20130302_seoulbeats_shinee_taemin_lofficiel_hommes“VIP.” “Starlight.” “Primadonna.” It’s common for groups to have at least one song especially dedicated to their fanbases.. though, when you think about it, all their songs are dedicated to you, their fan.

So for this Valentine’s Day, why not return the favour with some song dedications of our own? What love song would you dedicate to your biases and other loved ones?

Leslie: Since he became my first bias because of his dance skills and remains one of my top biases, I’m dedicating “Come Dance with Me” by Michael Buble to Taemin because my dream is to dance with him. One day.

My second song I dedicate to my ultimate bias: that one snarky bastard named Shim Chang-min. I feel like “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick sums up my feelings for him pretty succinctly.

And I’m dedicating this last song to all of my biases — every single one of them because the feels they induce are just completely unfair, and I’d appreciate it if they’d stop (not really ’cause it hurts so good): “Quit Playing Games with My Heart” by Backstreet Boys.

Ambika: I think f(x)‘s “Love Hate” is a sufficient dedication to all biases (mainly B.A.P and Shinee). Or maybe a more lovey one with Sung Joon‘s “Jaywalking.”


20140215_seoulbeats_exom_chen_ceciGaya: When I think of what song I would dedicate to Minho, the answer is pretty obvious: SNSD‘s “Gee.” But, like I said, that’s pretty obvious. So I’m going to choose instead a similarly cheery song, with bonus references to Shinee’s official colour of (sky) blue: Lena‘s “Satellite.”

My second bias, Chen, gets the SNSD song; and my all-time favourite at that. “The Great Escape” works two-fold in expressing both my desire to elope with Chen (shh don’t tell Minho) and for him to somehow get the hell out of Exo already because I can only stand following that group for his sake so much longer.

And finally, I want to dedicate Shinee’s “Queen of New York” to our always awesome editor-in-chief Amy, for obvious reasons… her love of Shinee (especially Jonghyun).

Laverne: Choosing only three idols to dedicate songs to was very difficult but I finally did it.

First up would be Adele‘s cover of “Make You Feel My Love” to Vixx‘s Leo. I think Leo would appreciate the gravitas that Adele gives to the song in her cover because he’s a sucker for a song like this.

Second, I’d choose to dedicate a song to would be MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon – I love his goofy and lame persona. To him, I’d dedicate “Strong” by One Direction. My friends never fail to point out how bland and generic “Strong” is but I can never hear them over the sound of how much I love the song. I bet Lee Joon would jam out during the chorus.

Lastly would be Shakira‘s “Whenever, Wherever” to my model-actors Kim Woo-bin and Lee Soo-hyuk. We were born so far apart but I’ll end up with one of you!!!!!

Lindsay: I’m going to do the oppa edition of Valentine’s Day dedications, and if you know anything about me and my biases you know that oppas are few and far between.

20120925_seoulbeats_mblaq_go_mustacheFirst, my MBLAQ oppa G.O. His gorgeous voice and sexy legs make me swoon every time. I will dedicate Girl’s Day‘s “Twinkle Twinkle” to him, because the lyrics are apt; “Why did you steal my heart? Oppa you’re so bad.”

Next, my actor oppa, Song Jae-rim. I fell in love with him in “Nail Shop Paris” — despite it being a terrible drama — and he is one of my very few actor biases. I dedicate the OST from the drama sung by Park Gyuri titled “I Will Wait For You” to him, because I would seriously wait for him, for a very long time.

Last, but not least, my most-talented oppa K.Will gets the song “Oppa Virus” by Seventh Grade Class-1 dedicated to him. I love this silly, catchy tune, and although it is nothing like K. Will’s music I’ll still associate it with him. He seems to enjoy being light-hearted and humorous, so I’m sure he’ll understand.

Rookie groups can sing about how they want to be a girl’s oppa all day, but they ain’t my oppa that’s for sure.

Miyoko: I’d dedicate “Crazy in Love” to CNU, because at one point he said he liked Beyonce, and we could dance together to the song. Plus, B1A4‘s comeback got me looking so crazy right now.

I’d dedicate SNSD’s “Best Friend” to all of you, because I’m cheesy like that.

Aaaand I’d dedicate 2NE1‘s “I Am the Best” to myself, because Valentine’s Day should be about a little self-love too.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

(YouTube [1][2]. Images via:L’Officiel Hommes MBC, credit to owner.)