This week was a bit slow for the weekly music shows. Hello Venus made their first comeback after the loss and addition of new members, and Cross Gene made their return as well. Beast took the wins  on Music Bank, Inkigayo and Show! Music Core, while Epik High took M!Countdown. These are some performances that caught my eye this week.

BTS “War of Hormone” M!Countdown Mnet, Nov. 6, 2014


BTS never ceases to amaze me with their high-energy performances, and “War of Hormone” is certainly no exception. I have to say that what I like best about watching “War of Hormone” is that the members of BTS seem much less uptight performing it. While “Danger” was impressive with its tight choreography, “War of Hormone” lets the members goof off onstage and be freer with their movements. It’s more a performance of personality rather than choreography.

Laboum “What About You” Show! Music Core MBC Nov.8, 2014


For all the doll concepts K-pop has given the world, Laboum’s “What About You” is a cut above the rest. The doll concept is actually put into the choreography — and, holy shit, do these girls sell it. The jerky, stiff movements, the flat, lifeless facial expressions; the whole performances just seems not real. Like those really are dolls on the stage. It is both creepy and magnificent in one go, a truly spectacular piece from rookie group. Laboum, you’re going places.

Uniq, “Falling in Love” Show! Music Core MBC, Nov. 8, 2014


“Falling in Love” is one of those songs that can only be judged live. Pop-rock demands a certain energy to hit its peak, and this being Uniq’s debut song, I had doubts. Turns out, I was wrong: Uniq delivers the goods in spades. There’s real passion in their voices and a good understanding of what a live stage is: not a time to recreate a studio recording, but an opportunity to connect with people through music. I don’t even like this song, but Uniq made me love it.

Song Ji-eun, “Pretty Age 25” Simply K-pop, Arirang Nov. 7, 2014


Song Ji-eun can always be counted on to put on a good performance. Honestly, picking just one of hers was challenge. Simply K-pop won out due to two factors. The first is that out of all her stages this week, here she looks like she’s really having fun on the stage. Her face is full of the sass and spark that make me love her. The other reason is the costuming. Ji-eun looks amazing in pink, with the slightly racy cut mitigated by a downright adorable design.

Hello Venus “Sticky Sticky” Inkigayo SBS, Nov.9, 2014


“Sticky Sticky” is a total departure from Hello Venus’s established sound, but the girls carry it off with aplomb. Hello Venus may have lost Yoonjo  and Ara, but new girls Seoyoung and Yeoreum are no slouches as either singers or performers. In fact, they help carry the sexy vibe across the song. One can only hope that Hello Venus’s new sound will win them some new fans.

Any lives that blew you away, readers?

(Image via Mnet, YouTube [1], [2], [3], [4], [5])