Seven months after the release of Remember Us: Youth Part 2, Day6 returns with a mini album accompanied with a brand new sound, and story. Titled The Book of Us: Gravity, the album takes on a more positive and brighter approach as compared to past releases. Day6 is typically known for their heartbreaking and emotional lyrics, but while The Book of Us: Gravity does not follow that formula, it embraces and comforts the listeners the more they listen to it.

The album opens with “For Me,” an upbeat and almost anthem-like track. It is emotionally uplifting both musically and lyrically, with the persona encouraging themselves. In contrast to previous opening tracks by Day6, “For Me” focuses on the indivisual rather than a relationship with another person. According to bassist Young K, he explained that “in order to start a healthy relationship with somebody else, […] you need to know yourself first.” “For Me” conveys that message clearly, where the persona is acknowledging their personal achievements and rewarding themselves for making it through the hardships:

Now I want to know you
You’ve done well so far on your own
I’ll tell myself
For me

Heartening with its message, “For Me” welcomes and embraces the listener, allowing them to feel at ease with themselves. It serves as a place of rest for listeners and allows them to feel safe and comfortable.

The title track, “Time of Our Life,” is a vibrant and dare-I-say anime opening-like song. The style of the track is heavily reminiscent of Japanese rock band RADWIMPS’ style of music, an artist whom Day6 has covered in festivals. The track is carefree and high-spirited, and it cares more about living in the moment rather than fretting over everything else. As compared to similar songs such as “Freely,” “Time of Our Life” focuses on being contented with the people around you and the life you are currently living rather than throwing all the stress away to be free. 

A page of beautiful youth
Let’s write it down together
With the memories of you

The ending track, “Best Part,” also focuses on living life with meaning. It is an energetic track that strips away all of the burden and stress of the listener. It encourages a free and easy-going atmosphere, especially with the members belting out the phrase “best part.” The track is one that makes listeners want to jump around theur bedroom with happiness, and it provides them with the feeling that they could do absolutely anything with no regrets:

There is not a single moment that is meaningless to me
Not knowing when the end is
This moment is the best part

As an ending track, it leaves listeners on a high and unrestricted. It reminds listeners that life will continue on, but there is always a place for them to return to and rest. This connects back to the title of the album, The Book of Us: Gravity, and how listeners will naturally gravitate back to this album as a reminder of how far they have come, as well as to reminisce on past memories.

Of course, it would not be a Day6 album if there are no tracks that bring about a wave of sadness, would it? The track “How to Love” is a quintessential Day6 track — an upbeat track with somewhat depressing lyrics. The track deviates from the standard modern rock sound. Rather, it is similar to the style of music in the 60s, with the band’s take on a groovier sound.

“How to Love” explores the curiosity of one who has never been in a relationship before and is envious of those who are in one. The persona constantly watch couples on the street and how love is being portrayed as a great force, but have never experienced it himself. While the track is spirited and lively, there is an underlying tone of sadness and loneliness in the pre-chorus, where the persona admits that they have never experienced love before:

Well actually
Even in my head
I haven’t even been through it once
How am I supposed to know?

The topic of love is a popular one to explore in songs, considering the fact that Day6 constantly covers it as well, ranging from a crush to intense heartbreak, though the notion of someone never experiencing love is new. It is a thought process that many go through, especially when there have been so many stories in the media about couples and romance, as well as success stories on Tinder. It really makes one wonder what love is like having yet to go through it.

This is followed by the track “Wanna Go Back,” a song that deals with the idea of being a grown up. The persona hates the fact that they are now an adult, unable to go back to a time when they were happy and free from all burdens. Dowoon was given a verse in this track and his deep voice paired with the guitar riffs further emphasises the desire to go back in time. Although it is rare to hear Dowoon sing, he is slowly gaining more lines in every album, and fans certainly hope to be able to hear him sing more in the future.

The last track, “Cover,” is a soft rock ballad which expresses the vulnerability and insecurity felt by the members. It discusses the front they put on when facing others, making themselves look more than they actually are when they are scared about breaking down completely. However, they have chosen to be honest in showing their “weak and lame self” to the public. 

The relationship between Day6 and their fanbase, MyDays, has always been one that is filled with trust and love. This was solidified when Sungjin decided to shave his head last year, admitting that the reason as to why he was able to shave his head without any regrets was because he trusted MyDays to still accept him despite his looks. MyDays from all over the world celebrated his bravery, and Sungjin chose not to grow out his hair until earlier in the year.

“In Day6 we trust,” and The Book of Us: Gravity does not fail to deliver. Day6 has once again provided listeners with a safe space for them to be themselves. Of course, while it greatly differs from previous albums due to its lack in the intense emotional connection Day6 typically brings to the table, this new album embraces listeners despite their flaws and mistakes. It encourages listeners and comforts them, letting them know that they are not the only ones going through this whirlwind known as life.

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