Welcome to another open thread for You From Another Star. Spoilers ahead!

– Hwi-kyung is starting to suspect his older brother, which is great, but Hwi-kyung’s constantly making me nervous with his totally newb investigation prowess. Stop being so obvious!! I wouldn’t put it past his older brother to eliminate a family member if need be :\

– We’re at that arch in a K-drama where everyone starts being really noble and it’s making me roll my eyes. But hey, it happens.

– Yoo Se-mi and her mom are quite the bunch, huh? Yes, let’s hope a murder/suicide doesn’t get resolved and Cheon Song-yi’s name doesn’t get cleared, because that’s better for us and our ability to land roles! Yowza.

How did you like the two episodes from this week? Discuss!

(Image via SBS)