Just after f(x) was revealed first by Seoulbeats to have been lined up for this year’s SXSW, we have news from SHINee‘s showcase tonight that the group will be releasing twin full length albums in lieu of the usual album + repackage deal we usually get from SM. There will be nine new songs on each album, meaning a grand total of 18 new songs. Shawols, if there ever was a time to lose one’s mind, that time would be NOW.

In an industry where mini-albums and singles are de rigeur, seeing a full album, let alone a double-release like this, is something unheard of (at least, in recent memory). And for SM to be pouring such a large amount of resources into this comeback seems to indicate big plans for SHINee.

Chapter 1, titled Misconception of You, will be released February 19th, while Chapter 2 (Misconception of Me) is slated for an April release.

(via shineee and yesasia)