Annnddd welcome back to another beloved editions of SB’s K-pop Indie Gem! This week to break the cycle of your usual K-pop machine candy coated Autotuned wonders we bring to you 3rd Line Butterfly. If you’re looking for some smooth sounds and easy going tempos to even out the rush of the holidays, then look no further.

3rd Line Butterfly (3호선 버터플라이) is a K-indie rock band that originally formed back in 1999. They made their debut in 2000 with the album Self Titled Obsession, but didn’t land on larger radar until the band featured on the OST for the 2002 drama Ruler of Your Own World.  Sometime after their debut, 3rd Line Butterfly went on temporary hiatus, but eventually returned to crank out two more studio albums and, more recently, their EP “A Heavy Night Fog.”

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3rd Line Butterfly’s haunting vocals and sublime sounds have taken them to indie showcases worldwide, from Korea to the UK and even here in the US. Their vocals concentrates on more emotional tones and their music expertly balances the lyrics with dramatic pauses and a layering of instrumentals that really pack an unexpected punch as each song reaches their climax.

This five-time Korean Music Award nominee is aband that has stayed true their colors from their fruition in the late 90’s, and that is undoubtedly why the 3rd Line Butterfly has been able to stick around this long. This indie gem, complete with their soft rock melodies and soulful vocals, is sure to be the much needed break from the bubble gum pop you need to refresh your music tastes. Take a listen and see if you can’t fall into line with 3rd Line Butterfly.


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