Welcome back to another instalment of For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take time out of the week to curate a set of photos from the K-pop landscape.

Light is critical for the art of photography. The absence of light can hide pieces of the shot in the shadows while a carefully directed beam can reveal more than expected. This collection of images brings together those that have a cinematic touch to them, whether it is because of the light leaks or the styling or what is hidden in darkness. SM plays around with mirrors and reflection with Johnny‘s concept photos for NCT 2021, both concealing and revealing different elements of his face. Lee Yumi‘s pictorial seems like she’s part of a larger story tinged with secrets, the blue of the butterfly capturing the viewer’s attention and her red lipstick drawing attention soon after. Regardless of how these photos accomplish their cinematic feel, they all prompt viewers to believe that the narrative does not end with the click of the shutter.

Images via SM Entertainment, RBW Entertainment, Indeed, Marie Claire, 1st Look, Singles, Dazed, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan.