After months of teasing and tantalising, the video for the much-anticipated collaboration between Diplo, Skrillex, CL and G-Dragon has finally been released. Despite only being online for a few hours, the video has already stirred up mixed opinions from viewers.


“Dirty Vibe” has been met with mixed reactions online, with many being confused and even disappointed by the release after so much hype. Some fans enjoy the new twist that the DJs provide, but others are missing the trademark YG sound that they are used to from CL and G-Dragon. A common theme among the initial reactions to the song is that it does not showcase CL and G-Dragon’s respective skills, but it can also be argued that this is understandable because the song is essentially Skrillex’s, with the other artists simply featuring on the track.

Additionally, the video appears somewhat low-budget, and is a confusing mish-mash of images that are oftentimes cringe-worthy. G-Dragon spends the video either strutting in front of a group of women or his affectionately nicknamed “Lambo”, whilst CL raps in front of a large collection of toy guns. The pair spruce up the track with some colourful language that we are not used to hearing from idols.

The varied reactions from fans indicates that CL’s solo US debut may not go perfectly smooth, seeing as she is straying from the usual K-pop sound that fans are used to, and is delving into new territory.

Is “Dirty Vibe” your new party track, or did it not meet expectations? Tell us in the comments below!