20131101_seoulbeats_goddessoffireLet’s get straight to the point here: Drama Gods are fair and just. MBC‘s most recent sageuk flop, Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi, probably ended in one of the most infuriating story stomping moments I have ever not-witnessed, and if that isn’t clue enough, you should probably stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled about the penultimate/finale episodes.

Excessively long story short, the one sane character in the insane-snooze-fest of a drama died and lost the girl to King/Prince Gwanghae, much to the dismay of a few fans who managed to stick through it all. Despite this, the famous alterna-OTP has effectively survived (thank you Drama Gods!), as Kim Bum seems to have risen from the dead to romance Moon Geun-young—only this time, for real. Both Kim Bum’s and Moon Geun-young’s reps have confirmed that they’ve been seeing each other for about a month, and it looks like they’ve whisked themselves away for a holiday in Europe in the process!

If there’s anything particularly great about this news, it’s that there was zero brouhaha about the whole thing. “Yes, they’re dating,” is all agency response we really need.

(MWave, MBC)