Following up a strong debut, Kwon Eun-bi has returned with her first comeback, “Glitch”. Unlike “Door”, where Eun-bi dabbles in electro jazz-swing, “Glitch” is more techno and trip-hop. The song and MV are very much “glitchy” in the best way possible, pulling the viewer in to invest in the entire viewing experience. Eun-bi is relatively experienced in the music industry having debuted thrice, and so her performances are very much polished and dynamic. She has also proven time and time again that she is an all-rounder, and “Glitch” only serves to further highlight her talents and charisma as a performer.

“Glitch” has a very cool vibe, with its disjointed beats and melodies, which is followed by a powerful pre-chorus that showcases Eun-bi’s range and strength as a singer. The chorus is broken down perfectly, using elements of vogue – in both the song and the choreography – for a catchier tune and beat that lingers in the listener’s head long after the song is over. Eun-bi’s wispy-sounding voice is also highlighted throughout the song, and it provides a listener with a trippy and psychedelic feeling, which goes perfectly with the MV.

Visually, “Glitch” is absolutely stunning. The editing and the sets used throughout the MV add to that glitchy effect. While these effects may seem very overwhelming, everything still comes together in perfect harmony. The MV engages the audience and encourages them to stay on their toes as the lyrics suggest.

I might appear anywhere

Stay on your toes

I’m everywhere now

I move around

It feels alright


Suddenly appear (Disappear)

Disappear (Appear)

The MV opens with Eun-bi running around in a black and white world, with her being the only one dressed in a bright colour. The more she interacts with the world, the more colourful it becomes, but it also becomes glitchier. The small storyline is coupled with aesthetically pleasing shots of Eun-bi, as well as choreography. The editing of these shots, as well as the sets used, definitely do not disappoint. Instead, they make each scene dynamic, and such elements follow the glitchy and trippy theme of the song.

The use of wide shots and LED lights to feature Eun-bi and the dancers’ silhouettes are beautiful, and the smooth transitions to close-up shots of Eun-bi further emphasise the dance’s highlights, more specifically, the voguing. The camera is constantly moving, zooming in and out to draw the viewer’s attention to various points, and it moves alongside the choreography as if Eun-bi is taking us on a psychedelic journey through her world.

The sets are simple, for they consist of simple geometric shapes such as cubes and circles, but they are arranged in a way that makes the viewer perceive the space differently. When paired with the amazing camera work, we are once again taken on a ride and can experience the glitchiness as seen in Eun-bi’s world.

Finally, the ending of “Glitch” is an immense meltdown in the best way possible: both musically and visually. The bridge builds up and climaxes, glitching out one last time, and it takes the visuals with it. We cut through shots faster than ever, the camera is moving quicker as well, and more glitches are edited into the final moments of the MV to show the destruction of this world. There are multiple shots of Eun-bi falling through a technicolour landscape. The camera rotates during these scenes in slow motion, leaving the viewer in awe, as well as allowing them to process the visual overload they just experienced. 

Personally, the verses and chorus in “Glitch” did not pique my interest, but the bridge blew me away, and it led to another viewing of the MV as a whole. “Glitch” is a song that grew on me over time, and the final moments of the MV were what sold it for me. After a particularly intense visual and melodic overload, the MV calms down with a calmer tune and stiller shots, but there is a sense of discomfort that lingers towards the end, insinuating that Eunbi’s glitchy journey is anything but over.

Eun-bi has shown to be quite a force in the industry, and she clearly knows her strengths and plays to them well. All of her releases thus far have been catchy dance tracks, but they are all unique with their own flavour, and can be distinguished from one another. While “Glitch” does not necessarily lend itself to repeatability, it is definitely a track to go back to, simply because of how amazing and awe-inspiring the climax is.

(YouTube. Images via Woollim Entertainment)