K-pop’s resident violin-playing, army-going Canadian wonder boy is making his comeback this week, and here is why everyone should be excited. Check out the teaser for Henry‘s upcoming music video below:

Anyone else cringe when he grabbed his bow right by the hair? Jeez, man. My violin teacher from middle school would like to have a word with you.

Compared to his last single “1-4-3,” this looks like a marked change in image for Henry: a dark MV set, teaser music straight out of the Batman soundtrack, normal colored hair, and of course, that violin. I was hoping that the teaser would offer a few more hints toward the actual song, but I’ll gladly settle for charismatic violin-moonwalking. After all, the last time I caught up with Henry’s recent activities, he was farting and shouting “NECK SLICE!!!” on national television. Anyone else following Real Men? (Anyone else clawing their eyes out from all the secondhand embarrassment?)

Henry’s second solo mini album, Fantastic, will be dropping on July 14th. It features six new songs, four of which were produced by him and his production team, Noizebank. Henry is also slated to debut his first live performance of the title track on this week’s Music Bank.

While you’re waiting for the album to drop, leave your best “Fantastic” Henry puns in the comments below. I know you’ve all been itching to do it.

UPDATED: Because “image teasers” apparently aren’t the same thing as MV teasers and I don’t understand how anything in K-pop works anymore, here’s the actual teaser for Henry’s “Fantastic” MV:

I love it when teasers tease everything except for the actual song. Please, give us more half-second shots of Henry and his violin. It’s not as if we already had an entire teaser video full of it already.

In slightly more exciting news, SM recently announced that Henry’s minialbum will feature guest appearances from EXO-K‘s Chanyeol, Infinite‘s Hoya, and Seul-gi from SM Rookies.

(Youtube[1]; images via SM Entertainment)