And it’s time for another recap of this week’s music shows! Unfortunately, this week Mnet‘s M! Countdown was canceled in favor of the 2012 Style Icon Awards, and SBS Inkigayo was canceled for a pro-baseball game. But no fear, there was still KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core to draw from and hopefully some rest for these performers as well. Don’t forget to comment with your favorites from this week as well!


B.A.P‘s “Stop It,” MBC Music Core, Saturday, October 27th

Just when you thought their fashion was getting better, B.A.P returns in what potentially are bedazzled sweatsuits. “Stop It” continues with that playful performance seen in “Crash,” this time featuring Yong-guk as Superman with aid from the backup dancers, Him-chan being Him-chan, the members running around Young-jae during his part, Jong-up and Zelo‘s dance break, the members shaking Dae-hyun‘s clothes to simulate a fan blowing air, Zelo’s face of suffering during the last chorus, and Jong-up lifting imaginary weights. Anyone remember Jong-up’s idea for B.A.P’s greeting from Ta-dah, It’s B.A.P: “We are B.A.P, and we’re heavier than dumbbells.” I’m aware they’re lip-syncing this stage because of Music Core‘s strange ways, but I liked the dance performance here a bit better than Music Bank‘s.


Block B‘s “Nillili Mambo,” KBS Music Bank, Friday, October 26th

This week has continued appreciation for Block B’s comeback, P.O.‘s royal purple coat, and U-Kwon‘s existence. Let’s add B-Bomb‘s little shimmy during Zico‘s part to the list too. The aesthetic this time around was more to my liking, making Kyung‘s hair look a tad more orange and a tad more odd. It looks like someone realized that Zico’s hair should probably be combed before he goes on stage, unlike some performances of last week.


DBSK‘s “Catch Me,” MBC Music Core, Saturday, October 27th

Something about the way this performance was shot had me watching the backup dancers a bit more. While Yunho and Changmin were busy being Gods of the East, the backup dancers were being awesome (as always). I appreciated more the interactions between the two and the dancers, especially since this dance requires so much of it. And check out the faces of those dancers, especially near the end. My favorite’s the one with blue hair.


OFFROAD‘s “Be Bop,” MBC Music Core, Saturday, October 27th

This rookie group makes it on here primarily because after streaming Music Core, this song’s “bop be bop be bop be” was stuck in my head for the greater part of a day. The group isn’t bad, but they’re not particularly outstanding either. The showtune-like music is appealing but needs a bit more power behind the vocals. It’s unfortunate but amusing that one guy’s glasses slipped and needed to be adjusted during his part.


Girl’s Day‘s “Don’t Forget Me,” KBS Music Bank, Friday, October 26th

Girl’s Day recently came back with “Don’t Forget Me” with four members, Ji-hae having recently left the group to pursue her studies. The direction they take with this song is a much appreciated step forward from their cutesy days. While Min-ah and So-jin are on point, as usual, it was nice to see Yu-ra rap and sing right after and to know that Hye-ri can actually sing.


K.Will‘s “Please Dont…,” KBS Music Bank, Friday, October 26th

Three and a half minutes of a man singing at the microphone stand, and all three and a half minutes are worth it. This song is great, and K.Will sings it fantastically. It deserves its number two spot this week on Music Bank‘s K-Chart–number two because Psy–and number one on M! Countdown‘s chart.