If you’ve tired of the usual routine, that infectious K-pop machine’s music, then you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully this week’s K-pop Indie Gem spotlight on an eclectic house and electronica trio will jazz up your day with a change of pace: meet House Rulez. This three-man ensemble includes members Seo Ro, Paco, and Young Hyo whose musical talents come together to produce brilliant sounds of house, electronica, acid jazz, and even the RnB genre.

House Rulez released their debut album MOJITO in April of 2007. Since then, House Rulez has put out a MOJITO repackage, a remix album, two full albums, the mini-album Pool Party, two singles, and 4 digital singles.  They have also collaborated with artists such as Lexy and Crown J.

The dynamic that drives the inner workings of House Rulez is particularly unique. Seo Ro actively manages the production of the group’s music, while Paco and Young Hyo manage the choreography. All the members are experienced in their own trade; Seo Ro has been producing since 1997 and has participated in the production of releases for acts like BoA and S.E.S, while Paco and Young Hyo have worked as dancers and choreographers for mainstream wonders such as Lee Hyori and JinuSean. Fully experienced and wonderfully talented, this trio comes together to promote a genre that is all too neglected in the grand scheme of the Korean music industry.

For the past five years, despite the difficulty of underground and alternative genres staying afloat, House Rulez has been particularly prolific. They have worked long and hard to maintain their unique sound, and do so by staying true to their musical emotions, which can come through fluid jazz or acidic house or dance beats. It is hard to not stay amused with all House Rulez has to offer; from their high-spirited music to colorful album artwork, this band breathes tangible energy. Here are some of my personal favorites from House Rulez.

As you can see (and hear), House Rulez is capable of great musical variety while still maintaining a unique character and defining a sound that is all their own. If you ever get bored of your usual pop playlist, but are still looking for something lively and animated–or even if you just want a change of scenery to keep things real–House Rulez has something for everyone to tap their feet to.


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