Orbit was created from the Japanese version of the popular competition show, Produce 101. The group consists of 7 members of both Japanese and South Korean nationalities. Enchant, their latest album was released with the two singles, “Blind” and “Dionaea.” In an interesting choice, the MV for “Blind” stars only 3 members, and the MV for “Dionaea” features the other 4. While “Blind” is all about rich aesthetics with cool tones, “Dionaea” digs a little deeper by incorporating the concept of the song into the MV. For the most part, however, “Dionaea” is a simplistic MV keeping the focus on the song itself.

Dionaea is a carnivorous plant commonly referred to as a Venus flytrap. While there are no flies in this MV, there are quick flashes of the popular plant. Additionally, the dance routine also incorporates the snapping of the Venus flytrap with the members using their hands and arms. With such an ominous symbol, you would think the song is about luring someone to their demise. However, the warm tones and natural settings through the MV indicate otherwise. Overall, the MV is not overwhelmed with the symbolism of the plant. 

Along with the dionaea, the MV incorporates the use of flowers. At the beginning of the MV, we see a burning rose which, like the Venus flytrap, sets up a tragic tone. However, as already mentioned the rest of the MV has a breezy feel. A burning rose typically symbolizes a dying love. However, the song itself is about wanting to protect someone from afar. In other instances, we see the members holding flowers or laying in petals on the ground setting a more romantic feel.

While the rest of the MV is more about aesthetics, it still connects back to the plant theme by using mostly natural sets. The forest, the beach, and open grass fields are some of the sets that the members stand or sit against. These sets alternate with the dance routine which is done against a plain white background. Ultimately, the MV has more of a breezy tone, with simple outfits and sets, keeping the focus on the singers.

During the climax of the MV, while quick, we see someone letting go of someone else’s hands suggesting lovers are breaking up. This is followed by a member sprouting wings like a guardian angel. Again, this ties back to the protector theme of the song itself. The voice suggests they are apart from their lover but promises to protect them during that time. While there was not an overall plot, this part of the MV creates a climax that coincides with the heightened vocals of the song bringing everything together.

The song, itself, has an odd connection with the Venus flytrap. The voice refers to “protection” several times throughout the song. However, dionaea is not trying to protect anyone, not even itself. The mechanism of catching flies is purely for its own survival because it is a carnivorous plant. However, the venus flytrap can also mean “persistence” and the voice does suggest they will not stop being by someone’s side. The lyrics range from romantic to sorrowful lines suggesting they are waiting for someone to reciprocate their feelings:

Until you want (until)
As it is (until)
I want to protect you
Until you want (until)
As it is (until)
Don’t rush
We going slow we going slow

The MV is a bit simple, but the song itself is lovely. All the members kill the vocals and add great passion to the song. It would have been better if the symbolism of the Venus flytrap would have been clearer, but also understandable if they did not want to make it too obvious. Ultimately, it ties everything into a decent climax giving the MV some sort of conclusion. The decision to separate the group into two MVs gives us a chance to get to know the individual members more showing off their vocal talents. I am looking forward to seeing how Orbit will continue to market themselves.

(Youtube. Lyrics via Lyrical Nonsense. Images via Present Label.)