It has been about a year since Day6‘s last full comeback, with Jae and Sungjin taking a break due to mental health issues. In the past year, the members have been doing their own solo projects, and even had a unit debut under the name Even of Day, where the youngest members, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon released a mini album to continue The Book of Us series.

Despite the long hiatus, Day6 has had an eventful year. Jae released music under the name eaJ, starting his own podcast and streaming on Twitch; Wonpil and Young K released covers on Day6’s YouTube page, and even collaborating with other artists. Of course, despite the constant influx of content from the members, fans still wished for the day the band would have a full group comeback. Well, a year has passed, and Day6 is finally back, with “You Make Me”.

With what seems to be the final instalment of The Book of Us series, “You Make Me” marks a happy ending after the turbulent adventure we had. The MV opens with a couple dancing on the beach, while the members watch from afar. The mood immediately shifts the moment the verse begins: we see the male lead stumbling through alleyways, while the female lead waits by the car.

There is a moment of panic when we find out the male lead has quite possibly been stabbed in the side, but he quickly covers it up before meeting with his girlfriend. The two go on a drive, but as the first chorus comes to an end, we see the male lead sweating, almost on the verge of passing out.

A song break occurs as the female lead attempts to wake her boyfriend up, and the scene cuts to moment of the couple on the beach. We only see one set of footprints on the sand, which implies that the male lead may have died due to severe blood loss, but when the second verse begins, we see him open his eyes. It is worth noting that during the first verse and chorus, the colours were dark and dull, but from the second verse onwards, the colours are bright and vibrant. The two are then seen speeding down the highway, having the time of their lives, and it is almost as if what we saw in the first verse never happened in the first place.

The MV ends beautifully, with the couple dancing on the beach, and we are brought back to the very beginning of the MV, to complete one big circular motion, which ties in with the theory of negentropy, hence alluding to the title of the album, The Book of Us: Negentropy, Chaos Swallowed Up In Love

The Book of Us series has come to a close, with Sungjin enlisting in the military, meaning that fans will not be getting a full comeback for quite awhile. The MV ends with a small quote, “Every ending is a new beginning.”, which is reminiscent of their final track for the Every Day6 project, where it said “The show must go on”. With “You Make Me” as the closing song for The Book of Us, it gives the listener a sense of unity, where we all have to hold on to each other and move forward as a group.

The melodramatic but overall happy storyline the MV takes on also allows the listener to feel happier as a whole, and when taking into consideration how slow-moving and depressing 2020 was, I think we could use a happy ending for 2021.

(YouTube; Images via JYP Entertainment)