20131109_krystal_heirsLast week I mentioned that I would have liked Evil Dad to have kicked the bucket already but I wanted a quick death, not this coma nonsense. Because of Dad’s “absence” we got great scenes of Kim Tan and Kim Won working together but I think the stakes would have been even higher if Dad had been dead instead of incapacitated.

Still, I’m not complaining too much because I always enjoy the brothers when they’re onscreen together. Their storyline is something I wish had gotten more weight instead of being relegated to the last few episodes of the show.

Overall, though, happy endings abounded for the characters. Kim Tan and Eun-sang solidified their relationship and are looking forward to their time together. Lee Bo-na and Chan-young are as cute as ever. Rachel and her mother are trying to repair their relationship. Hyo-shin sort of escaped his parents. And the big one — Young-do finds his mother.

The way Young-do “found” his mother was a bit too contrived and convenient — you’re telling me in the three years he visited that shop the owner never realized he was Young-do? — but it achieved its purpose. Their reunion was heartbreaking and touching as it helped heal the scars in Young-do’s heart.

20131001_seoulbeats_leeminhoUnfortunately, Kim Won did not get a happy ending. His political marriage was both interesting and saddening. Interesting because the situation and his fiance’s character was intriguing but saddening because Kim Won and Hyun-joo had more chemistry than Kim Tan and Eun-sang.

But I do like that there were consequences for his actions. Heirs has dropped that “He who wears the crown bears its weight” line here and there but there have never truly been lasting consequences until now.

Yet Kim Won is the one who “bears the weight of the crown” and suffers while Kim Tan gets off lightly. Due to this, I think Kim Won should have been the main character as the tagline of the drama seems to only apply to him and not to Kim Tan.

But I’m nitpicking again. The last four or five episodes of Heirs have shown marked improvements and, while not perfect, gave a satisfying ending which is more than can be said for other dramas — I’m talking about you, Marry Him If You Dare.

20131215_seoulbeats_heirsOverall, Heirs has been a bumpy ride with troubles such as a non-existent plot and underdeveloped leads.

Still, it managed it pull in fairly decent ratings and was saved by its wonderful extended cast.The cast made it all the worthwhile to watch Heirs and I will definitely miss the characters.

How did you like the ending? Anything you wanted to happen that didn’t?

Stay tuned for a final piece on Heirs later this week!