NCT Dream teamed up with English singer, HRVY, for an audacious song titled, “Don’t Need Your Love.” The teaser for the MV showed HRVY speaking into a school’s PA System and inviting others to join a club dedicated to the brokenhearted. This might lead you to believe that the song is a mournful one but it is actually a song about bluntly letting a former romantic partner know it is over.

The MV begins with the members of NCT-Dream each in their own empty setting looking dejected and depressed. HRVY appears alongside all of them with a sticker that has written, “DNYL,” which is an abbreviation for the title of the song. They are then seen wearing and carrying signs with “DNYL” while having happier and more confident facial expressions.

At the beginning of the MV, the MV’s colors are pale blues and browns while each of the members are in solitary scenarios. However, HRVY enters each of those scenes and begins to brighten their lives with those colorful stickers that he plops right on them. The MV then injects bright pinks both into the scenery and their clothing symbolizing a happier perspective.

During the MV, the neon signs in the background of commonly used emojis give the scenes a playful and vibrant look while also incorporating the theme of the song. Some of the neon signs are more straightforward like ones that say “Bye” and “I’m fine” showing again that they are untroubled over the demise of their relationship.

The MV is not particularly danced focused but the group performs a routine during the chorus of the song. HRVY joins in the dance seamlessly creating a 6-member symmetry. From what little we can see of the dance, they chose to do tight and impressive footwork for the chorus of the song along with some loose and fun arm movements. For this collaboration, you really do not get a feel that HRVY is an outsider as he blends in with NCT Dream as if he’s always been a part of it. HRVY, no stranger to dancing, keeps up with the other members and performs the dance flawlessly.

The lyrics of the song are straightforward: It is about a relationship that ended and they are letting their former paramour know that they are completely over it. NCT Dream, who are all teenagers, are known for their youthful concepts. The song’s immature and boastful tone fits into that same idea. Although it may seem cruel, it is clear that it is a mechanism for getting over a heartbreak. It is also implied that the former lover is trying to sneak back into their lives and the voice of the song is trying to remain strong by letting them know it is over:

(Ye ye ye) You think it’s my heart you’re holding
You still think you’re all that I need
(Ye ye ye) But I know we’re fire and ocean
Yeah you ain’t got nothing on me

“Don’t Need Your Love” is a pop song with tropical beats that leads to a repetitive chorus. It is a perfect blend of Western and K-pop without sounding like a crazy mesh of genres. No one’s voice stands out in the song, including HRVY, which is not a bad thing. Everyone delivers a sort of soft and sometimes airy tone throughout the song while maintaining a cocky attitude. It gives the song a smooth and consistent sound throughout. While there is no grand climax to the song, it has an addictive chorus with an uplifting beat. Its repetitive lyrics make it both easy to remember and easy to sing along to.

NCT Dream and HRVY is the perfect combination of rebellious youth in this simple yet high-spirited MV. Both the MV and song are fairly uncomplicated showing the carefree attitude of a formerly broken-hearted teenager. The song is a perfect blend of two musical styles while both incorporating their youthful and high-energy personalities. Eventually, we will see all of NCT Dream grow up, it is nice to see them while they keep their fresh-faced and enthusiastic approach to music.

(Youtube, images via SM Entertainment, lyrics via ColorCoded)