And welcome back to another round up of our favorite weekly music shows! This week was full of summer fun as my loves B.A.P made their nth comeback with “Badman” and 2NE1 continue to follow up with their infectious and fun “Do You Love Me.” Dynamic duo Tasty were also released for their holding dungeon cell in Woollim‘s basement (ahem, SM better make good use of them, ahem) and twins Daeryong and Soryong are back in action with their earworm “MAMAMA.” But don’t let me decide faves, see for yourself!

130808 Mnet Countdown, Crayon Pop, “Bar Bar Bar”

Teeny bops Crayon Pop are still somehow on the radar with the super catchy jingle “Bar Bar Bar,” and it’s almost too much for me to admit that the song is finally coming around to me, but hey, here it is.

130808 Mnet Countdown, Girls’ Day, “Tell Me”

I never thought I’d love another “Tell Me” but then I remembered Girls’ Day is my weakness.

130809 Music Bank, 2NE1, “Do You Love Me”

Yes. Just, yes. Sorry, I’m just a flailing blackjack.

 130810 Music Core, Tasty, “MAMAMA”

When Tasty popped up last year as ‘Asia’s No.1 Performance duo,’ I was obviously highly skeptical to begin with. Fortunately for these two brothers, their mad skills on the dance floor and pounding beats very quickly made way to my heart, and their energy is evident! If you haven’t gotten a taste, jump on this band wagon now.

130819 Music Core, B.A.P. “Coffee Shop”

Okay fine–so I didn’t like “Badman,” but after all the hype and such a lackluster MV, what can you expect from a girl? I will say though that tracks like “Coffee Shop” are still pulling through, and I think this image is way more different and appealing at the moment as the softer and more sensual B.A.P take the mic rather than storm the stage to steal your panties.

And that’s a wrap! How was your week in music?

(Mnet, KBS, MBC)