Bibi is willing to step out of the typical concepts when it comes to K-pop MVs even if it stirs some feathers. Like in the MV for “Animal Farm,” Bibi’s persona brutally murders all the guests at a dinner party. She continues with her violent streak for her latest single titled, “Vengeance.” The MV also features an intricate dance routine, a stellar wardrobe, and a performance scene that looks like it was picked out of a real mafia film. Altogether, Bibi and her agency have created yet another memorable MV.

Vengeance is the theme of the MV that depicts Bibi as a cold-hearted crime boss. The MV goes through several scenes with an introduction to Bibi’s persona which initially appears to be more quiet and submissive. However, as the story progresses it becomes quickly clear that her persona is not to be offended.

Bibi’s different outfits in this MV help add to her boss lady image while also telling a story. In the first scene, she is dressed in all white looking pure and innocent. Her makeup and hair are neat and clean. This is an important scene because we see her being disrespected by the male character suggesting he thought she was harmless. Quickly after, we see she orders her team to murder him and the tone is set for the rest of the MV.

In different scenes, Bibi’s hair is more wild and messy, and her makeup is dark which contrasts with her initial introduction. In one particular scene, she is dressed like a confident crime boss with a snake-patterned coat. A snake is can be seen as a symbol of evil and sneakiness since it is clear the boss lady is out for blood. Her crew’s outfits are important too as they are dressed in more masculine suits like your typical mafia henchmen. Bibi also has long nails that curve in like claws which further signals her dangerous personality. Even when she is dressed provocatively it does not seem like she is trying to use seduction as her form of power, so it is not fair to call her a femme fatale type of persona. Rather her persona’s power stems from her own confidence and her rather proficient all-female crew.

There is a spoken scene in this MV that shows off Bibi’s acting skills as well. Throughout the MV, Bibi has great expressions that help sell her crime boss persona. She knows when to keep a serious face and when to provide a terrifying smirk. In this spoken scene, Bibi takes her acting one step forward with her villainous laugh and perfectly executed line about wanting her money back. Bibi is not just a great musical artist, but she has a great stage presence that adds another layer to this theatrical MV. 

While the MV plays like a movie, it still has MV aspects with a nice dance routine and making good use of a large set of backup dancers to create a more dynamic choreography. There is a different set of routines the dancers follow, along with different speeds which adds a touch of chaoticness to the dance. It is not strict and precise but rather purposefully messy. Bibi’s own dance moves make good use of her claw-like nails in the choreography.

The song itself has Latin roots with an infectious yet scandalous chorus that repeats the words, “bad bitch.” While Bibi is in the K-pop scene, her music tends to lean more towards hip-hop and R&B, and it is clear she does not subscribe to the feminine and delicate female trope that many female K-pop idols adopt. Instead, she is more in the realm of other artists like Jessi and Hyuna who are more adventurous when it comes to their concepts. They push the boundaries of what is appropriate for a female idol, but Bibi is still on a different level with her violent concepts. 

Bibi’s voice in the song is brave and crude which pairs nicely with her crime boss persona. While she never mentions the words “revenge” or even “vengeance” it is clear the voice of the song is looking for a chance to react to someone’s disrespect. Along with the use of her lower register throughout the song, it overall gives her a cocky vibe which adds to the female boss aspect:

It doesn’t matter what you did, what you say what you regret
I forgave you for breaking me down and treading on me
Too bad you lost your last chance
I’ve been waiting and anticipating, to be a bad bitch

In “Vengeance,” Bibi delivers another audacious performance with an equally creative MV concept. The theme depicts the story of a female crime boss who is heartless and is out for revenge. Bibi’s facial expressions, wardrobe, and acting performance created the perfect persona to carry the concept of the MV. We can only wait and see what Bibi will come up with next and if she continues to push boundaries.

(YouTube, Lyrics via Genius, Images via 88rising, Feel Ghood Music)