Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review! Here’s all the news you might have missed:


  • Two suspects are being investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office for generating and spreading explicitly edited photos of AOA‘s Seolhyun back in March. Furthermore, netizens are also being pursued by the Incheon District Court for malicious online attacks against Seolhyun. FNC promises to update as these cases progress.
  • An anonymous actress has come forward with sexual assault allegations against actor Jo Jae-hyun. Reportedly, Jo sexually assaulted her in a bathroom back in 2002. The actor later responded in a statement saying the encounter was consensual, and accusing the actress and her mother of being after his money.
  • Actor Jung Woo-sung spent the past week drawing attention to the Yemini refugees stranded on Jeju Island. Many of the 591 refugees who arrived on the island this year, came to Jeju through a 30 day visa-free travel policy and low-cost flights between Kuala Lampur and Jeju City. While humanitarian groups and Jung Woo-sung are outspoken in their push for the government to help the asylum seekers, over 200,000 Jeju residents have submitted a petition for the Blue House to deport the Yemini refugees and make changes to the visa system to prevent further arrivals.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Check out our playlist above for all this week’s releases!
  • Taeyeon kicked some ass in the MV for “Something New.” Our reviewer thought the mini album showcased Taeyeon’s artistry.
  • BtoB shined in “Only One for Me.” Can you believe This is Us  is the group’s eleventh mini album? Neither could our reviewer, who was thoroughly impressed.
  • Kim Donghan debuted with his first post-JBJ solo release, “Sunset.”
  • Park Kyung teamed up with Suran for “Instant.”
  • B.A.P.‘s Zelo surprised fans with the SoundCloud track “Tylenol.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Shinee‘s The Story of Light is about to come to a conclusion with the third and final installment “Our Page” on June 25.
  • Lovelyz will be sharing “A Piece of Summer” in the form of a new digital single album on July 1. Unfortunately, Jin will be sitting out promotions for health reasons.
  • The image teasers for A Pink‘s One & Six show off a more sensual side to the group. We can look forward to individual members’ “film teasers” this week before the new album drops on July 2.
    • In other A Pink news, Eunji will be making her big screen debut in the horror film, 0.0MHz.
  • As Nu’est W prepares for their June 25 Who You comeback, a portion of their upcoming title track “Dejavu” was accidentally leaked on a KBS broadcast.
  • Vixx‘s Ravi is getting ready to drop his third mixtape, Kitchen. Are you ready?
  • Golden Child‘s Goldenness teasers are quite colorful.
  • Yang Da Il‘s upcoming single will be an idol studded affair with Wanna One‘s Woojin starring the MV and Red Velvet‘s Wendy lending supporting vocals.
  • Kyungri (9 Muses) will make her official solo debut on July 5. Until then, her digital single “Last Night” should give you a taste of what her mini album will be like.
  • Mamamoo will be back mid-July. Hopefully Moonbyul‘s back injury will be healed by then.

Other News

  • BTS and Army took home Fiercest Fans award at the Radio Disney Music Awards on June 23.
  • Jo Jung-suk and Gummy will be tying the knot later this summer. Congrats!
  • Former Trax member Noh Minwoo once again lost his lawsuit against SM Entertainment. While he left the company in 2009, he didn’t sue SM Entertainment for damages until 2015, citing SM’s poor management of his career and attempts to block his activities post-Trax. Unfortunately for him, in both trails judges have ruled that his damages case lacks evidence.

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