Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • The international K-pop community woke up on March 1 to find a great deal of Korean releases no longer available on Spotify. It turns out that there are licensing issues taking place between Spotify and Kakao M, a major distributor of K-pop (also the owner of the domestic streaming platform, Melon). Hopefully an agreement can be reached soon.
  • Some updates on recent bullying accusations:
    • Actor Ji Soo will be enlisting in the military following his bullying scandal. The actor also released a handwritten apology for his behavior in middle school, while his agency maintains that the claims of sexual violence are unfounded.
    • G-Idle‘s Soojin will temporarily halt activities. Cube Entertainment has refuted the accusations of violence against her former classmate but will continue to look into the matter.
    • Park Hye-soo has also been accused of bullying, with her company denying the accusations. The premiere of her drama Dear. M, originally slated for February 26, has been delayed.
    • A legal battle appears to be underway between former April member Hyunjoo and DSP Media over her and her family’s allegations of bullying. Member Naeun has also been accused directly of bullying, and will be edited out of Delicious Rendezvous.

Debuts & Comebacks

Teasers & Announcements

  • BDC‘s “Moon Rider” MV teaser promises some retro funk. The MV will premier on March 8.
  • Soyu and Lee Hyori will release a collab on March 11.
  • Cravity will be promoting their B-side “Bad Habits” and are kicking off the promotion with concept teasers and a dance performance video on March 11.
  • Ghost9 will also return on the 11th with “Seoul.
  • The title poster has been released for Black Pink Rose‘s solo debut, R.
  • Purple Kiss shared the track list for their debut album that will drop on March 15.
  • Pentagon are going full-on manhwa for their March 15 release, Love or Take.
  • Concept photos have been shared for Woodz single album, Set.
  • The concept trailer is out for Drippin‘s second mini album, A Better Tomorrow, due out on March 16.
  • Bright colors seem to be the theme for Weeekly‘s We Play, set for a March 17 release.
  • DSP Media’s new boy group Killa will debut on the 17th as well. Have you been keeping up with the member introductions?
  • Baekhyun will release a new solo album on March 30.
  • C9 Entertainment has begun to introduce the members of their upcoming boy group.
  • Classic manhwa-turned-drama Goong is getting a remake.

Other News

  • Sunggyu (Infinite) will part ways with Woollim Entertainment.
  • Got7‘s BamBam has joined Abyss Company following the group’s departure from JYPE.
  • Seven O’Clock announced their disbandment.
  • Some notable donations:
    • Red Velvet‘s Yeri donated 10 million won to Jusarang Community’s Baby Box in celebration of her birthday.
    • Big Hit and BTS pledged to continue their “Love Myself” campaign in partnership with UNICEF.

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