20120313_seoulbeats_taeyang_chocolate_absAs members of the K-pop community, there are certain aspects that are necessary to succeed as an idol. First and foremost of those aspects is appearance. As unfortunate as it is, the way a person looks leaves a strong impression on an individual, sometimes conquering poorly-made music to solidify a space in the heart. With the avenues present to better the self and “journalists” always on the prowl, it’s not surprising that for an idol, they must look in tip-top shape at all times. And if we talk parts of the body, there’s one that most idols need to have at least the beginnings of for a pass: abdominal muscles. The strong, creased area is a draw for both sexes, with girls and their coveted 11 lines and men with rippling packs, leading to comparisons to a chocolate bar.

For this edition of Abs in Review, our super group with muscles is none other than Super Junior (including former and inactive members). Henry and Zhou Mi are excluded due to not enough material being present for analysis, though current data predicts generation of material in the future. Before we begin, please keep in mind that this writer has not seen Super Junior in person and cannot account for the validity shown in images (especially after Rainbow‘s Woori‘s drawn-on abs revelation). As such, judgements are based solely on what images can provide. Without further ado, let’s get to the material.


The group’s eloquent leader, Leeteuk, has never been shy about lifting his shirt. He regularly tweets about how he can’t miss working out, even going to great lengths to hit the gym after a hard day at work. Let it not be said that hard work does not pay off. Even if it’s known that his talking habits can irk the casual viewer, his body is rock hard, made of abs of dedication. For all views (side-front-back) there are legitimate muscles that aren’t going to leave any time soon. And luckily for him, he’ll be keeping them in tip-top shape while doing his military service.

Second in the group is none other than Space Big Star Kim Hee-chul. Clearly he’s never been a fan of working out, though he did make the effort for a more masculine “Mr. Simple.” His muscles look soft and clearly are in the process of development, but they also look sunken in, revealing more of the ribcage than optimal. They aren’t much in comparison to the group’s leader, and it’s unfortunate that his judging is after the former’s.

Han Geng entered Super Junior as the Chinese member with an extensive background in dance. So it’s no surprise that his abdominal muscles well-developed, showing hints of tendinous intersections forming along the rectus abdominis. However, it stands to be improved.

Yesung is known for being one of the three main vocalists that carry the large group, but that doesn’t mean his body has been left to the pits. That’s impossible as he still needs to properly perform and sing with the others, actions that require a good deal of stamina. That’s why it isn’t entirely surprising to know that he has a decently built set of abs. They are in the process like the two above members, and with consistent work, could be rather lovely to look at.

As one of the strongest, it would make sense for Kangin to be decently built. But there are pretty much no pictures of his abdominal muscles present, which is a feat for Super Junior member. Kangin seems to be shaping up, especially for those long Super Show 5 performances, so perhaps this is a slot to be analyzed in the future.

Shindong. I think we know the answer to this.


As the resident martial artist, frequently showing off his moves that many find oppose his cuter and more feminine looks, it was at least expected that Sungmin would be fit. But 2010’s Bonamana and the following Super Show 3 showed the man was packing a set of abs with three tendinous intersections clearly in the process of forming, though not as deep as they could be. The overall appearance is similar to those coveted 11 lines, though perhaps a squigglier version. In addition, the Super Junior members, always open to any question, crowned Sungmin’s rear as king, showing that his abs aren’t the only part well-toned.

Eunhyuk is no surprise. With the ability to stay thin no matter how much he eats, it would seem fate is already on his side for the path to abdominal muscles. In 2010, much like Sungmin, Bonamana showed that Eunhyuk indeed had been eating well and working out to better his overall health. He has one of the most developed bodies out of the lot, and his role as one of the dancers most likely influences his ability to keep his body in shape. The later Super Show 5 showed perhaps a less defined set of muscles, but one with greater strength all around, which is beneficial for a strong body later in life.

Siwon has been the epitome of all looks in K-pop with his head-to-toe grandeur. But probably most talked about, since he’s lifted his shirt most likely every week since debut, are his abs. The depth of the intersections is most engraved in his abdomen, making the use of words like chiseled or engraved actually appropriate. His abdominal muscles are also characterized by an exceptionally defined linea alba down the center. His regular workout sessions indeed have paid off.

20130401_seoulbeats_superjunior_donghae_ryeowook_absDonghae is no slacker next to his same-age friends. He regularly took to working out to increase his size and has been successful in that goal. His abdominal muscles, however, lack definition. Their best moment was during the big reveal at Super Show 3, and intersections still appear when necessary, such as for photo shoots, but overall, he could do better.

Ryeowook is a surprise. As one of the members that thoroughly enjoys making and eating food and as one of the smaller members, with a little help from Eunhyuk, he managed to flash an enviable set of abs at Super Show 4 for his “Moves Like Jagger” performance, showing there is hope for all who persevere. What is curious is the longevity of these abs, but that might be a question unanswered.

Currently busy with a Chinese drama, the pictures make it seem unlikely that Kibum, the inactive member, has retained the body of the good old days. So let us refer back. The set of abs that he once had were almost up to par with the standard set by Siwon’s set. Intersections are deep and well-defined, indicating a good sense of self-maintenance.

20130401_seoulbeats_superjunior_kyuhyun_absKyuhyun may be one of the youngest, but that is of no matter to flashing his body. He was even brave enough to do it for a magazine shoot. And after checking it out, it’s no surprise why. His abdominal muscles rival some of those had by the older members, which is honestly rather surprising considering his normal fare of clothing. If this is indeed what Kyuhyun has to offer, then fans of Super Show 5 will be in for a treat.

It’s no surprise that abdominal muscles are a hot commodity, frequently asked for by variety show hosts to help groups gain attention and potentially new fans. It would be a pity to miss what every group has to offer. Personally, I hope none of these are falsely created or non-existent at the moment and would love to track their (hopefully) future development.

Which set of abdominal muscles is your favorite? Which group would you like to see next? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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