Spoilers ahead!

Things really picked up this week:

– Our evil brother got even more evil. Back before Choi Min dropped out, he was supposed to play Jeon Ji-hyun‘s character’s fiance and Park Hae-jin, who now plays the puppy lovesick Lee Hwi-kyung, was supposed to play the older brother of the fiancee. So there was a chance that we would’ve seen an evil Park Hae-jin instead of a totally unconvincing Shin Sung-rok. That would’ve been strange. (And hey, remember when Yunho from DBSK was also supposed to play Jeon Ji-hyun’s fiancee? Thank God that didn’t happen.)

– Back hugs. And kissing!

Yoo Inna‘s Yoo Se-mi totally just dropped Cheon Song-yi like it’s hot. Discuss.

(Image via SBS)