What a way to usher in April, Hoshi! The mature and sexy atmosphere that comes with his solo release, “Spider”, is absolutely intoxicating, and the visuals of the MV prove to us over and over again as to why he is Seventeen’s performance leader. This track may have hints or references to Taemin’s solo releases (no surprises there, considering the fact that Hoshi is a huge Shawol – let’s be honest, who isn’t?), which provides listeners with a familiar sound, but “Spider” is also unique enough to allow Hoshi establish his personal flair and sound.

When paired with the MV, “Spider” becomes an experience, for all elements of the song go well with the dance and aesthetics as seen in the MV. The song itself is already sexy, sultry and slinky, with a beat that makes you move your shoulders and bop your head upon first listen. Much like a web, the song grows on you the more you listen to it, and soon enough, you find the song trapped in your head, much like a fly stuck in a spider’s web (though it’s a lot less morbid since we are not getting eaten by a spider). Similarly, the lyrics reflect the listener’s feelings towards the song, for it talks about how one is so enamored with the other that they simply cannot get enough of the other person, and they become tangled up in a web of emotions.

You tie me up like a spider

We’re tangled up

We can’t escape

The choreography also matches the theme of the spider, for it uses a combination of fluid and disjointed movements, hence giving the dance a sleek and clean feel to it. Most solo artists usually have backup dancers to fill the stage, and they generally fade in the background; however, the backup dancers in “Spider” add to the spider effect, as well as add to the feeling of being overwhelmed. This was one of the reasons “Spider” is so enjoyable to watch – every person and prop has an intended purpose, instead of simply being there for the sake of being there. Everything adds to the overall experience and feeling the song wants to convey, which is what makes “Spider” so spectacular.

The use of lighting, sets, costumes and makeup also add to the overall atmosphere. Although most Kpop MVs do have a set aesthetic for each type of song, most of them usually feel generic, instead of tailored to fit the song’s tone and mood. One example would be Day6’s MV for “days gone by”, where the costuming, makeup, hair, sets, lighting, and even filming technique fit the 80s retro theme that was prominent in the song. Even though these may seem like minor elements, where they all come together, it really amplifies the mood and atmosphere of the song itself, and it is due to small things like these that make the MV worth watching over and over again.

Even the aesthetic or artistic shots that are littered alongside the choreography have a purpose. In fact, they are all related to the idea of the spider – one of my favorite shots is of him spreading the white paint on the floor, creating a web for him to be stuck in. There was also a scene where we see a fingerprint, and as it expands, it transitions into a shot of Hoshi lying in the white paint. Such details really add to the idea of being wrapped around a finger, and being completely enamored with someone, thus creating an enjoyable viewing experience.

Hoshi’s “Spider” is extremely captivating and hypnotic – each viewing allows the viewer to notice something new, and the song grows on you a little bit more. Of course, even though his influences are considerably prominent in “Spider”, with time, he will be able to develop his personal style and flair, and turn those influences into something of his own.

(YouTube, Images and Lyrics via HYBE Labels)