As the end of the year rolls around, so do year-end award shows as well as the sometimes jolly, sometimes melancholy holiday releases from K-pop artists. Purple Kiss are no exception, and their winter single “My My” fits nicely into the holiday season category. Though “My My” does not wow, it’s sweet, sentimental, and captures the holiday spirit nicely.

“My My” is a Christmas love song, in which Purple Kiss yearn to spend Christmas feeling loved. The song is addressed to the one they love, declaring that there is nothing and no one else on their Christmas wish list. Christmas is celebrated, if at all, differently around the world, and in Korea the holiday is often associated with romantic love. Korea isn’t the only place where people write Christmas love songs — cue the classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. However, given the holiday’s association with couples in Korea, it’s no wonder that Purple Kiss express that they do not want to spend another Christmas alone.

The MV itself is a standard holiday MV, packed with Christmas references. All scenes take place inside, and the members lounge around at home until they convene for a holiday party. Until the holiday party scene, most of “My My” consists of individual shots of the members. Goeun does some solo karaoke, Swan plays video games, Dosie partakes in some indoor camping, Chaein opens presents, Ireh writes up her Christmas wish list, Jieun bakes, and Yuki decorates the Christmas tree. They admire the snowfall outside and the abundance of festive props inside, all while being doused in warm, cozy lighting, and there is absolutely no room to mistake “My My” for anything other than a holiday release.

Despite being packed with festive cheer, the MV is not always lighthearted. Much of it definitely is, but there is also a sense of loneliness that runs throughout “My My”. From the beginning of the MV, it is obvious that all of Purple Kiss are waiting for someone to come and interrupt their lonely lifestyles. Goeun wants to perform for that special someone, Swan wants someone to play video games with, and Dosie wants a camping partner. Chaein only wants a special present from that special someone, Ireh needs her special someone to read her Christmas wish list, Jieun wants to gift her baked goods, and Yuki wants to decorate with her Christmas darling. They want to love and be loved this Christmas. Without their special someone, it’s hard to feed into the “‘tis the season to be jolly” atmosphere. They direct longing glances at the camera, and despite the decor, “My My” is not a purely festive and joyful affair.

“My My” is their first holiday release since the group officially debuted earlier this year. Perhaps because it happens to be a seasonal release, “My My” looks and feels drastically different from their other two title tracks this year. In “Ponzoña” and “Zombie”, Purple Kiss were much edgier and assertive in both content and look of the song and MV. “My My” is a much warmer, inviting release, perfectly in line with the festive spirit, and is the perfect chance to display a sweeter, less intense, and more vulnerable side of Purple Kiss. However, “My My” does not completely disregard the bold persona Purple Kiss have curated for themselves.

Tell me what you want for me

What do you want?

If you hesitate, I’ll open up my my wishlist first

Don’t be surprised

My Christmas wishlist is you

I want you.

Though the MV is filled with longing, the lyrics show that Purple Kiss is not the group to suffer in silence with their feelings. The rest of “My My” hovers between silly and sentimental, and the MV comes to a cliche ending as they throw themselves a Christmas party. Complete with fake snow, confetti, and goofy dance moves, “My My” ends on a higher note than it started on.

“My My” is a sweet but standard holiday release, though it does showcase the versatility of the group. With multiple nominations for the upcoming Golden Disc Awards and the Seoul Music Awards, Purple Kiss’s future looks bright as they head into the new year.

(Lyrics via Genius, images via RBW)