Welcome to Best of Weekly Music Shows! It’s nothing but good vibes with groups bringing us hot summer tunes. Sub-unit Loona/yyxy made their first appearance. Wanna One, ONF, A.C.E., fromis_9, and Yubin brought new stages for fans to enjoy as well. Every summer feels like a mini reunion with everyone coming together for a good time. Now would be a great time to refresh those playlists for the season.

Shinee got their first trophy for “Good Evening” on SBS The Show. What great news for their comeback! BTS finished off their promotions by sweeping on SBS Inkigayo, Mnet M! Countdown, MBC Show! Music Core, and KBS Music Bank. Congrats to everybody!

Once again, it wasn’t easy choosing my favorites. Everyone has been coming out with great performances. I’d like to share my favorites with you. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

ONF’s “Fly Me to the Moon”, Mnet M! Countdown, June 7, 2018

This may sound bad, but I’m glad things didn’t work out with Mixnine. If plans hadn’t been scrapped, we might have missed out on this spectacular stage. Their moves are so sharp and clean. It’s clear why they were chosen to be a part of the final team.


A.C.E.’s “Take Me Higher”, KBS Music Bank, June 8, 2018

Another group that would’ve been affected by Mixnine was A.C.E. It’s good that these groups are taking full advantage of the exposure from the show. They look so effervescent on stage. Their faces look so bright and energetic. It’s obvious these men love to perform, so it’s wonderful that they’re not letting anything — even a cancellation — set them back.


The East Light‘s “Love Flutters”, KBS Music Bank, June 8, 2018

This group has had my heart since I first saw them years ago. I love the island theme of their styling. The flowers were a cute touch. The East Light is so playful. They absolutely make my heart melt with their charisma.


BTS’ “Fake Love”, KBS Music Bank, June 8, 2018

There was a choice between their cute Inkigayo performance or the one where Jungkook was doing the most. You can guess which one won. Bias wrecking aside, their grungy outfits matched the rock sound of their song. Their dancing is nothing short of incredible. J-hope and Jungkook even added a nice surprise to their mirror part.


Wanna One’s “Light”, KBS Music Bank, June 8, 2018

Speaking of surprises, I wasn’t prepared for this comeback. Where do I even begin? There’s the opening with that dramatic lighting, and then there’s Kang Daniel destroying lives in a fitted vest. Jihoon continuing the job with his deep voice. I nearly fell off the bed when they started grinding to “Do you feel the same?” This entire comeback has been a lot, and I love it.

Readers, what did you like from last week?

(YouTube [1][2], Image via KBS)