On November 25th, CJeS Entertainment confirmed that Jaejoong has been cast as the male lead in upcoming KBS Friday night drama, Spy.

The series, set for release in January 2015, will be a political-action thriller loosely based on Israeli drama The Gordin Cell. However, the storyline will be adapted to portray the current political conflict between North and South Korea.

The starting point of the plot will begin with a fictionalized retelling of the real life execution of North Korean general Jang Sung-taek, key political advisor to dictators Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-il, in December last year. After marrying into the family, he was later accused of being a counter-revolutionary and consequently stripped of all titles, before shockingly being executed for treason as per order of his nephew.

The story will proceed from there with Jaejoong taking on the role of lead character Sun-woo, a South Korean national intelligence agent and genius analyst working for the NIS. Presumably, he will be investigating the execution using his excelled skills of deduction, logic and reasoning, whilst conflicting against a North Korean agent of a similar nature, played by Yoo Oh-sung. The series will also feature a hybrid formula, mixing family elements amongst action scenes, as we follow Sun-Woo’s relationship and interactions with his mother, a former North Korean intelligence agent played by actress Bae Jong-ok.

seoulbeats_20141127_GoSungHeeIt has also been reported that actress Go Sung-hee, who appeared in the MBC drama The Night Watchman, is considering the lead female role in the thriller as Sung-woo’s girlfriend. No confirmation has been given as of yet, but stay tuned for more updates.

Given the back story of the plot, it looks like Spy is gearing up to be an action packed, hard-hitting thriller that will be sure to keep us on the edge of our seats. The series is set to be comprised of 16 episodes airing January of next year. Are you looking forward to the release?

(Naver, MBN. Images via CJeS Entertainment, Saram Entertainment)