It’s time for another edition of Best of Weekly Music Shows. This was the week for comebacks as we saw returns by BtoB, Taemin, A.C.E., Highlight, and SF9. We also got debuts from Produce 101 alums NU’EST WJBJ and RAINZ. Strikes and sports are the culprit behind the lack of new episodes of the usual music shows, but MBC Show Champion is set to come back next week.

It’s always a wonderful moment for a group when they win their first trophy. NU’EST W reached that K-pop milestone this week with victories on Mnet M! Countdown and KBS Music Bank. The members looked overwhelmed but grateful towards fans who helped them achieve this goal. Congrats!

Despite a lack of music show episodes, I still enjoyed what was available. I’m sharing a few of my favorites from the past week, but feel free to comment with yours below!

Bolbbalgan4‘s “Some”, KBS Music Bank, October 20, 2017

The song doesn’t hit me the same way as “Galaxy” did, but something about Ji-young‘s smile drew me into this performance. She simply shines on stage, and her bubbly vocals match her bright image. Of course, Ji-yoon isn’t to be forgotten, unless you ask the camera crew. She holds her own, filling up the sound as backup with her singing and guitar. Regardless of unequal screen time, I loved the effervescent vibe of this lighthearted set.

Taemin’s “Love”, KBS Music Bank, October 20, 2017

Shawols may understand my fangirl feels here. I wanted to cry because this stage demonstrated how much Taemin has grown over the years. Gone is the awkwardly shy teenager who worried over his singing. Now we have a fully matured man who has truly come into his own with his latest solo effort. His voice sounds so clear and pure. I couldn’t help feeling proud of all of his accomplishments, seeing him like this.

BtoB’s “Blowin’ Up”, Mnet M! Countdown, October 19, 2017

Changsub cracks me up with his facial expressions. The entire group had me chuckling at their goofy antics that perfectly suit this upbeat song. It reminded me a little bit of 2pm‘s “Hands Up” in that they fired the crowd up with their infectious energy. I love the colored suits which enhance the overall sense of celebration. I’ve always felt like BtoB would be a fun group at a party, and this stage proves it.

SF9‘s “O Sole Mio”, Mnet M! Countdown, October 19, 2017

This group caught my eye during their “Easy Love” promotions, so I was extra excited to see them live at KCON. My joy only increased once they made their comeback. My favorite feature of this stage has to be the dancing. Their fluid movements come to life in their billowy shirts that double as capes. I could never get tired of watching them.

NU’EST W’s “Where You At”, Mnet M! Countdown, October 19, 2017

I don’t know where to begin. They look sharp and sexy. Their choreography is as smooth as butter. Ren is ethereal with a hidden quality that drives me wild. Baekho has me remembering I exist solely to witness his everything. Aron allures me with his intense stares. JR is going to have me leap through this screen with his cool demeanor beckoning me. This comeback was worth all of the hard work they endured to this point.

(YouTube [1][2], Images via Mnet)