It’s that time of the year again, where you’re anticipating either a very cozy, intimate or a very annoying, disservice of a day just walking around what is temporarily Couple Land. Stores have stocked Valentine’s Day gifts from early on, though they will really make their profit today for the sake of tomorrow. Chocolate brands and jewelry ads also spam your phone, mostly on your Instagram… which is either very helpful. Or not.

For those who already have plans for Valentine’s Day, feel free to skip on this playlist curated for all those reminded of that one impossible love. Meaning, the past one-sided crushes that you still have a soft spot for, if not the occasional daydream. The one person you cannot for sure say you have let go of 100%, wondering “what if” yet again. For all those who still linger in their yearning, feel free to relate to and fuel your daydreams with this playlist! If Valentine’s Day can’t be a day for romance, it can be a day for self-love and endless imagination. At least until reality kicks in again.