Enhypen returns with their newest album, Border: Carnival, with the latest track titled, “Drunk-Dazed.” Similar to their first MV, “Given-Taken,” the MV for “Drunk-Dazed” uses horror elements to reflect the lyrics of the song. This time the members are blood-drinking beings that use parties to lure their prey. If you are queasy when it comes to blood, you may want to hold back from watching this MV.

There is blood in their cups, blood dripping from the ceilings, and blood spilling over from fountains. Sunghoon even dances in blood rain. It is unclear if Enhypen is trying to make horror their thing, or if it is just something they are exploring during their rookie year. However, it certainly makes for entertaining MVs and brings to life the tired concept of a house party.

With a title like “Drunk-Dazed,” it is no surprise that one of the main settings of the MV is a party. However, while everyone is celebrating, the overall tone of the MV is ominous. Both the MV and song title mislead you into thinking this is just a song about dancing and celebrating. While there is confetti, birthday cake, and drinks, the members of Enhypen are keeping their vampire identities hidden from their guests. This is not just a birthday party, it is a ruse to lure unsuspecting victims to their lair.

Along with the concept of vampires, chaos is the other major element of the MV. Fast and trembling camera work, quick and energetic choreography, and shots of overly bloody scenes counter with the seemingly happy shots of the party.

Additionally, the members tend to switch from stoic facial expressions to maniacal ones, adding to the sinister feel of the MV. At times, it can be confusing as to what the overall theme is about. The lyrics mention dancing and, as stated before, seem to be all about a party. However, altogether with the MV, the topic is actually about the anxiety-inducing chaos of the K-pop life. The dancing, the festivities, and the fast-paced nature can be a good time but it can also be stressful.

With their newfound fame, right now may seem like Enhypen should only be celebrating. However, “Drunk-Dazed” delves deeper into the darker side of it all. The vampire theme of the MV indicates they are feeding off the energy of their new idol life. The word “carnival” is also mentioned throughout the lyrics suggesting that they are part of a show and feel like performers that cannot stop pleasing the crowd. While it may seem overly negative, it really is just commenting on the turbulent part of their careers. It can be stressful just as much as it is exciting: 

I feel it, my head’s in a daze, daze, daze
I’m addicted, I replay, play, play
The way you want it
Go as far as you can to reach it
Trapped in the carnival, wow, wow
My heart’s again in a daze, daze, daze
Can’t control my body dance, dance, dance
This sweet scent
Fangs glowing red
Revel in it, this carnival, wow, wow

The MV has a minor plotline that helps give context to their vampire origins. In the climax, the members are dressed in regal clothing and looking up towards an angelic female figure. This sets the stage that they are ageless vampires who have long been drinking blood. After the climax, the scenes get bloodier and the choreography becomes more intense until it circles back to the schoolgirl from the first scene. All in all, the MV does a decent job of telling a simple story about vampires. While we never see them killing the party-goers, their sudden disappearance and the blood-filled cups seem to imply their demise.

“Drunk-Dazed” weaves together vampire creatures as a metaphor for their new lives as K-pop idols. The concept of the MV fits well with the lyrics of the song that speak about the confusing and turbulent emotions that come with fame. While also acknowledging that they are feeding off the excitement of their new popularity. Enhypen is out to kill the K-pop scene with high-quality MVs and captivating melodies. Let us see if they can keep up the high energy as they continue to show off their talents.

(Youtube. Lyrics via Genius. Images via Hybe.)