I originally had another mixtape queued up, but the monsoon season has been bringing rainy, cool days (as close as Singapore will ever get to autumn). Then news broke confirming rumours of Beast leaving Cube Entertainment to set up their own agency, even though it means not being able to use their own name or perform their past songs because of copyright issues.

The combination of the two had me thinking of my favourite Beast song, and one of my all-time favourite ballads, “On Rainy Days”. This is, without fail, the song that I put on for wet weather. So for this edition of the SB mixtape, I’ve put together a mix of mellow songs and upbeat but sad tracks that are, like “On Rainy Days”, both about rain and perfect for rainy days.

On Rainy Days from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

Readers, is there a rainy season where you live? What songs do you listen to on rainy days?