ONF have returned with a new single titled “We Must Love.” The MV starts off like the premise of a fantasy action movie and continues with these amazing scenarios throughout the whole MV. However, as visually exciting as the MV is, the song itself isn’t as memorable and doesn’t relate perfectly to the MV.

While the MV is entertaining, it can be a bit hectic. The scenarios are unrelated to each other, but they all carry a sense of whimsical elements. Each of them is in different scenery which they each explore. The backgrounds vary from a futuristic bedroom to a fantastical forest to just a lonely classroom. Their face expressions vary from curiosity to somberness. Towards the latter half of the story, the scenes become more urgent: the members cross over to each other worlds, run towards each other, and some of the members disappear into the air.

The MV loosely ties into the lyrics but is missing a romantic factor. The persona sings about feeling unusual regarding their feelings towards someone and relates that sense of confusion to being in love. He also suggests they must have known each in a past life or different world, because he doesn’t understand how else he could already be in love. It’s due to this that the persona is certain that their significant other will fall in love with them as well:

Did we lose our memories?

In our past or in our future or maybe a different world?

I don’t know if something happened but I do know one thing:

You’re gonna love me, I’m gonna become your everything

The MV captures the seriousness of the song, but doesn’t convey the romantic aspects of the lyrics. This is a song about falling in love at first sight and trying to make sense of it all. However, the MV plays like the trailer of an action movie that we never get to see. It also ends with a sense of hopelessness and doesn’t really show the positivity and certainty of the lyrics. It does show the enigmatic tone of the song, since the speaker is trying to make sense of love. However, due to how the majority of the lyrics are enthusiastic about falling in love, it’s unusual to end the MV on such a mysterious and somber note.

The song itself is an EDM/pop dance track that doesn’t bring the same appeal as their last couple of singles. That’s not to say that the members didn’t give it their all in both their vocal and dance performance. The dance routine in the MV is precise, and moves well with the beat of the music. MK, in particular, begins the song with an angelic voice that gives you chills. Hyojin also stands out as he sings the bridge of the song with strength and passion in his voice. However,  he leads us to the lackluster chants of the chorus that doesn’t bring the climax you’d expect in this song.

There are a lot of beautiful scenes in this MV which could have led to a more appropriate story to truly convey the lyrics of the song. However, that’s not to say it’s not a fun MV to watch, and the song is still great dance track. Lyrically, the song conveys an interesting side to love by exploring the initial confusion that comes with it. While the song isn’t their best, you can see that the members put in their best effort into it. Hopefully, we get to hear more songs from them soon.

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(Youtube. Lyrics via Klyrics. Images via WM Entertainment.)