Mass media often seems to suggest that many of us will experience a love so dramatic and transformational that we are forever changed. Though AB6IX’s latest release “Cherry” is not quite that dramatic, it still follows a theme of transformation through love. A lighthearted and enjoyable but straightforward MV, “Cherry” chronicles growing through love.

“Cherry” serves as the title track for the group’s second studio album, Mo’ Complete. It is a sweet love song, dedicated to the special girl who is their “cherry on top” and who is the motivation behind their transformation. The release is a much more lighthearted release than “Close”, which was released this past spring. The switch between concepts is not surprising; AB6IX’s comebacks have been consistent since their debut in 2019 but they shift between serious and fun releases with considerable ease. With “Cherry” they are back on the happier side of the spectrum, with an MV that is fun and easy to follow.

While the song itself may be a love song, the MV takes a slightly different approach. There are no obvious references to love, and there is no physical person AB6IX are lusting after. Instead, the MV for “Cherry” focuses on the transformation that AB6IX undergo as they experience love. Indeed, the narrative of the MV for “Cherry” is rather simple: timid boys become confident men through love. Sprinkle in some school uniforms and a colourful party at a roller rink and that sums up “Cherry”.

“Cherry” contains no extravagant sets or outlandish props, but sells its story through colours and cinematography. At first, “Cherry” seems to be another school-themed K-pop MV. The members are dressed in neutral tones and school uniforms, and on screen a digital graduation yearbook showcases them in various school settings. It is the perfect set up for their transformation from sweet, innocent schoolboys to more confident young men. Indeed, the members hesitate to make eye contact with the camera, and the high-angle shots also suggest their position as timid students.

However, the graduation yearbook is the first hint that they are not going to stay that way. Graduation marks the end of a phase, and for AB6IX, it marks the beginning of their days as confident young men. Their love for this special girl taints them, and they are forever transformed. It should be noted that the transformation is not undergone in the quest for love. AB6IX are not changing themselves to win a girl’s heart. Instead, “Cherry” chronicles the glow-up they experience as they grow through experiencing love.

As the title would indicate, cherries can be spotted throughout the MV, especially during the beginning. A symbol of their love, an overwhelming number of cherries surround the members as they struggle with expressing themselves. However, to mark their transformations, cherries burst forth from their heart as they leave the timid versions of themselves behind.

For their evolutions, any symbol indicating a soft schoolboy presence is ditched. Donghyun is the first one up, and after throwing his glasses away, his uniform is exchanged for a bright yellow jacket and accessories. Woojin and Woong are next, and finally Daehwi ditches his backpack too. Like Donghyun, all of them have upgraded from their dull school uniforms to casual outfits featuring lots of bold colours, patterns, and accessories.

Once the styling switches, the demeanor of the members shift as well. There is no more cowering in the corner, and there are more shots of the camera angled to look up at them. AB6IX have become bolder in both style and substance.

Along with their styling, the sets are another obvious indication of the members’ transformation. The pastel school hallways and classrooms are switched out for colourful diners and a roller rink, and each frame of the MV is much more vibrant.

Once their transformation is complete, everything culminates in a final party at the roller rink. Packed with people, balloons, streamers, and of course roller skates, it is an ode to youth who have grown up but not too much yet. AB6IX are young men now and are past their days of being shy boys. With their new confidence, they are having fun experiencing both life and love.

“Cherry” proves the charms of a relatively simple MV. It is a far departure from the dramatic, and often heartbreaking depictions of love. Instead, it is relaxed, fun, and allows the members of AB6IX to flourish in their latest release.

(YouTube. Images via Brandnew Music)