Seventeen is truly a rare gem. It is easy to think that with thirteen members any music produced from this group would become messy or unbalanced, but that isn’t the case. Straight from their debut this self-producing idol group seamlessly puts together thirteen different voices in meaning and presentation like a masterpiece and You Make My Dawn is the latest example.

You Make My Dawn is a prequel to Seventeen’s release from last year, You Make My Day. In You Make My Day Seventeen explored the themes of happiness you feel when you’re with people you love. Compositionally and musically You Make My Day was seen as a large transition in Seventeen’s music, separating themselves from their usual excitable high-energy tracks and introducing a more mature Seventeen. You Make My Dawn is the continuation of that exploration in how Seventeen came to feel their joy.

The tracks in You Make My Dawn carry a similar weight to their “sequel” mini-album in maturity but differ in presentation. Most of the tracks are infused with urban future R&B sound and are filled with the eagerness, fear, and frustrations that come with letting a new lover into their hearts. The music genres of EDM, future R&B, and a little bit of rock also might seem like a strange choice for a winter mini-album release but was composed in such a way to express the anticipation of the sun that comes after the darkness.

A huge part to note about this mini is the removal of the days of boyish crushes as Seventeen starts expressing their want and need as men. “Getting Closer” was released in December as a preview into the new mini album. It explores the initial feeling of a new potential lover entering their minds and how aggressive their want for this individual is. Their want is backed by heavy bass sound and a fast pace rhythm that is meant to leave one breathless. Another fun part of this song is the use of the lyrics “Boom Boom”, a throwback to their 2016 hit “Boom Boom”. It’s amazing how composition plays a large part in expressing the same lyrics differently. In 2016, was cute and shy but now in 2019 expresses how the heart is taking control of their mind.

(You) who seeps through my mind

(You) dig through every corner and bump around (in my mind)

I go crazy and can’t control myself

My body reacts again to your scent

“SHH”, “Hug”, and “Chilli” are the divided unit songs and although very different in composition the lyrics and meaning remain the same, Seventeen will stand by their lover through everything. “SHH” sung by the performance team is another song on the mini that is more aggressive and seductive in sound, although the performance team always seems to have more of the upbeat songs. This song’s aggression focuses more on a determination type of aggressiveness. The lyrics express a willingness to put 100% effort into this relationship even if it means sometimes fighting; they only want to go through difficult times with this one so trust him that it’s going to work out!

In a completely opposite approach, the vocal unit sings “Hug”, the pop ballad song of the mini. The song like “SHH” is consoling their lover to trust but in a much softer manner. “Hug” and “SHH” also share the lyrics “I am the same” about how Seventeen will be unchanging throughout it all.

Keeping the heat up is the song “Chilli” and the song is anything but “chilly”. “Chilli” is a playful song in composition and lyrically. Compositionally it has the hip-hop unit flare with a little bit of video game island theme music. Lyrically, the hip-hop boys are hot and spicy like chilli sauce here to keep us warm through the cold.

The title track, “Home” connects the three unit songs.  In an interview, Seventeen expressed “Home” as a comfortable feeling that brightens the darkness. To be someone’s home is to be one’s place of comfort through difficult times. All throughout this album, Seventeen is consistent in letting their lover know how they will be their “home”. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad times between the two of them, if she needs someone to lean or if they are sharing happy times together – that’s what a home is all about.

If you look at it, it may be difficult. Anytime, I will be standing here

“Good To Me” is a nod back to a familiar Seventeen sound. The introduction of “Good To Me” is reminiscent of “Trauma” off their 2017 album TEEN, AGE. It has a similar chime sound that brings us through the song. “Good To Me” also returns us back to “Getting Closer” where Seventeen’s emotion grows from boys to men. It retains innocence to it with deep looks into eyes and hearts that flutter due to handholding but there’s more, Seventeen wants to know more about this feeling.

Seventeen is a very fun group to follow as every release is 100% authentic to Seventeen’s own personal stories and in relation becomes their fan’s stories as well. You Make My Dawn shows growth mainly because Seventeen is growing. It’s a natural story.  Overall, You Make My Dawn is consistent in true Seventeen presentation, even though the musical style begins to differ there is still energy unique to Seventeen that is very difficult to replicate.

(YouTube. Daily Hunt. Translated lyrics by Seventeen Lyrics. Images via Pledis Entertainment.)