Most of us know BamBam as a member of the group, Got7. The group left their long-time label, JYP Entertainment, at the beginning of the year. Due to the issues centering around their last comeback, Got7 leaving JYP was actually a relief rather than a tragedy for fans. The members have declared that Got7 have not disbanded but they will be currently working on their solo projects. BamBam signed on with Abyss Company and has now released his first mini-album, Ribbon. The MV for his single, also titled “Ribbon,” shows a bright-eyed BamBam who is ready to conquer the world with his new and honest persona. 

While Jay B and Jackson Wang have opted for more mature and sexier concepts for their comebacks, BamBam decided to give in to his feminine side. As a group, Got7 has experimented with several genres including hip hop, trap, and R&B. As much as they varied with genres, they also went for different concepts. They were never shy to sport aegyo concepts even as they aged like they did with their “Lullaby” comeback. For the most part, they played the part of the perfect boyfriend with songs about love. Now, free from the constraints of his former label, BamBam decided to go for a repetitive pop melody along with a concept about rebirth for his MV for “Ribbon.”

Do not be fooled by its cute aesthetics. The MV uses self-reflection to show BamBam’s new persona. In one scene, BamBam is shown playing against himself in a game of chess. While chess can sometimes symbolize strategy or war, in this case, he is battling against his other self. In a nice twist, BamBam puts down a colorful piece that turns out to be another version of himself. Instead of fighting against the other pawns, everyone breaks out into a playful brawl. This shows that BamBam is not interested in fighting; he is just showcasing another side of himself which likes to have more fun. We see this self-reflection again when he is cheering from the audience while he is also performing onstage. It is clear that BamBam is proud and excited to be showing this other self to his fans.

It might take you a few listens, but the word “ribbon” is a pun for the word “reborn.” The two words do not sound too much alike, but in the song, BamBam pronounces them the same. As such, we see several ribbons throughout the MV to symbolize his rebirth. For example, BamBam uses a ribbon to package up the boxes we see at the beginning of the MV. He also wears several ribbons in a few of his outfits. Since BamBam is being “reborn,” the ribbons are used to symbolize his new self as a gift to his loyal fanbase. The concept is not overly complicated. BamBam is just happy to reimagine and share his new persona:

See a better version of my side.
I’m like a feather now, I feel so light.
Whatever you want, want.
And give you everything for sure.
I’m ribbon.
Now I’ve come back to my spot.
When I close my eyes, I feel so right.
Above the blue sky, they grew deeper and brighter. 
I’m reborn.

The rest of the lyrics further confirm that BamBam feels he is happier now to be showing a different, better version of himself. The references to feathers indicate he feels less pressure to be someone he is not. This does suggest that previously, he might have not been happy with the persona he was putting on with Got7. However, BamBam is not looking at it from a negative point of view, if anything. This is more like a new chapter in his life.

Continuing with the topic of rebirth and self-reflection, at the beginning of the MV, BamBam opens a box that has a tiny version of himself. In the box, he is waking up with flowers around him and even in his mouth. Flowers further symbolize BamBam’s new growth, and BamBam is awakening to a new world for himself. His facial expressions show that he is in awe and excitement as he reaches out of the dark box into the light. This indicates that he felt that he was previously not allowed to shine like he knew he could.

The colors, setting, and dancers all add to the MV’s cheerful tone. The colors vary but center around pinks, purples, and blues, giving a more soft and spring-like appeal. This in turn doubles down on the rebirth concept since spring is typically the time of flowering plants. BamBam uses both male and female dancers who vary in fun outfits to match the settings. The dance routine is highspirited with lots of hops, skipping, and the use of many hand movements in the air. Both the dancers and the choreography adds to the joyful tone of the set as if they are just having fun as friends.

It is nice to see all the different facets of Got7 as the members start focusing on their solo projects. BamBam surprised us with a song about sharing his honest opinion on his former self, and how delighted he is to now be showing a new him. However, there is no bitterness as to his former self. He is simply excited to get the chance to explore different genres and concepts. The MV is all about positively letting fans know that he is free from his previous label, and is now able to create the kind of music he enjoys. I am looking forward to see what else BamBam will show us as he continues his musical development.
(Youtube. Lyrics via LyricTranslate. Images via Abyss Company.)