Indie, electronica, both, or neither? KAFKA (카프카) is better described as one of the few multi-genre alternative type whose music is truly like no other. The KAFKA duo is comprised of Chaeyoung and Changyeol, two musicians who strive to make music as it speaks to them without the pressures of external musical influences or trends. After their burgeoning in 2004, KAFKA turned heads with their unique balance of psychedelic sound and soulful lyrics, and continue to do so even now.

KAFKA has released three full length albums, the self-title KAFKA (2004), Nothingness (2007), The Most Beautiful Thing (2010). In an interview with Indieful ROK, KAFKA responded to a question about their musical style and their inspirations by saying,

Well, nobody influenced in our music. In fact, when we create our songs we don’t think about anything or anybody. We’ve created every song by instinct. That’s why most Korean people who have known our music tell us our music isn’t kind to them.

With the rise of their album The Most Beautiful Thing, KAFKA was able to even lay down the foundation for their own label, Moon Song Records, making this third album an especially precious success. “The Most Beautiful Thing,” however, is a starkly different side to KAFKA than their usually more aggressive approach to song. Still, at the very essence of this song, as you will find in all their songs, is an intelligent layering of the components of their music and careful attention to how those sounds are balanced against the hard-hitting lyrics.

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It takes a particular taste to understand KAFKA’s sound, and they way in which the duo balances empty space and the actual music. There is a complex orchestration of the synths, instruments, vocals, and even silence that lace together to create this haunting and industrial genre. KAFKA truly stands alone in their alternative realm, and create music with an exceptional creativity that is sure to rock your world.

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