The past few weeks have given us exciting news about music and performances to come, and this week has been no different. There’s a lot to be excited about, and the wide variety of debuts and comebacks we’ve seen promises even more as we begin to close out the month of February.

This week, Sunmi, C-CLOWN, BTOB, Boys Republic, Bebop, and others treated us to comebacks and debuts, while SISTAR’s Soyou and Junggigo took home wins on all of the music shows, cementing their collaboration song “Some” as an overnight hit. Here are my favorites for the week, and be sure to chime in with your comments and additions!

Sunmi’s “Full Moon” feat. Lena, MBC Music Core, February 22, 2014


I’ve really enjoyed the image that Sunmi has crafted for her solo ventures. Her music videos have helped cement this enigmatic yet sexy aura to her music and choreography, but she really follows through when it comes to live performances. Even though the choreography is on the simple side (and subtly toned down compared to the music video), every move Sunmi makes is precise and graceful, only adding to the mystique.

Bebop’s “I’m the Best,” MBC Show Champion, February 19, 2014


There aren’t too many prominent girl groups in K-pop that are using the “band” concept, which is probably why I liked Bebop’s very cute debut this week on Music Core. “I’m the Best” sounds like a nod to the alternative rock that was trendy in the 2000s, and the ladies pull it off with a lot spunk.

BTOB’s “Beep Beep,” SBS Inkigayo, February 23, 2014


Also making a comeback this week was BTOB, and their song “Beep, Beep” is a great bit of catchy fun. The performance really picked up towards the end for me when the rap starts. The dance moves during that segment stretch across the stage and make great visuals.

BTSs “Boys in Luv,” KBS Music Bank, February 21, 2014


BTS is an incredibly impressive group. I occasionally forget that they’re so early in their career, and performances like this are why. Compared to last week, the sound was much better here, and I could hear more of the vocals clearly. BTS has done well all week with putting on charismatic, high-energy performances, all for a song that would probably end up being silly and gimmicky otherwise.

B1A4’s “Lonely,” MBC Music Core, February 22, 2014


Although B1A4’s promotions stirred up quite a bit of controversy, I think the “Lonely” comeback really proved that this group has a lot of strengths. “Lonely’ really does sound fresh and easygoing, remarkably likeable with a dance that creates complimentary visuals. B1A4 found deserved success with this song, and hopefully the group is able to capitalize on “Lonely’s” success with their next comeback.


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