When Dreamcatcher debuted in 2016 with their heavy-metal-inspired music, they stood out from the mainstream songs of that time. They soon became known for that genre as well as always incorporating horror and mysticism into their MVs. The group has ventured into concepts like witchcraft and most recently apocalyptic dystopia.

However, if anyone heard Dreamcacther’s latest single, “OOTD,” no one would recognize them without looking up the title. Along with an MV that is focused on glamorous visuals, anyone would think that Dreamcatcher has completely abandoned their roots. As generic as one may think “OOTD” is, the group still incorporates rock into the melody helping it stand out from mainstream K-pop music. Additionally, if you look deeper into the MV, you will see that it is a satirical approach to your typical girl group concepts. This single might be a hit or miss with the fans, but one thing is for certain: Dreamcatcher is not afraid to make it statement when it comes to music.

On the surface, Dreamcatcher’s “OOTD” is an anthem for their success in the K-pop industry. The lyrics are confident, and the MV is dedicated to their dazzling visuals. However, there are hints throughout the MV that indicate a deeper meaning to both the song and MV.

For one, the MV is actually parodying a typical K-pop MV. K-pop concepts often have members playing a role to fit the tone of the song. In this case, the members of Dreamcatcher are pretending to be arrogant and self-involved in the main narrative. Then, in one scene, Handong pushes Yoohyeon down. Immediately after we see the cameras, the staff on set, and the women even helping each other out. By breaking the fourth wall, the concept of this MV is to show the audience that they are all just playing a role.

The use of photo-editing tools as special effects in the MV further adds to the theory that the MV’s actual theme is to break apart the illusion. Throughout the MV, we see the tools on the screen implying that every scene is edited. Photo-editing tools are used to create a fantasy and often to make someone look different from who they are. As such, this further emphasizes that the MV is about creating an image that is not real, and essentially showing the audience the true process of a MV. Basically, they are looking deeper within themselves as a brand, and showing the audience that everything is scripted.

To further dive into this MV, the concept that Dreamcatcher is seemingly depicting is that of glam and confidence. The voice of the song speaks about their clothes, their image, and how wealthy they are. The MV helps promote their wealth as well by showing off cars, clothes, and jewelry. While there is nothing wrong with being self-confident, the theme of the MV implies that the member’s personas are more on the arrogant side. For instance, Handong stands in a room surrounded by mirrors which is commonly used to depict a narcissistic personality. In another scene, Yoohyeon is shown obsessively taking selfies of herself. Both are implying that they are obsessed with their looks to the point that it is not healthy.

As stated before, Dreamcatcher is generally known for their mix of heavy metal music with other genres. However, with each comeback, they have venture into other sub-genres of rock. “OOTD” is no different with its mix of rock with EDM which is what is commonly heard in K-pop. Although it does not sound like Dreamcatcher immediately, if you listen closely, you will realize they have not strayed too far from their original use of musical fusion. Ultimately, though, the song may not be for everyone because it does sound closer to mainstream music. 

Lyrically, the words are on the superficial side even if it was intentional. As stated previously, the song is implied to be a parody of self-confidence. So the voice of the song is self-assertive, and constantly speaking their monetary possessions. There is nothing to indicate anything beyond what we see with the lyrics, and if not for the MV, it probably would have been diificult to understand this song as a parody. If you look at just the words though, there is nothing deeper to analyze:

Popping the champagne
Look at my necklace
Wearing my black dress
Cruising my rollie
Cash in the backseat
We call it so sweet, so sweet

The choreography for this MV, in fitting with the theme, has a more hip-hop-style edge to it. Their attire their their dance-routine obviously draws inspiration with old-school hip-hop with their baseball hats, headbands, and baggy pants. This all adds to their personas within the MV as self-obsessed baddies. Again, it is different, and maybe not as intricate as their previous routines, but fitting with the overall theme of the MV.

Whether you like this single or not, this is a brave move by Dreamcatcher. There may be no horror aspects to the MV, but they have still managed to take an overused concept and make it original in their way. The MV is a parody of both the girl crush and villain concept, but they take it apart to show the audience that it is all an illusion. Musically and conceptually, this is a big change for Dreamcatcher. It will also be interesting to see how many of their fanbase will understand that this is a satire, and if they will still stay behind them through this phase of their music career.

“OOTD” is also an opportunity to widen the fanbase and catch the eyes of other listeners who may see this as a reintroduction of Dreamcatcher. As musical artists, it is challenging to step outside of a comfort zone, but sometimes it is necessary to evolve. For Dreamcatcher, this is just the beginning of their musical evolution.

(Youtube. Lyrics via Genius. Images via Dreamcatcher Company.)