This week, SNSD’s Taeyeon joined Instagram and Sones everywhere rejoiced that one of the 9 finally joined the world of western social media, because it’s taken SM an eon and a half to let members of the group trickle into western portals. The last time they did, Jessica got herself a Twitter account and within three days, she shut it down due to anti-fans.

But no matter, because Taeyeon has joined Instagram. Will this be the portal to all the selfies and manicure shots and group shots and celebrity shots from an SNSD member that we’ve all waited for? Time will tell, but if the Instagram accounts of other K-idols are any indication, here are the 12 kinds of photos that will likely show up on Taeyeon’s stream in the coming months:

1. The “These Be My Groupmates” gram


2. The “I’m So Famous That I Have Non-K-pop Friends” gram


3. “I’m Famous Enough to Have, At the Very Least, K-pop Friends” gram


4. The “Angled Stare” selfie


5. The “And Now I’m getting Made Up” gram


6. The “I’m A Fucking Celeb, Here’s Me At a Photoshoot” gram


7. The “Here’s Me With An Animal” shot


8. The “I’m Being SO Silly, But I’m Still SO Much Hotter Than You’ll Ever Be” gram


9. The “Barefaced Natural Beauty” gram


10. The “Here’s a Cliched English ~Inspirational~ Saying” gram


11. For ladies, the “This is My Ridiculous Manicure” gram


12. For gents, the “Here’s Me, Shirtless. Just Because.” gram


And as a bonus, the best kinds of Instagram comments left by fans. Case 1: speechless and drooling, in the form of a comment:


Case 2: the Instagram user that got really lost and somehow wandered onto a K-pop idol’s stream:


Case 3: the passive aggressive and the aggressive:


(Photos via Instagram: Key, G-Dragon, Jay Park, Jia, Bang Yong-guk, Taeyang, Se7en, CL, Amber, BoA, Lim, Jo Kwon, Gahee, Zelo, Min, Son Dambi)