If you’re wondering why Akdong Musician‘s Suhyun is still single, look no further: Winner‘s latest release, “Hold”, tells you the exact reason why. Just kidding, but the protective brother act the members have towards Suhyun in the MV is endearing and humorous. You’ve probably already heard about “Hold” even before its release, with its teaser gaining massive criticism for its similarities one of BTS‘ unreleased tracks, “Ddaeng”. Similarities between the flow of the rap featured in “Hold”‘s teaser and “Ddaeng”‘s chorus seemed to have been found, but after listening to “Hold” in its entirety, the song is so much more than the controversy it once was.

Clout and fan wars aside, “Hold”‘s MV is hilarious, cute, and it simply sends good vibes all around. The first half of the MV shows the members attempting to wrench Suhyun’s phone out of her hands so they would know who she was texting. The members would get all up in Suhyun’s grill, hovering over her shoulder to see the contents on her phone and trying to steal her phone when she was not looking. Yoon even hides in the fridge so he could have a chance to grab the device. Not entirely sure what the thought process was, but it doesn’t seem like the viable plan — how was he going to escape with the phone? 

Of course, like the annoying brothers they are, the members start making fun of Suhyun once they find out who she has been texting. With Mino twerking on the table and Hoony forming a heart-shape using crumbs, viewers can feel the embarrassment Suhyun feels. The whole MV and the members’ actions are so in-your-face. This is especially seen with the shot of them floating around Suhyun with wings on their backs, pretending to play Cupid. With the members constantly following her, you can almost hear the noise that they’re making, and in a time of quarantine, you can bet that the constant noise would drive Suhyun insane.

At the end of the MV, the members succeed in driving Suhyun’s date out of the house, ensuring that their sister is safe and protected from the horrors of men. Good riddance too. If your date can’t even handle embarrassing brothers, are you sure he would be able to handle more serious matters in the future? That aside, it is nice to see the members in a more domestic setting and simply having fun. The MV is bright,  colourful, and light-hearted, allowing viewers to feel comfortable while watching.

I have briefly mentioned the Coronavirus in my previous reviews, and while I hate to bring it up every single time, it is an event that is currently deeply affecting us all. With “Hold” set at home and nowhere else apart from the occasional break to a dance floor with disco lighting, the theme of family and relationships are more prominent. Many may start to feel tension amongst their family members because everyone is in the same enclosed space together, but the sibling relationship in “Hold” reminds us that there are times where everyone can just goof off without a care in the world. 

Overall, “Hold” is a feel-good MV and track that anyone can get into. With a catchy beat and tune, viewers feel happier and more relaxed, simply enjoying a slice of life through the members’ overprotectiveness as well as their absurd but weirdly accurate reactions. It’s the perfect time for artists to put out feel-good music, and Winner truly put us out of our misery even if it only lasted for three minutes and one second.

(YouTube, Images via YG Entertainment)

Article Updated on 05/04/2019.