20160415_seoulbeats_dean_fbBetween running around for my job, riding a grand total of 56 hours by Greyhound to and from Austin, TX for South by Southwest, and running the graveyard shift (midnight to 8 a.m.) of the con suite for a small convention where I live, my body was quite a bit upset with me the past two months.

It’s during times like these that motivation is hard to come by. Even for me someone like me who adores her job, the physical and mental strain of maintaining one’s will to work is exhausting.

Luckily we have K-pop, yes? It’s music that we all here at Seoulbeats got sucked into in one way or another, and we’ve toed the line between absolutely loving it for its energy and its ability to uplift the spirit, and rolling our eyes at its chintz.

But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, one thing’s certain: the music does something to the listener, giving her the ability to get through another day. Especially in moments when everything just gets too tedious.

For my first SB Mixtape, I was inspired by one workday in particular where I was falling asleep at my desk. Then BTS’s “Dope” popped up in my iTunes, and GIRL! I was hype for the next several hours. There are some songs that just get me, you know? Songs that make it possible to get through the day with a smile on my face. These fourteen songs have all managed to reinvigorate me, and it was only natural I share them with you all.

What songs get you hype?

(Dean image via Facebook)