20150202_seoulbeats_jojungsukWhat surprising news! It has been revealed (not by Dispatch) that Gummy has been dating actor Jo Jung-suk for two years, and both agencies have already confirmed this good news.

The two were introduced by a mutual friend, and their common interest in music was what brought them together. Although Jo is widely known to the audience in his acting roles such as the earnest guard in King 2 Hearts and the comedic best friend in Architecture 101, his roots are actually in musical theatre. It’s really sweet that two individuals who have such a true connection with music are able to bond through that common passion.

Apparently, their intimate relationship has already been well known between entertainment insiders and close friends. Gummy also makes sure to attend most of the VIP previews of Jo’s movies, most recently in last September for My Love, My Bride, which Jo starred alongside Shin Min-ah.

It’s encouraging that the two are still going strong after two years, despite their busy schedules. Although they seem to be a rather odd pairing, their clean reputation and commendable work ethic make them a pair that’s easy to root for. We wish them all the best!

(Naver, Images via Cine21, The Daily Focus)