GooseBumps is the newest producer and DJ to join AOMG. Having debuted in 2012, he has slowly built an eclectic hip-hop production credit list (from Loco to Zico) while also serving as a guest producer on Signhere. Most recently, GooseBumps entirely produced both Simon Dominic‘s No Open Flames EP and Sik-K’s mini-album Officially OG. GooseBumps also went on to win SBS’s DJ Show Triangle in 2017 as part of the “Itaewon Team” solidifying his status not only as an elite hip-hop producer but also a gifted DJ. 

“Somewhere”, though, sees GooseBumps stretching his dormant R&B muscles. Instead of an expected hip-hop based track featuring say, Simon Dominic, Woo or Punchnello, we have GrayHoodyElo and Devita on this single. As such the production of this track is ethereal, floating off into the clouds to complement the higher registers of each featuring AOMG artist. 

It is a great indication of GooseBumps ability to create and adapt to the varying types of musicians within AOMG. Before “Somewhere”, it would have been hard to imagine GooseBumps crafting a single drifting within dancehall elements. It’s a brilliant new showing by GooseBumps. 

The MV for “Somewhere” is a glossy animated timepiece with what is assumedly 3D rendered faces of each artist. The MV suits the notoriously busy schedules of AOMG artists and the ever-present COVID-19 movement restrictions. The world represented in this MV seems inspired by time chambers and mind palaces which are, essentially, beautiful structures held in an inanimate place. These inanimate places are often only created to hold the ideas of its creator’s mind or similarly a place to remember and reflect on memories. 

Lyrically, this is reflected in the refrain of the single which is a loop of Gray’s vocals wanting to go somewhere new. It is a timely and commercially appealing piece within our current pandemic lifestyles. The MV could be a world you dreamt up, symmetrical structures eroding out of the ocean while Gray whispers into your ear.

We gotta go somewhere
Let’s go somewhere.

The MV’s use of warm colours and water like landscapes match the laid back atmosphere of the track. In turn, the track’s dancehall-inspired drum loops seem birthed from this post-modern tropical landscape which the MV invents. Once Devita’s vocals hit the imagery seems to move to the core of its imagined landscape. There are marble pillars with glowing oceans juxtaposed by non-structures and strobe-lights guarded by worm-like organisms. The MV really seems like something out of an architect’s weirdest dreams.

Unfortunately, the lack of information on who animated this MV makes its visual discussion limited. This does, however, create space to speak on production within AOMG! Gray has continued to show little public interest in releasing a debut album. His appeal on a chorus section remains as vivid as ever even his production seems reminiscent of this single.

Gray’s last comeback single “TMI” came in 2019 with Gray choosing to focus on building his production credit list, which is legendary at this point. In relations to AOMG, Gray has remained its most proficient producer creating hit after hit for his labelmates since 2013 (a tough feat considering AOMG has Cha Cha Malone and Code Kunst in their ranks).

GooseBumps has stated that he wishes to become the new workhorse producer of AOMG. This seems to be a much-needed move for the label as Gray and Code Kunst’s profile and schedules continue to ballon outside of AOMG. GooseBumps now has the opportunity to grow his popularity by crafting substantial releases with other AOMG members much like Gray had. He may find healthy competition from DJ Wegun and Cha Cha Malone for the role but neither has shown an appetite for such a strenuous position.

GooseBumps has already indicated that he is currently working on his debut album as well as on the production on albums for Devita and Sogumm. Sogumm is no stranger to one producer albums and Devita — being a new artist to AOMG — makes their working together an exciting prospect. This drive to create large bodies of work is in contrast to Gray’s single’s focused career. GooseBumps seems to match more with Code Kunst or DJ Wegun in this case. It will be interesting to see if GooseBumps continues to mainly create full bodies of music for AOMG artists or if this MV indicates that he will also be taking up Gray’s blueprint of single’s for success.

Overall, this MV stands more as a symbol of GooseBumps’ official welcome into AOMG than anything else. Concurrently GooseBumps has been signed to AOMG since February. His welcome has been delayed due to the Coronavirus as well as the promotional welcomes of Devita and Lee Hi. As such, this MV is the first step in what will likely be a surge of new music coming from within AOMG thanks to the arrival of GooseBumps.

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