Welcome back to another episode of Buzzbeats.  Sure, February is just about over, but there’s one simple “holiday” people talk about this month, and that is Valentine’s Day.

With that being said, Cjontai, Lo, and I put aside our pride and dignity and talk about what it would be like to go on a date with J-Hope from BTSJaejoong from JYJ, and Eric Nam on Valentine’s Day. From restaurants, to arcades, to carnivals, to the bedroom, we describe our dates and what songs we hear during said time. But all good things must come to an end, so we touch on some breakup songs to help us face reality once more.

Be aware, there are adult themes in this episode.

In addition, we hit on some other topics like the imbalance between happy and sad songs by female artists about being in relationships, and the cultural differences of dating.

Be sure to stick around after the ending. For funsies, as Cjontai would say, we place our biases on the table for a round of Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Who would you go on a date with? Feel free to answer any of the questions asked in the podcast in the comments below.

Happy listening, and see you on the next episode!

(Images via Big Hit Entertainment, B2M Entertainment)