Sometimes there are days when you reminisce. You look back on the past and replay those moments over and over again in your mind, wondering if you would change anything. You watch your past self — your self from five, ten, fifteen, or more years ago — contemplating those feelings you felt then, thinking with amazement how much you have grown since then. You remember those days when it hurt the most, the days you rather would wish you could forget. But they keep coming back, and, eventually, you let those memories flood back, remembering how much stronger — how much more of yourself — you are now.

 Sometimes you need a playlist for when you are remembering. Sometimes you need to scream-sing along with Day6 during the “why am I alone” part of “I Need Somebody” for the days when you became so removed from the world you did not realize you were not quite living. Sometimes you need Holland’s “Loved You Better” to look back on your past self and realize that while you were so focused on hiding from yourself, you were missing out on everything that made you you and worthy of love. The Rose is there to catch you when you fall into the painful memories, reminding you that “it’s better to be held than holding on.” 

And when you emerge from the depths of your memories and think about who you are and where you stand today, N.Flying is there with you in your darkness telling you that, someday, “Everything’s gonna be alright.” “End of a day” holds you in an embrace at the close of your journey of memories. While Jonghyun sings of finding comfort and love at the end of a difficult day, thinking of his beloved dog, Roo, maybe it will be these songs that give you a safe place to cry, to scream a little bit, and to reflect for when you find yourself remembering.

Image via Big Hit Entertainment