On December 10, only three weeks after the release of their tenth Korean mini-album No LimitMonsta X is back with their second English studio album the Dreaming. Along with the release, the group shared an MV for the title track “You Problem.”  Filled with neon colors, shining lights, scribbles, and paper rip animation, this MV creates an aesthetic that is reminiscent of 70s disco. 

“You Problem” starts off with a heavy, pulsating bass that makes the song an instant head bopper. Eventually, head-bopping turns into full-out dancing as the upbeat acoustic guitar kicks in. The MV begins with the boys working as employees in a bowling alley and they are cleaning up for the night. Kihyun is sweeping the bowling lanes, Hyungwon is disinfecting the rental shoes, Minhyuk is wiping down the bowling balls, and Joohoney and I.M are working together to organize the DJ area. As they are doing so, animated scribbles surround their actions or paper rip animation merge two scenes to create an almost scrapbook look to the MV. The bowling alley is designed with very saturated bright colors, neon signs, and neon fluorescent lights that give a clear 70s disco vibe. The members’ wardrobes match this theme with their employee uniforms consisting of eye-catching colors and patterns.  These visual elements, suggestive of the colorful 70s, create a lively and fun tone to the music video. The created tone synonymously reflects the groovy vibe of the song. 

This tone is continued by witnessing the boys starting to fool around in their workspace as they play pool, bowl, and dance in leisure suits fit for the disco concept. However, this version of the group does not just present a vibrant atmosphere. It reflects the lyrics of the song. 

“You Problem”  is about wanting to get lost in the feelings that you have for someone. Thus, going with the flow of romance without any thought. However, the person Monsta X has fallen for is unwilling to succumb to her feelings and let loose:

Heaven’s closer than you think

You can taste it if you drink

But you don’t

No, you don’t” 

Hence, it is her own problem that she is not having fun because she is not accepting their invitations to go out and “just dance.” 

The two versions of them reflect this message because the group in the 70s suits mirror the members’ desire to live a little, while them as employees reflect the girl’s inability to let go and have fun. The two versions even have a moment where they go against each other as the bridge plays, symbolizing that they are their own problem in not being able to have fun. 

While the dynamic between the two different sides of Monsta X goes on, there is a third version of them dressed in matching red velvet suits in a neon-lit room. The room is also decorated with rainbow tinsel curtains and a spotlight as they sing their hearts out to the song. Once again, this reiterates the cheerful mood that has been consistent throughout the MV, while also highlighting the groups vocal range and color.

As the song begins to wind down and the MV comes to an end, it is revealed that the fun of the 70s-inspired suit version of themselves is imagined by employee-Joohoney. He does so as he listens to “You Problem” being sung by the third version of the group that was played on a bright yellow TV. An annoyed I.M is the one to snap him out of his daydreaming as he is ready to finish cleaning so he can presumably go home. 

Monsta X’s MV for “You Problem” is like most of the MVs they have released before. MVs like “Love Killa” and “Shine Forever” both contained storylines, but had a darker tone. What sets “You Problem” apart is the creation of the 70s aesthetic to drive the storyline in the MV. The plot then reflects the lyrics by utilizing animation reminiscent of a scrapbook, while also incorporating neon lighting. The use of wardrobe also adds to the storyline by creating versions of themselves that make the MV more entertaining to watch. With its dazzling aesthetic and relaxing plotline, this MV is a colorful and fun viewing experience.

(Youtube. Lyrics via Genius Lyrics. Images via Starship Entertainment.)