations do you have? They are still human. I feel like a lot of people forget that idols no matter who or where they come from are human. No one’s the glossy,extremely good looking and charismatic god and/or goddess you imagine in your dreams. You know what? These guys have been through a whole lot. I’ve seen many times when they cried because of similar criticisms like this pointed at them so offensively. Everyone has their flaws. Sure, some members might be more talented than others depending on the one looking at them,but shoving it up their faces is just pathetic. These guys try really hard. True, sometimes only the results matter (singing and dancing on stage,etc.). But you saying some of them aren’t good enough just because of what you see on screen? Sorry,but I find that judgmental and picky. Being an idol is hard enough. You have to practice for weeks on your dance routine, practice your vocals (not to mention training before debut), attend variety shows in order to make a name for yourself, possibly sacrifice your love life for the next 10 to 20 years to avoid public uproar,and force yourself to look better by gaining/losing weight or getting plastic surgery in order to please the orders from your manager. It’s not easy. I’d like to see you try being under so much pressure, with so many expectations. They are flawed,I agree. Like any other human being is. They aren’t the greatest group in the whole fucking world but at least they make an effort,and hey,most of the results turned out great to me. And not everyone can be super multi-talented like what you expect. WOW WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED. I respect your bias,because even Super Junior fans have that. But the way you’re projecting your opinions is offensive and disrespectful..to me at least. Meet every one of these members, get to know them up close,treat them like you would treat a good friend and come back to rewrite this. You’ll still have bias,but you’d probably have a different outlook whether better or worse. At least you did your research. I’d rather have someone talk bad about people with enough knowledge than someone who is completely ignorant and is just spewing nonsense.

  • gufru

    NO they are REALLY GOOD STOP

  • pace fortuna

    It’s a waste of time and money to listen to eunhyuk and donghae’s songs like i wanna dance or oppa oppa, seriously!to be clear i don’t think fan girls should gone crazy for the singers like that, it’s ok to have an idol but you can’t just put all of your time and energy in it,specially those teenagers.

  • pace fortuna

    And i know it would have a lots girls disagree with my comment (when they are SJ’s fan) but i still think it’s a waste of time to argue with this.

  • pace fortuna

    One more thing to finish, You know guys just as childish as my little sis with her 18 ages argued about who sings better and who are more handsome. I think this article is bullshit and trashy!

  • KitsuneSeishin

    I know I am obviously too late into this discussion but frankly I don’t really care.

    I myself am an ELF, I love Super Junior, I believe they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Though I do to a degree agree with what you are saying though on the other end of the scale I strongly disagree.

    You stated Yesung’s voice isn’t all the made out to be, I do slightly agree, Yesung is my bias I love him with all my heart, But with saying that I do agree his voice isn’t the best in Super Junior (I prefer Kyuhyun’s voice the best).

    With stating that I do agree with your opinion I also have to state that you say that most of them aren’t good at certain things and only good in certain fields. Yes I agree with that BUT the only reason I agree with that is because I can see it for myself though it’s not that big of a problem that you are making out.

    They’re supposed to be bad and good at somethings, It evens the group out and gives them character.

    Take Leeteuk for example he is excellent at dancing but if all of them where great at dancing they wouldn’t be able to focus on key points.. It would be boring.

    Yesung gets certain lines in the song because he can sing them great, Leeteuk gets to dance because he is a great dancer, Heechul and Donghae get shown more on camera because they have charisma.

    If it wasn’t for their flaws they wouldn’t be the band that us ELFs love and worship.

    In my opinion I believe Super Junior is the best group (Even out of Kpop) because of their flaws and their capasity to be able to give the fans what we want.

    If they were all the same (Great at dancing, great singer, best looking ect) we probably wouldn’t be able to choose our favourite. Having flaws and attributes is what makes us like them even more

  • Right Words

    Well, “Guest”, I don’t know that they’re super or junior or not, they’re the folks who actually got me into KPop. I hated and frankly, defied KPop but after listening and knowing these guys my mind changed. Their songs are simple and mind-absorbing, not stupefied with complicated nexus of beats that are way mainstream. I think they deserve to be considered as among best music groups of Far East, or at least ones whom everybody could listen, not like stupid rocky and jammy teen pop. If you find the name dodgy, that’s SM Entertainment’s fault. Critics are appreciated, as long as they reach the height of antagonism that they reflect “hatred” more than “wits”.

    W S

  • Miss Monki

    I agree with the commentor’s below, you should of looked up your facts before you decided to start bashing away, Because if you did then you would of known during the it’s you time frame Heechul, the one you bashed for not dancing had a steel rod in his leg from an accident.

    As for Siwon don’t get me wrong, he is exceptionally handsome but to make him out like he’s only in suju because of his looks is ridiculous. He’s not even my favorite member but I can still recognize his talent.

    Yesung has an amazing voice and not at a high school glee club level either. He was one of the main reason’s I started listening to them in the first place and became an elf for Eunhyuk…(hands down the dorkiest, sexiest man in suju)

    Please don’t get me wrong, you have the right to your opinion, all I’m saying is before you go on and on bashing, get your facts straight.

  • Christine Jabiol

    Yesung has a beautiful voice and is so charming and handsome, in fact they are all charming and handsome but have you seen yesung perform alone he owns that stage that’s why he’s name art like voice, he is known because he really shows emotions while he’s singing, I like kyuhyun too but he’s a little plain in that department

  • http://twitter.com/twELF4eternity twelf4eternity

    it’s 2016 and I just came across this article =.=’ that hate towards super junior is real. One thing for sure, they are definitely talented guys! They might not be junior but they are Super ini every way!