what happened with boa?

    she has no passion now.

    • hapacalgirl

      I think thats exactly what has been bothering me about her performances for her korean comback. I don’t know if its the type of songs, but something is missing, there isn’t as much energy or as strong as dancing as what I am used to her doing. Also while she is pitch perfect and is one heck of a performer it seems as she is so tired and not as into it this time around.

      • TONI

        both in japan and korea, boa has been sporting that bored look.

        her vacation is long overdue, sm should let her rest and give her time to rekindle her passion for music. Musically, i don’t think she’s maturing at all. She used to be a trendsetter before but now she looks like all the other dance singers in kpop.

      • am

        there was something about BOA before she started promoting outside Kor that made her ultra special like. That something…it’s just..gone.

  • viivii love

    Hyorin from Sistar is freakin’ awesome :) & i love 2ne1’s song & the choregoraphy they have, just amazing!

  • lialah

    I’m obsessed with Narsha’s song!

  • huh

    Love 2NE1’s performances, but their vocals are irritating especially with the auto tune!

  • mmmhhhh

    where is SAN E ??????

    • JW

      haha I was thinking the same =]

  • xfactorx

    Boa, she is perfect at dancing and singing
    however i dont know what it is but i dont really like her voice,i find them annoying (dont get me wrong her vocal is amazing but her voice nah..)

    Sistar,Secret,2ne1 and everyone else did great today

  • jake

    i do think boa is pitch perfect in the song
    but i just don’t like the song

  • lalapaloli

    Boa’s song is not that bad, it has good cathy music and beats. I like Son Dambi but this “DB ride” or whatever is really bad, the beat is just all over the place and the repeating of the freaking db rider words is feaking annoying and I mean annoying me to the core. What the heck is this: “Db Db Db rider, db db db rider, db db db rider”. Who came up with this song? Navi was the best that day, I think. I really enjoyed her voice, the song and the performance. Lastly, you, Patricia got me cracking up on your comment about Oh Jong Hyuk. I kept looking at his hand for, practically, the entire performace.

    • Jessica

      Lol @ the Son Dambi part. I’ve never been a big fan of Dambi, but I figured I would give her another shot this time around and wait and see how she did against Boa.

      I think even though Boa seems to be really tired or bored or maybe just mimicking UEE, she’s still kicking SD’s butt in the song and performance category. Copy and Paste is only an alright song, but db rider is… I’m not even sure

      You can tell by the feel of the song that Son Dambi and After School are from the same company, but IMO Dambi’s song are never as good. I hope they give Kahi a better selection of songs for her solo

      • lalapaloli

        I think, a really good and catchy song of Dambi is her debut song, Cry eye. She should go back to that style and type of music, it really suited her. Well, good luck Son Dambi.=)

        • Jessica

          Oh that is a nice song. Some how I never noticed it before. It really does suit her voice and dancing style more than db rider.

  • Mayumi

    Am I the only one that kinda lol’d at the title of BoA’s song, given Kpop’s recent plagiarism track record?

  • Obsidian

    BOA, she sounds good but there is absolutely no spark. It was such a boring performance because it looked like she didn’t really give a damn. It seems like she has lost her passion for performing or her songs or whatever. I think she should get away fromt the entertainment industry for a few months at least and just travel (like G-Dragon who went to the UK last year and TOP who went to Bali) She’s been in the industry for so long working her butt off in 3 different countires.

    Anyway, congrats to 2NE1 for thgeir win. Go Away is one of my fav kpop tracks this year. Loved the performance and Hi Tech dancers are always a treat to stare at haha the Kwon twins are so cute *__*

    • Dee Dee

      I agree. She lacked that spark of energy that she use to exude. She looked bored. I agree that she does need to take some time off and recharge.

  • Hyomin

    Hey why no bashing of 2ne1? Tsktsk

    • lalapaloli

      I HATE 2NE1!!!!!!
      2NE1 do have catchy songs but I’d really like them to do something more bare… I’m not talking about stripping, but I mean less autotune, more raw feelings, something accapella would be quite nice.

      • lol

        i’d kill for slow version of go away
        without autotune
        it hurts its a nice song too

  • tan

    BoA looks hot compared to Hurricane Venus but I’m still not digging her new songs.