If you’re working hard to chase your dreams during the day, then the night is for dreams to come find you. Particularly in these warmer summer nights, with the windows open and the usual cricket chirping, does your mind feel free to explore your hidden imagination. There’s something about this greater leisure that comes from the middle months, as you feel inclined to relax and daydream.

I, for one, have been dreaming almost every night, and they’re either wild, unusual, or plain strange. Mornings are then briefly spent trying to decipher their meaning or origin, as the remaining fragments continue to fade away. 

Although it is safest to stay indoors, the free time provides ample space to dream up a world that’s safer, sweeter, or perhaps even more romantic. Allow these songs to carry you away as you snooze, providing all the right colors to explore an alternate universe — if only for one night.