Since leaving JYP Entertainment in 2021, BamBam has not slowed down. He has already released his third single titled, “Slow Mo.” With “Ribbon,” BamBam announced his new and softer persona. Then with “Who Are You?” he showed off his more sultry and mysterious side. “Slow Mo” is similar to “Ribbon” in concept but it still manages to stand out on its own.

Much like “Ribbon,” the MV for “Slow Mo” uses whimsical elements set against pastel colors creating a fantasy world. The song showcases BamBam’s talent when it comes to knowing his limits when it comes to singing but still managing to put out a great song.

The MV for “Slow Mo” shows BamBam trying to navigate through a dream-like world. Throughout the MV, BamBam is seemingly confused as he ventures through various stairs and doors as if going through a maze. Like in “Ribbon,” there is a motif of feathers, flowers, and overall spring quality to the MV. Along with the pastel colors, the overall look of the MV is soft and light which is similar to the song’s tone.

However, while in “Ribbon,” BamBam was reflecting on his persona, in “Slow Mo,” BamBam is trying to make sense of a dream. This is a reflection of the lyrics as the voice of the song mentions his dreams which have a double meaning of also meaning his goals.

While the MV does not venture too deep into emotions, it does show that BamBam’s persona is confused, contemplative, and, at times, stressed. In a couple of scenes, we see BamBam sitting in a garden or laying in a hammock in the sky while pondering to himself.

While in another scene, BamBam sits thunderstorm that seems to only follow him around. The two contrasting scenes depict the rollercoaster of emotions he is going through as he is running through his mind. This goes to show that while reaching your dreams can be fulfilling, it also comes with its lows and stressors.

The song itself is about a dream coming to fruition even if it is coming together slowly. Perhaps this refers to BamBam’s own venture as a solo artist and finally being able to have freedom when it comes to his music. Like in the MV, there are highs and lows, a mix of emotions, and even some dark times. However, the conclusion of it is BamBam’s persona achieving their dream no matter how fantastical it may have seemed at first:

Now we
In slow motion
Have a new dream
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
No, not yet
Just beginning
Until I know
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

In Got7, BamBam was never able to do too much solo work when it came to music. When with the group, the majority of his parts were just quick rap lyrics. Now, as a solo artist, it is refreshing to see Bambam tackle more of a melody with his sing-speak style as opposed to just rapping. To go with the airy song, BamBam’s vocals are soft and delicate.  While he may not have a great range, BamBam is decent when it comes to his pitch and knows his limits. It still does not prevent him from hitting a few high notes while keeping in tune with the song’s soft style.

Throughout the MV, BamBam is accompanied by both male and female dancers. They join him in unison with wide and open dance movements that go through slow and fast paces. While there is nothing too unique about the dance, it still fits the atmosphere of the song with its simplicity. The song concludes with an explosion of synth that is accompanied by a dance breakdown giving the song a nice climax.

From spouting a few lyrics here and there, to holding his own now as a solo artist, it just goes to show how much more we have left to learn about BamBam. He has been putting out music consistently and sharing with us different facets of both his personality as well as his musical talents. “Slow Mo” is another great single to add to his discography along with an equally creative MV. While we are all eager for a Got7 reunion, I am sure Bambam still has more to show us when it comes to his solo projects. 

(Youtube. Lyrics via Genuis. Images via Abyss Company.)